Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Personal Review of My New Build and Its Products!

I am trying a new Product Line with and Income Earning System to use for my Passive Income Streamed Website.

If you are looking for a review on this same type of Product and/or its Income Builder system which is an MLM or Multi level Marketing System, here is mine It will start off with what I already know of these types of business models. There are many places that you can find one (a review that is) on this type of company. My new build will be with the company Vemma.

This company provides you with a great opportunity to promote a great product, and earn money. This is a product that is something that many people are looking for. And it is much easier to promote a product that you believe in then one you are ify on or are not totally in love with. So what is this product? And what can Vemma offer you or me?

This Vemma review of mine will show you that this company is about health, wellness, Charitable Sharing and caring. For Its customers and Its Brand partners. They not only have and market a great product line that every one can and should use today, but there is something else that many people get very excited about. They offer you a chance to earn from Home to open your own business with these great products and their trusted brand; as of today's review Sunday, December 25, 2011 I have been pre-sold. Now remember I am slightly bias yet, because I am seeking to become a Brand Partner.

Remember that I have been speaking to you for a while now of Just doing It! And that you must Do It in order to learn to do it right. So why am I willing to try and do this when I know there is a 95% rate of failures with any MLM Modeled Business? For one there is a health and wellness movement occurring in many places right now today, not only here in America but all over the world. And you and I can capitalize on this by becoming a part of the Vemma Company as she is still in the start up phases. As a self employed individual business (a store front) or Band Partner. Or just a customer of a great product.

When you are looking at Vemma’s information you will want to learn as much as you can about this product, and the business promotion side or builder, not the product line or merchandise its self. You will never want to become a part of any system that you do not fully believe in, or yet understand and when you do your research about the Vemma products you will understand how easy they are to promote. But to do so with great results you will need to listen, watch, and learn to do the system correctly.

As with any MLM there are secrets and tricks to the trade as there is with any trade or skilled Labor. Such as a Doctor, Lawyer, Machinist, or Computer Programmer. Not everyone will be able to walk in from off the street and Do these trade Jobs and do them well enough to produce a fast and proper response. I mean of course to earn the money. Plan on spending more in the beginning then you shall earn. This is the case with all business.

Remember to get the full amounts or the so called bonuses that you will need to maintain your rate of volume sold to retain your commissions (pay) You need to move product and maintain your product stores. This is a program where you will need to use the product, you don't have to personally consume It, but you will need to purchase It and move It. Know this up front to make the big money you must move the product! You earn by Volume sold either by yourself and/or your down-lines or whatever they are calling them these days.

Now remember this is only part of the deal you still need to promote and bring others into the business under yourself. You'll have to maintain your down-lines keep people earning and learning as you also keep them motivated and doing the same. Most of the 95% fail rate is not with you your self, but with those you bring into the program. So choose them wisely many see the dream and desire it, but are not sold or have enough belief to sell themselves; you must get them to the point of no return. As the Brick and Mortar people are or you must be blatantly Honest and Extremely helpful nursing them along until they can stand and walk alone.

I have always preferred to be blatantly Honest, but I am not living in the past; mind you. Now I was not willing to nurse people at least not all of them. Some people are just whiners, crybabies, or plain lazy. I know it has not gotten any better here today; this pool of people, to choose from, but what has gotten better is you don't have to find them all yourself anymore. You still have to sell them either with the product or both the service and product. It takes money to make money. This is a law of business it is not negotiable.

But One can learn to do just about anything or learn just about any trade. “If” they have what it takes; along with the desire to do so. Every one of us wants to be Wealthy and Healthy, but Case in point we aren't; why? Because when it comes right down to It. We truly have not found the way in which we wish to become so.

A brain twister; I know, but it is the truth! We are not ready or willing just yet, to be where we wish to be. Or we are not interested in the method of how we must get there; for whatever reasoning we have. Throw all your personal ideas out the window right now; about how it is done or how it should be done. Because this is How it is being done; by those earning the money.

Fear is the number one reason we pull back; from our reaching out. Then some of us will get the guilt complex going or think we are scamming people, we are not! These MLM systems are complex, but it is fair and legal in this world. And if we aren't making the money that allows us to make a impact on the things we wish to change. We can not make a change.

The world while we are broke, will continue on with out us, as it is, and there will be no one to create the change. And we will often get to doubting ourselves and the belief that we can succeed. These are the only things which can stop us completely. Our desire, our why, and our belief.

There are others that can and will try; to slow you down or make you quit. Don't fall victim to these and you will always succeed at anything you do. Remember that Money is not the root of all evil; the love of It and Its power is, for it is only a tool. One that we all need to work the works that we need to do; to make ourselves Happy!

Nutritional products have been around for a very long time, but Vemma has a new a project which is on the cutting edge. Their products which are kept up to date and stay forever one step ahead and competing with other brands, that have not yet enter into Vemma’s class or arena.

Many of the nutritional supplements that are available today; are not up to date or organic (natural), this is a turn off to many consumers these days, because we are all tired of being sick Fat and tired all the time. When you and/or your potential customers really learn about the Vemma products you and they will be intrigued to say the least.

Okay these reviews are going to take up alot of space so I will be using them as blog posts to help my traffic wheel get to turning once again so be sure to look for the other blog posts that I write. Check them for links so that you can stay a breast of what is going on with Vemma and me.

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Thanks for the read and your comments.
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Monday, December 19, 2011

Use this Quick Checklist to Analyze Yourself and Your Own Blog

First of All ask Yourself Some Simple Questions

1. How well is your Blog structured?

2. Have you clearly identified your audience?

What is it, that it is that they desire from your site, Blog, and/or page. What is in it for them? As the client, reader or subscriber, when it is that they do come to your Blog etc.? Do you have a call to action? Is your Blog outstanding or so, so?

Maybe It is in the middle of the road. What are you doing differently from the others within your Niche? Find this out and note It, journal It, record It! Are you selling the right things?

The things that you are talking about or relating to. Are these things the most profitable and the easiest to deliver? And are they relevant to your topic or topics. Note what are the best things you are interlacing, promoting, and offering in your niche? Note what your visitors, subscribers, and customers are asking you for and about.

Have you a clear purpose for each of your web pages? If Not it better be for the purpose of entertaining your reader in the stuff that you are talking about always. If it is not guiding them to the next step and or level. You will need to paint them into the Birmingham (picture). Make them see themselves in that picture. At all cost as for them to be able to do It, receive It, and to accomplish It.

Have you defined the action(s) that you want your visitors to take?
Do you provide quality information on these steps and/or actions. You must guide them or better yet make them seek what is that you are offering, but not to hard or you'll lose them.

Are you building your lists? If Not! Why NOT! Are you selling a product or service? Are you gathering referrals, leads, and partners?, Are you building a relationship with your readers? Have you built credibility and authority within your niche?

Okay so maybe #2 is a little over daunting at first glance.
Hey Don't Sweat IT! Get over IT!
I said there was work involved, I never promised you a rose garden. And even If I did they take alot more work then this Stuff does. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is what is hidden beneath the waterline that requires the labor intense stuff. The things that you will need help with from others and believe me your going to need alot of help and answers to your questions.

Okay where were we? Have you promoted your success? Through the correct channels? Have you mentioned the receiving of any Awards, or have you been Featured-in Articles, Blogs, TV, Radio, or a Youtube channels? Do you have your own Channel(s) and are you using them? Are you noting you success in the Search Engines?

I hope you do realize that you are building an asset that you can sell later If you wish to go that route? Did you know that you are going to need more than one website if you want to make money from blogging? It may not have to be another one that you create or have created for yourself, but you are going to need another website, Blog, squeeze page, or forum to help you and your blog along. These could be your profile pages from your Social Networked Sites: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, or even other Blog sites such as Tumbler etc.etc.

How good is your copy written? Are you doing it all your self? Have you lined anyone up to help you out yet? They are thousands of Freelancers all over the world to help you or that will do it for you for a price. If Not you need to ask yourself some more questions my friends.

How Good is Your Copy? Be Honest with Yourself

Does your writing stand out amongst the crowd? Do you provide proof either through testimonials, comments, featured articles, endorsements, and/ or statistics? Do you do this in Text, Audio, and Video format? Are you able to do this in all formats? Are you Mobile ready?

Is Your Call to Action Clear?
Do you understand what it is, and are your customers clear on what it is?

Does your offer/provide great value? Does every single one of your webpages have a benefit-laden headline? Do you demonstrate how you are standing out in your niche? Do your products and/or services have a reputation? Is it one that you have built, provided, and/or are claiming? What is your proof of and to these claims, that you are making about your products/services?

Are your Call to Actions Above the Fold? Are you sure? Do you make no-brainer offers with clear directions to the next step and/or level? Even for your basic needs such as your E-mail opt-ins?

Are you enthusiastic about your site, blog, offer, Products and/or Services; as well as your reputation, but rather than provide enthusiasm without substance, make sure that your substance is substantial. And somewhat subliminal, as to not tell the visitor or customer what to do, but rather why they should do what it is that you are offering.

Do you write the way you speak? I always do this. It is sometimes frown upon, depending on how it is you are speaking, avoid Jargon, Street Talk, and by all means Text Talk. Don't talk above the teenagers readability level and never talk down to your readers. Not to technical and never dumb It down for them. Encourage them to advance forward always. Some things, some of Us will never get! It is above our need to know, so we won't seek to know it. And most of Us will desire not to clutter our minds with such massive amounts of information. As this will detract from what it is that we wish to learn and do.

Well I am ready to hit the sack or watch some TV maybe a little, before I jump or rather crawl into bed. Good night sleep tight and don't let those bed bugs bite.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Branding Strategies; Do as I Do, and Not as I Say!

Brand Strategies 

View the world through your customers eyes. This is both critical and highly challenging. Where are they? Who are they?

Why are they even interested in you and/ or your Brand? 

What are they thinking and is it aligned with yours? Which direction are they heading? Which direction is available to them through you and your Brand's visions and/or missions?

You need to define and understand these segments which make up these your customers mind sets as they will steer them on and off your course.

As Humans we mostly choose to follow the heard. For to separate from it; we then become fearful and for good cause. There is safety in numbers as well as instantaneous death when one is alone in the jungle of life.

You need to now your competition, as well as you know your self; if at all possible know them better.

Some of the strategies consist of Consumer Research, competitive/ channel research, Data Bases, Analysis, Customer segments, ie. Age, Race, Sex, Locations, Desires, Wants, Needs, Beliefs.

Your market positioning, and your ability to move within and without these positions.

Your Brand development plan.

Knowing Its/ your strengths and weaknesses. Your products, and their life spans and/or flexibility/ purpose.

How to expand your Brand / and how to license your brand.

Intelligent and Purposeful Design

Your, every communication, transaction, and public viewing and/or statement.

Now has become a testimony to you and your brand. Branding ones self can be a detrimental thing; "IF" care is not taken; and then maintained.

Damage control will be needed from time to time. As people, we tend to forget easily the good that you may have done, but will strive to high-light, and to note, and publicize the mistakes and blunders that you will inadvertently, make.

Always they will do this because we all make them (blunders and mistakes)

And we all tend to point fingers at everyone except ourselves. But note: when we do we have three fingers pointing right back at us. You need an Identity; preferably a corporate one which is professionally maintained.

Your design, will need to be of an interactive nature. Not only of a retail nature, but of an environmental one; as of yesterday we are vastly becoming a green society. Be highly visible and some what transparent.

Have you clear Sales and Marketing Strategies and Return Policies in place? Be clear; be very clear with your communications.

You cannot! I'll repeat this, you cannot do this alone! Or even within an individual world wide company. You will need to have joint venture partners and colleges.

The Demand for the Brand 

Knowing this is half of your battle plan. Getting from point A to point B is not always a direct and straight path forward there is a lot of back peddling, side stepping, as well as some bowing out. There will be detours along the way.

There Are Always; Detours / Obstacles

After all it is the survival of the fittest, in this our world that we live in today.

It Has Always Been This Way!

Why do you think our Governments have let us become and keep us all so fat and/ or needy?

Depending always on them or looking to them for guidance or help. We are out of shape all of us in some way or another here in America today; as well as all the rest of "Us" the worlds peoples'; or should I say sheepfolds.

The Wolves Have Fatten Us Up and Have Been Picking Us Off One by One Daily

And we are none the wiser. United we stand, and divided we shall fall. So we too must have a Market Plan and develop our own campaigns, our own strategies, our own promotions and have the ability and the know how; to advertise to the masses.

Today This Is Done With Digital and Socialized Media

Which lead us all; around by our noses, our bellies, and/ or our lusts.
For we are all so Vain that we think everything is about us the individual.

Will They Miss You When You are Gone?

Is what It is that you give, providing, or preparing them, with any real value to/for them?  

It Must Be So or you are wasting your Time and we all have just so little of It! (Time)
After we first realize that our time is limited.

Will your customers feel the loss of your products, services, and Ideology if your were to go belie up today, tomorrow, or in the near future?

Let's face It some of us are chained to our Favorite Brands and would rather do without them, then try to use another. I know I am! I stand by my favorite Brands and their reputations and their track records.

Don't get me wrong if they fail too often; and do it continuously, their gone! But that doesn't mean I will instantly find a replacement for them. After all there is only One Coke and One Pepsi and I like certain Condiments over the others, hands down.

A Certain Mustard, Ketchup, Salad Dressing, or Cheese

And if I can't get them I very rarely will use another. Is this just me? I think not. We form bonds to our favorite brands. We are loyal in nature to those who are faithful and true to us. Or who have fooled us into believing they are.

Which is an ever increasingly harder thing, for them to do!(Fool us once /Shame on Us)

As we are highly mobile today, and bombarded with many, many; almost to many choices.

Today's Consumers are Becoming Better Aware of Their Choices!

And they are making them better, smarter, (more aware of) and faster then ever before.
You need to be adaptable and ready to go on the fly. Approachable, and Immersed in the life styles of your customers.

You will need to become a brand builder who is statistically and action minded from point of contact; to point of sale, and then some.

Today's customer wants and desires a "Relationship" with their Brand's and their providers. And the Brands of tomorrow are starting to give this to them; today.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some of the Differences Between Super Affiliates and Those Who are Struggling to Be!

 Since I have been trying to become a successful affiliate marketer for a while myself now. I have been sharing what I have been learning here lately.

I am now desiring to share how I hope to become more successful, I thought it could be helpful to write about the key differences that I have seen between the Super Affiliates and struggling affiliates like myself.

If you have dabbled in affiliate marketing, but aren't making a killing yet, then you might find that some of the differences I mention below are issues you and I need to resolve first.

Super Affiliates take action towards their goals, while struggling affiliates often procrastinate, or spend too much time over educating or preparing themselves and not enough time DOING or TRYING. We are still fearful or Doubtful Still! Something we need to overcome. And most of us will remain so until our first few successes. We lack the confidence still.

Super Affiliates are usually prepared to fail and are willing to do it more often than we who are struggling at It. A Super Affiliate often times is learning from their mistakes as well as from those of others.

Rather than not making any progress at all or shrugging their shoulder as to what is going wrong and why is it happening to them. They are not "poor me babies". Where some of us are being discourage by our results; they are finding ways on understanding theirs. And on replicating the good and eliminating the negative results.

Super Affiliates re-invest their money into software, marketing, and outsourcing, and then spend what is left of their spare time on finding better partners to partner with either more Affiliate programs or people or better people to help them grow in their efforts.

Struggling affiliates tend to spend the vast majority of their money on other parts of their lives as well as the lions share of their time, and then re-invest what is left if anything is left into their on-line business. While never looking past the here and now; and into tomorrow where their futures lie.

Super Affiliates invest their time in networking with and learning from other successful people while planning for tomorrow. Whereas we who are struggling often try to work alone, or listen to the people who have a negative influence on us; the (Naysayers or the Doubting Thomas).

Family and friends who are saying it is taking you way to long or it won't or can't happen for us. And they are right! It won't if we buy into their doubts; about our dreams. It Takes as long as It takes you need to get It.

For you must get It to replicate It. Become a Rocket Man by Networking and seeking out others who can and will help you. Even if it cost you a little more then what you think it is worth at this point in time.

The correct information  along with the correct steps that get you from point A to Z is worth Its weight in gold. Without It (the correct Method) It could be a long, long time, to find or to you Stumble Upon It this correct Method.

In addition a Super Affiliates tries to learn as much as possible from multiple sources through books, audio, or Special Reports and from their failures and that of those around them. This is especially important when you're not in a position where you can network with other successful Internet Marketers who have been through the ringer already! And have or are succeeding daily now today.

On another note, Super Affiliates enjoy the process of learning some even love what they are doing and you should too or you should be looking for something that will help you to love doing this. Even when they're failing they are learning from their failures.

Struggling affiliates often don't enjoy having to constantly learn new techniques, new systems, and new ideas. They don't appreciate the experience of trying and/or failing in order to learn and grow. Until that first great success. To be a Super Affiliate you must Keep on Keeping On! The learning never stops.

Most Super Affiliates understand the power of their minds state of believing in the success factors. And will do all they can not to lose their focus on developing a strong belief within themselves. Where as an untrained mind which has never tasted the sweet nectar of success struggles to believe in their chances of success. New affiliates can become derailed by negative self-talk. By focusing on what is going wrong in their lives, in the world around them as well as in their affiliate marketing efforts.

Most millionaires that I have met in person (and I have met a few) only focus on one thing at a time. They do things step by step and always in a meaningful order. It's true that most have experimented in/on many other forms and/or systems of succeeding their goals in order to find the golden one or two that work for them. They never will try to do it all themselves they have learned the art of leveraging others, outsourcing, and down right begging others to get the job done.

Struggling affiliates, though are often scattered all over the place, and even when they find a niche, a system, or an adviser that makes them money, they keep moving on to the next niche without fully maximizing their potential or getting to know a niche or the system in extreme depth. Their eyes glaze over and the money washes out their focus. “Gold Fever” it was called during the gold rush and we are in kind of a gold rush here today with affiliate Marketing Systems.

Most Super Affiliates build a strong mailing list through email captures and make regular repeat sales to the same people. Struggling affiliates often like to skip the process of building a website to gain leads and focus on direct traffic. There by missing out on the chance of repeat sales and having more marketing opportunities.

The new sell or the up sell. You do not Need a song and a dance, to keep their attentions. Great service and great advice as often as you can provide it will do this. No need to keep running in circles, trying to keep finding the new customer; they will begin to find you.

You need people to trust in your recommendations and in you. And these would be those you have service correctly and well during that first go a round. They are now in your cross hairs and ready to be re-sold too. They will want more, with every good experience and/or transaction that you make together. They are now your first target to hit on the way out to hunt for more.

Most Super Affiliate or millionaires that I know, not myself just yet, but soon I am planning on it. They make the vast majority of their money from the big competitive niches, and not from the smaller, less competitive niches. Super Affiliates are not afraid of competition, whereas many struggling affiliates are.

Super Affiliates realize that to make big money, you have to go where the big fish are. Let me make this crystal clear here. Small niches are good to learn the tools and get your feet wet or to build your confidence up. But in the long run, to make  the seven figures or more on-line, you need to get very good at marketing and even better at promoting.

You will need to do this high dollar earning in one of the major niches. Where billions of dollars are being spent every year (diet/fitness, making money on-line, dating/relationships, self-help, security software, etc.).

You'll need to get a piece of that pie. Or a piece from several of those pies. They are where the dollars are; because that is where the wants and the needs are. Now this is not to say that you can't luck into a totally new market and/or a sought after niche; it is just less likely that you will.

Thank you for you time and any comments.

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