Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey All How are you Doing and What are You going to do This Tax Season?

The Tax Season will be swinging here into full force very soon. And many of us who have been dirt poor all year long will be "Ghetto Rich" for a day or two. What will you do and what are you able to do, to better your Health and Wealth this year, and in this economy? Is there anything you can do? What have you been hoping for, looking for, or even praying for?

We all know by now that things are looking gloomy and will be staying this way for a while. We are seeing a rise in health problems everywhere through out the world today. Why well I have said it once or twice already it is because of all the crap we are eating. There is little nutritional value in the fast food and store bought foods all which are over processed. That daily value percent on those labels, well to me they are just about as valuable as that label, if you were to eat it; in my opinion.

Remember the old food pyramid, well do a search at Google today and see if you can find it, I couldn't. But I found many versions of It. Of course I was a child of the sixties and seventies where and when people still knew how to do things for themselves. Like collect eggs, and process their own meats, and baking bread or making their own pastas and spaghetti sauces daily. As well as canning and home made fresh bake goods that out shown these factsimlities of today. Oh the good old days when milk was delivered from the dairy in glass by the milk man.

Real food, from real cows, and chickens. Who were healthier then todays second stringers some of which are medicated beyond repair. Why is there a need of medication? Folks if you ever seen how your food was raised you would lose weight very quickly. We have been done in by are own daily need of supply and demand and the greed of some to profit from our wants instead of our needs. 

Well we could all sit around and point fingers here and there and at whomever or whatever, but the reality is we need nutrition and we need it in a liquid form. For this form is the one which is the easiest and the fastest to assimilate or for our bodies to digest and use. We all know this deep down for we all are victims of malnutrition. And we silently go along with it.

If the Government needs a bailout  here it is. They need to put heavy very heavy laws and legislation on the pharmaceuticals and start growing and processing real foods again. They need to rethink the preservatives and additives. And do away with 98 percent of them. Put people on notice of all the added salt and sugars added to all our Fast foods which they use to perverse them (their Customers). We know what and who they are too don't we? Today it is almost everything and everybody this is why we suffer from obesity, cancers, and malnutrition as well as diabetes and seizures. We are Hooked like "Crack Heads" on our poor diets and low nutritional valued foods.

Did you know that the nation "Our Nation" has a problem with pharmaceuticals in the water supply! Stop flushing medicines down the toilets! The water companies can't filter them out. These drugs were designed to be small so small  that they could be digested and they are to small for the water purification systems that are in place and for the older ones which are now out dated. We are being poisoned by are own use of drugs that come out of our bodies and that we flush down the drains. If God did not make it you better be sure to know that your doctor for a fact would take it! Before you do.

So there are a few of these products out there today that supply the body with liquid nutrients. And some of these offer a chance to  earn an extra income by promoting them. I use Vemma and I would suggest that you check them out. I have notice a big difference in my health already and within just under a month and I soon will be working on improving my wealth with this product also.

Our health is our greatest wealth, without it the quality of life drops significantly for all of us as a whole. I believe that I am receiving better nutrition because I feel so much better all the way around. 

We will soon becoming into the season of flus and coughs all over again we get sick because we are malnourished. And this product helps significantly with getting a body nourished.  Check out my website to find some simple passive income streams ideals that may help you earn some residual income and then check out  my other website a new one with Vemma. Check into this product and its opportunities.

VEMMA: is actually an acronym for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe.

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Use that Tax check refund wisely and take a chance on some health or even some wealth. God Bless and be safe out there. Eat the best food that you can afford, drink the cleanest water, not the clearest, but the cleanest water that you can.

TTFN Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man