Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hey All How Is Your Life Going?

Well I am doing fine I guess. I am a little peeved at myself about the other day. I broke the mother board in my new windows system computer; while trying to change the little CPU battery. I snap that sucker right off.

So I had to order another refurbishment an IBM Think Centre. And that set me back 150.00 bucks for what should have cost only as much as seven dollars, but Stuff Happens and things change.

No Crying over spoiled milk. Oops I made another mistake and I am not the only one who has every done it. I'm sure. But on the other side. I got my White Boards and dry ease pens. I hung them tonight and I hope to get some good videos created here soon.

But I don't have any way to edit those that I do make yet, so I have to send ya what I get when I start. And I will have to build another Bogger Blog too. To place my new video Blog posts in. And I will need some batteries for my FlipCam it likes to eat them up pretty fast. I new some rechargeable batteries and a Tri-pod.

Plus I'll need to get organized again to share my info correctly. That most likely won't happen here anytime soon but I'll give it a shot. I placed a Craiglist Ad the other day before I tore my computer up. I was going to run it all this month But my funds are gone now. It was for Vemma  Leaders.

I am looking for the right people to come and join me in this product usage and referral program. I think its going places next year and in a big way. Well I am about to pass out So I am going to go to bed CYA Later Taters.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope If Not, Make It So!

Just stopping bye; Letting you all Know I am still here, still trying, still learning, and burning the midnight oil.
Sometimes you'll have to fail a bit before you begin to get It! Keeping the Faith, Passion, and the Fire going and growing.

You have to grow a little before you succeed some. And growing comes with pain, blood, sweat, and tears. And most of us have become cream puffs and quit way to early. Some of us will quit when we are but a step away from reaching our success. Coming so close only to let it slip right through our fingertips.

But! Never fear there is always tomorrow to begin again and to figure It out! To achieve that Desired win/ win.  As I have said in the past we fail for many reasons not of any of the fault of the systems; that we might be using. But for the desire and the fire that burns within ourselves. The fear of Success is a damning thing to hold on to! You must let that fear above all others go. For if you don't overcome this fear you will never succeed.

Most of us are, but a person, place or thing or system away from reaching our said Goal or goals.

We fail subconsciously because of an unsaid or unspoken fear. Its not physically audible to our physical ears. We hold It within our subconscious minds; for what- ever reason that we may have. And there for we do fear our success. Why? Because there are those among us who wish for us to fail. And do so whisper their sweet requests endlessly into our subconscious minds.

Well success brings more responsibilities. You might be hearing them whisper. Yes you will have more things and even more people to watch after and monitor or provide for; with your success. You might fear being the care taker of great wealth and possessions.

You might fear losing that which you have gained. Or you may even fear or feel guilty because of your success. Maybe you fear the loss of certain friends. Which does often happen and is a real possibility.

You may even have a deep belief that it is Biblically wrong for you to be rich. And this is a falsehood! I personally believe that the Devil himself has propagated this lie and keeps many of the children of GOD down with it. But whatever your unsaid fear is! You know it! So you must verbalize It and dismiss It from your subconscious Thinking !

Now this may not be easy at first, but you must at least Identify It and Verbalize It! So you can Physically challenge It from time to time until you are able to conquer It.

Once you do so you will see an instant increase in your belief to succeed. Desire is but another side of that "Coin of Doubt". We all have desires that wain, fade, and die, If we are unable to keep them fed.

And we need a very strong "Why" to feed our desires. While our successes are barely seen, slow in coming, or why we are traveling up a new hill; and it seems to much for anyone to bare. 

People the Devil and his minions want you to fail. And they try to and there for do keep you failing. They know If you succeed that you will end up blessing others, with your new found successes. Making their Job much harder to keep doing. Which is to keep the Vail of Truth covering their little children eyes. Keeping them from knowing or believing in themselves. As to who they are, and where they are, and why!

You and I are a child of the living GOD and you have been deceived by one of HIS Son's into believing this lie. That we all have lived here in this world or this plain of existence call Earth. There is much more to this world then we know! We are constantly living in fear of What Ifs or Maybes. If you are honest with yourself you will see the blurred truth become clearer daily.

We are here to succeed. To help others succeed in learning the truth of the False Gods world. Once we do begin to succeed and over come. We are attacked all the more once we do start to succeed so get ready for it.

This is the test of fire that purifies the gold and strengthens the steel within us all. You don't have to believe in GOD for HIM to bless you. And/ or for Him to use you; to cause the correction to come to pass.

HE is the creator of all things seen and unseen. And will use whom HE wishes to, He will Bless whom He wishes to, and HE will Correct all who are here. And He  will test them all as well too. As well we all will be Judged of all that the Devil has accused Us of. And who he has claimed for himself.

GOD the Father and Creator; HIS wish as He has made it known to us through scripture is. That none shall parish! That is None of HIS little children. For One has already been condemned to parish.

That One is the Son of Perdition who is Satan. As a child of GOD you are to live this life here within the fallen prince's world; to the fullest and with great abundance, or rather to live it more abundantly. So I know that GOD is my Father and I will over come if not here today; then on the Last Day.

I am trying my best to make it so and these the statements that I have just made and that I have stated are the reasons why; I believe and do as I do. The Why I will succeed. If not Today then upon the Last Day.

Keep on Keeping on People! Know everyone here has a right to success, because they are a child of the living GOD and not that of the Devil. Reclaim your Souls right to its Creator. Its Father and Be all that you were meant to be!

CYA Later Taters
Seek and You Shall Find! Knock and the Door will be Opened!

Sinbad the Sailor Man/ Donnie

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hey All How you Doing? Fine I Hope!

Well I am Back at It. Blogging away and Adding content and Pages. Oh and Promoting! As the winter months near. I become home bound; because my Back doesn't fair well in the rapidly changing air. Cool to warm , warm to hot, and so forth and so forth. I thank GOD for Vemma and the ability to afford It. I Got at Least three people buying, but I only have three of them on one side of my Team which is a two Legged Team. So it is hard to earn any commissions just yet. That will pay for all that I do invest in the Program right now. as I am Helping build two of my younger children's teams too.

 If I could build some more on my left side and find a Builder or two. I could earn enough to Pay for my product and for all that I am buying from my two children's down-lines. As I am setting them up for a Job in Direct selling Under their dear old Dad. They are still too young and under their Mother's control to do anything on their own and they live in another city and we don't have the advantage or luxury of daily anytime contact.

I can't afford to carry them for long. But I was hoping to have built my Left leg a lot quicker than I have been. But I had to move again too, and I am not able to drive, nor do I own a car now. Or Can I leave the Country on Business either. As I am suspended for child Support! Which I have never Missed because I am on Social Security Disability and they have Paid every month since day one of my Divorce. The laws suck in Indiana for the Father. They truly do. But that's another story for another day. 

So as I was saying before that snuck up and burst-ed out of me. Regressed anger with the legal system; I guess? I am back to working pretty much daily at trying to grow my Footprints and Traffic Wheel. I have been doing just that these last several days with some Blogger Video Blogs. I still need to get some quality Products that I earn directly from other than Vemma or some higher paying affiliate Programs. And get them placed into the side bars. But I do have a good head start on it as of today.

Once again I will need to sit down and reschedule posting and creating time periods for the week. As this will become much like a Nine to Five six day a week JOB. Passive Income is Not Passively Made! It takes Lots of Work or Money to get them up and running and then producing. These new pieces of real estate will fast become dormant or run down and out. becoming dated by all the competing sites. That are never ending and being dump upon the World Wide Web daily.

There are many reasons people will fail, but the number one is it won't happen over night for most all of them; and almost 97% will give up within their first six months. I am going on year # 3 and I am just now seeing tenths of pennies turning into Pennies Nickels and Dimes.

Three years! Yup threes years. Now mind you I am on Disability and have many things holding me down, down, down. Lack of Money the drugs I was taking for Pain that have clouded my mind to who knows what end. The lack of income and motivation that goes hand in hand with being in my position. Losing a Home and everything again or rather just walking away from it! etc.etc.

Yes I am a slow learner and that makes me a slow earner. But it makes me a earner none the less. And that will be residual earnings. And the Knowledge gained for the doing is Priceless for it will allow me to duplicate and repeat as often as I feel the need to increase or replace income.  Priceless is the gift of such wisdom!

Well Keep an eye out for future postings and writes. Their coming soon! Because I need a change don't you?

CYA Later Taters!

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey All, How You Doing?

Well I think I got all the linking worked out for the three new Blogs, here at Blogger.com

I had a few missed directed URL's and a few broken links . So if you find any in the sidebar or in the individual posts just drop me a comment and I'll see if I can get around to straightening them out here soon.

Well, No Martial Law this Month, but it could have happened, I guess. So no matter it is always a good ideal to keep your pantries stock with can goods, dry goods, juices and fresh water for drinking. We as a country need to always be prepared to help ourselves and others out and we can't do that living day to day and eating out all the time.

Six months is not a hard reserve to build if you do it over time. And I pray you'll have plenty of time to build up your stock piles before another "Natural Disaster" or a Man-made one strikes again. No one wants to see their loved ones go without or worst. Remember the Ant and the Grasshopper fable. And don't get caught off guard. Food, Shelter, and Ammo are a must for the concerned and faithful American.

Because when the stuff hits the fan. They'll try and keep everything down and off for at least six months to get those who have these items; to use them up. Better start learning to can and cook "Road Kill" if your not prepared. Learn to cook people! Cook from scratch that is. For when the poopie hits the fan there won't be much time to learn.

Speaking of learning. I am finally going to have to sit down and learn how to handle my dog gone E-mail programs. I hate setting these things up! It's been twelve yrs. and I still haven't got one to do what I think it should do. Let alone set one up right yet.

So I will be spending God only knows how long setting my first campaigns up. Here soon I hope! Even though I am not actively pushing any items or products of my own. I do have a couple of E-books that could be updated and made ready for sale in a minute or two.

But I still want to create another Blogger Blog or two and get my Tumbler Blog connected and working correctly with my Traffic Wheel. I finally got a Camera and I can use my Scanner, Printer and Flip video now; at home. So I need to create some of my own Photos and Videos for some new poems and writes too.
I will be busy, busy, busy.

Plus I need to make out next years goals and schedules for the PW&OSfStSM Website. And then I need to check all my affiliates and their linking and get busy with Clickbank. I will be putting up some Amazon Carousels/Widgets on the new Blogger Blogs and I'd like to find another Adsense ad to replace some of the ones I have at the Website now. Just to see if that will spark some more earnings at Adsense by Google.

I need to now get busy also building up my Google profile again. And learning more about Googles Programs to use with the Traffic Wheel I have now.   

Since I started three yrs ago. I have made to date roughly  $88.00 with all my accounts and streams combined. But remember I have been re-injured, moved six times and among other things without Inter-net access for about six months.

And this all happened when the timing was most critical to the websites Growth. Not to mention I got hacked several times by Porno sites when I first started. So I am not  anyone special; the Internet Business World is no respect-tor of Men or who anyone is.

It takes Time or a good bit of Money when you know nothing or anybody. If you  don't have anyone to point you in the right directions you could spin your wheels for a good while. The Time it takes on average? That's anywhere for three to five years doing it the way I have to do It. With very little money to invest in It. But Time is money. Or some day It will turn into money.

CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey All Hows it Hanging? Your Hat That Is LOL

As Website Owners we often time must wear many hats because no one else wants to unless you pay them. And when we first begin we soon run out of money trying to get everything debugged and working correctly.

I have built two new Blogs here at Blogger and I am still debugging them because I do mess with the coding some, not a whole lot but some. I am also throwing together some quick posts so I have a blog others can start seeking and searching on. Remember content content. as you grow your contents quality and mass it begins to produce But at the same time you must keep all these seeds watered.

It sounds like a lot of work and it is until you get the hang of it all. Then it gets rather easy to do and is quite satisfying too. And when you start earning some viable income, you can farm out this work and get some free time back to yourself. This is much like a MLM Marketing Model you work and work and work then one day it starts to pay and pay and pay. It Flip Flops and reverse roles. You start getting paid for less and less work. That is the Beauty of residual income stream building. It takes Time as anything worth wild doing does.

Well I am still Busy, busy busting my hump. And you may think turning tenths of pennies into pennies ain't a big thing. But You ain't Me and You don't Know if you can or will follow through to the End Game! That personal ATM. For this is what you are building a cash machine. As long as your content is being viewed and getting traffic the Ad Companies will find away to get people to click them. So being visible, search-able, and found is The Key to this Machine. This is what so good about good SEO! This is what SEO is all about. Getting and keeping you in a position of being seen and found.

As your footprints grow and stay imprinted in the snow of the mountains of never ending postings. You begin to grow and earn money. So much content is shit piled upon the web every second, of every minute of every day. Its Like a never ending white out in a winter blizzard. Its blinding and it is speeding up with every new user But we will plateau here soon. This is another reason the Powers that be wish to control population growths. The Scientist and these Powers That Be would have you believe we live on a Mass of rock that is not growing . What? That's right Our Planet is growing; as is our Universe. GOD has designed it so. Everything Grows for it is eternally advancing out ward. There is no such thing as Lack in GOD's Universe.

The Internet is the closest thing every built by man that mimics these designs of GOD's abundance. And once the world begins to understand certain small things start clicking into place. The same is similar with computer programing and systems just one caricature off and the results are all screwed up or not there. You got to keep plugging in the right coded programs and specific codes to get the correct results or the right information. In GOD's world there was no Hackers Until Lucifer fell. And now we have Hackers here as well.

Once we united; and then split! As the Good Book and the Story attest to. There was once and there will be again none more Hackers! Never Again! Image a world that you can never catch up with. A world that nurtures and provides everyone the correct output for their input. Its Coming. a Change is going to come! Stay positive. Believe! Knock on doors and seek. Always seek and then test and prove all things. Once you learn to discern correctly; you then have found, the Telephone/ Keyboard to talk with GOD's unyielding abundances and order them up like a Pizza. Which HE has promised to pour out in these end time period. HE promised to do this for all those he Loves and that would be all of Us every last ONE!

Don't fear the change. Its coming and can not be stopped, for It is Ordained by GOD to Happen! TTFN CYA Later Taters. A Change is Gonna Come. are you ready for It?

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey All How you Doing? Fine I Hope!

Well I didn't want to rush out a post here, but what the heck! I am gonna. I am in my jam-mies and getting pretty tired. So I just want to let ya all know what I've been doing.

I came across a few Ideas and a new passive income stream last month , remember passive income streams are not passively created. I Stumbled Upon a company called Zazzle.com What it is is a place that you can make designs and sayings and place them on products and then turn around and offer them for sale. Cool Idea Hun? Well I thought so, so I did it! That is why I am again late posting to my Blogs. Please forgive me.

I have a widget here on Blogger.com and some or one on my PW&OSfStSM Site. I'll have to check and see. Well you can bet there will be more going up there soon. And I also went ahead and summit a few Ideas to some invention Companies. And I got a response from one of them within in 24hrs. Which was really cool; as I have done this in the past, and had to wait weeks to hear from anyone either way.  And all those times before were rejections. And this time I got One that sounds pretty promising, from Davison's out of PA.

We signed Non-disclosure Agreements over the inter-net. And we have spoken several times already. And we are in the process of discussion my Idea and its feasibility. And with whom it might be for, next Monday. As I can't give out anything on the Idea or whom it might be for; I can't tell you all that much yet, about it. But I'll keep you posted on what happens. Whether it goes any farther next Monday or not.

I am still trying to get re-organized and restarted with Vemma. And now more so with the Vemma Verve Product-line. As the Young People's Revolution is getting things rolling all over the country at college campuses. I would like to see if I can't get the young ones in my circles of influence excited about a Direct sales position with our MLM company Vemma.

At Vemma we Don't Sell the Product. That does sell itself all by Itself. What we are selling is ourselves, and our belief in the Usage and Referral System.  And the Dream of reaching out to other people and their Dreams. And then showing them How it ca be achieved with Vemma and Her People. As I have said this is easier than I am making it look and sound. But I have an extreme disadvantages with no license or passport or even a vehicle. And also living in the country, within a relatives spare bedroom.

Mind you though! These Thoughts (excuses); these are but my own excuses; of my former mindsets or paradigms. And brother you will come up with a few of your own. Ride the rough waves and get through them all! Don't let anything stop you! It is sink or swim time if you have to turn over on your back and float to the distant shore.

Although things will slow you down and make you feel like quitting! You must not give up; if you wish to achieve, your goals. This is the mark and Identification of a Champion/ Successful person. They never say die. Keep on Keeping On! Until every ounce of your strength is gone and then you begin again until you win!.

I said it quite a while ago. I have planted some seeds. And some have come to some frustrations, and some have come to full bloom, and some I see now are growing, others are wilting, and still; some have become dormant or even died. But as a Whole; things are creeping forward and gathering momentum. Well Nighty, Night, Night!

CYA Later Taters.

Lean on Me When You are not Strong. I'll be Your Friend. I'll Help You Carry On!
Don't ask if it is easy! Don't ask if it is hard! Ask if It will be worth It!  Find your most powerful WHY! And then run with It!  Don't look back until you have reach the foreign shore. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey All, Another Month has Come and Gone What Changes Have you Made?

I have talked a little today at PW&OSfStSM about Change and How it is not only going to happen but is Ordain by GOD the Creator to Happen.

Change is inevitable [unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary: an inevitable conclusion.] Because it is what will put us all back in the proper placement of or in GOD's Kingdom.

Well on with the show I am still working with Vemma and I am stepping up my lead generation attempts everywhere I can so here check this out.

Vemma Brand Partners, Leaders Wanted
Job description: Use Product/ Share Product

Experience Needed: One Needs to be Coach-able,
Willing to Share the Opportunity, Willing to Help,
Point, Lead, Guide, and Teach Others to do the Same.
Must Have Skills: Living, Breathing, and Genuine
Skills that are a benefit: Mobile Phone, Inter-net
Connection, Reading and Writing, Able to Speak,
Able to Listen, A Wanting Desire (a WHY)
Only the seriously INTERESTED need apply.
Visit the Websites Below to Learn More
When You are READY?

Note: I am no longer with Vemma! But Yes! I still endorse their Products and their System of Marketing, Income Package, and Sale Methods.

Yes this was my main product that I promoted at this Time along with all those others at my Website. There you will find Adsense by Google ads, an Amazon affiliation at work, some Clickbank quick ads, some Linkshare.com ads, and some Adspace rentals which I broker through http://www.advertisespace.com the nice thing about almost all of these are they are set them and then forget them but never for to long you will need to keep them as current as possible to earn with them consistently.

And don't expect to make a livable income with these they are only ways to aid in the cost of your Hosting fees as well as some other small costs that you will incur owning a website or personal Blog with their own domains.

Yes I have several other affiliations lined up and I also advertise for Local businesses in my Hometown and surrounding areas. Some of these you might can use the barter system with. Small wheel and deals; until they start to receive a noticeable increase, to there Business. Maybe a free weekly lunch or a pitcher  of Beer a week.  Something along those lines or maybe a bag of water softener pellets; whatever it is that you may need.  I could sit down and build sites for local Businesses. But that would take to much of my time for what I am already doing at this point in Time.

For now I still need an income stream to supply my costs of building the major traffic driver and distributor of leads. I need some more products and some more Capture pages, Squeeze Pages, and A shopping Cart or two to start with.

The Most important thing I need right now is to set up a Lead In Capture page which is basically an Opt IN Page with a Free offer worth about $47 of value. A report, a audio How to CD, an E-book, a DVD series, a plug in, or a Word Press template, App, or Theme.

An Opt In Page is what you use to Build your most important possession. The Al Mighty List. Why is the List so important? Well you can buy a list, but their worth depends on what your products are to those upon the List.

It is better to Create a list where the people are interested in what you are currently doing.  And knock on wood; hopefully it will be that they are, or you will have to redo everything you have already done up to now; until they are.

It is where the Money will flow from over and over again if you use it wisely. 

Getting people who Know, Like, and Trust you is the Key.

And then Making sure you wisely promote to them; and /or Up-sell them with products they are looking for or may need.

Never push products, offer them and then move on. Highlight their worth for sure do this but don't sell to them.

People who want to buy will buy and they don't like to be sold to. But they want as much info as you can give and why it is they would need or use what you are offering or recommending to them.

Well as I get my stuff together an in the right positions I will be needing to save up for a new laptop.

My back up was hacked the other day and needs to be wiped and cleaned or repair or replaced. I need updated equipment but my budget doesn't quite yet allow for any at this point in Time.

Well I got ta run because, I am under the Gun.

CYA Later Tater Tots get your butts off those computer chairs and take a walk.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

P.S. I have a Brand New Biz OP Offering For You All to Check Out! Give this Opportunity Some  Serious, Serious Thought! Don''t Delay Get It Today! While are you still here?  Get to Joining NOW!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey All How you Doing? I've Been Busy, Busy, Busy

Well I have been Busy of course. One must be about his or her business or it will run a ground or into the muck and the ship will become stuck. I have made and posted another short Video somewhere. And I have sustained my Bronze Leader status, and I am taking a step or two toward the Silver Leader status.

I have posted a new page and a new Blog post at PW&OSfStSM. And I am working on writes for Hubpages and wikinut as I write this post here. Yup Busy, busy, busy. But It is not all that tasking a thing to do and the more I do It the easy it becomes.

I have recommended some more Amazon Books for you all on the website and I am looking for those who are looking to start an at Home Based Business. Check out the $$$$$$ page at Poetry Writes & Other stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man and you will see a sign up form a short one, for Vemma. Which is a Direct Sales Company or an MLM Marketing Company or as BK likes to say a Multi Volume Marketing Company. I think that is what he said. Well I prefer to to call it Like I sees It. This is a Usage and Referral Program!


Or you can look for the "A Marketing Funnel? Whats That?" posting and sign up with my VemmabuiderTM  funnel and get an I deal how fast it all can happen and does happen for those with a little Vision and a Big great big WHY.

Learn how a Marketing Funnel works and How it can work for you. I mention a while back that automation is the way to go. Well that is what the VemmabuilderTM system is and does.

It sorts out your leads for you and gives you an ideal on who to spend your precious time with. I am now learning how to build a few Marketing Funnels of my own. Manual funnels the kind that I have to place here and there to drive traffic. For remember traffic is the Key source to earning any income. Here on the World Wide Web or in your localized Inter-net streams.

Folks Direct Sales and Word of Mouth will become the new Norm and for those who get on board and learn and teach this system and how to use its tools... well they could set new records for personal incomes. I Sh_t  you Not! There is big money to be made If people learn to like and trust you and your recommendations. But in order for this to happen they must get to know about you and what it is you are doing and trying to do. And the only way for this to happen is you must tell your story.

Here is a little reminder for all you Baby Boomer's Choo Choo Charlie Says I love my Good and Plenty. Choo Choo Charlie Says it really rings my bell, Charlie Says, I love to do it well, Charlie say I love my Good and Plenty and I love it Oh So Well! I think this is how the commercial went. Well maybe not quite that way.  Here give a Listen.

And then just Do It! And do it the best you can. Whatever It is that you are attempting to do. And then those for who it is for; they will find you. No need for you to find them. It works just as if you were ringing a dinner bell or handing out Good and Plenty Candies. The seeker finds that which you are offering.

What do I mean by a Usage and Referral Program? Simple it is an exclusive Brand that is or rather has built in equity; with in every purchase. There for as you use the product, you sustain some one above you. As you refer the products to others; you and those above you are rewarded.

If and when these new users; that you refer, become Lifetime users or a dedicated users and then on to become promoters. The system is sustained. Vemma Has a Product that I see; has a Lifetime need! And at this very point in time not everyone knows that they need or desire this product yet. And I do not see the need for this Product line to be eliminated anytime soon; nor do I see any competition, that is stronger then we currently are.

Well I got much more to do today and I still need to check My E-Mails. Boy I am glad I own this thing other wise. I'd have to fire my butt; for not staying on course. But that is just it. I set the speed and the course. I decide if I take a pause or steam as fast as I possible can. Me the Captain of this ship. Do you want your own ship, to sail as you see fit?

CYA Latter Tatters
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Somebody come and Play, Earn as you Learn Grow as you Go! Set your Sails Today!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope

Well its been a while, but remember I have grown so much now that it takes me awhile to get around to all my Blogs and Social media sites now. If you don't see me here. I am somewhere else on the Net or WWW usually at Facebook on one of my four pages there or at Tagged, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon or etc etc. That and keep in mind that I have always something burning on another burner somewhere and I end up getting lost in the shuffling of things from Time to time. I have made a lot of busy work for myself to keep me moving and grooving along. Running with the Pack and the Big Dogs takes a lot out of an old fart like me.

I am still working the Vemma System and Hey I made the "Bronze Leader" a few times last month. Which means I earn a cycling bonus or two. I hate to say it but its true I have earned more money with Vemma in the short run then all my others these past two years. The next step is to start cycling five or more times in a monthly period of time. That will put me at the Silver level of volume sales.

Always remember to become secure or independently wealthy you need vast sources of income streams diverse from one or the other as not to be effected by any one thing or all at the same time.

I want you all to know that is is not hard at all to do with this Vemma Product Line to start a viable income stream, but it does take a little getting use to. You Must always be paying attention to others conversations and taking note of when the opportunity to introduce the Vemma Product and the Vemma Business model to prospects comes. Both to your warm Market or to a Cold Call.

I have not really been hustling the product or the opportunity just yet, because as I have said I have so many irons in the fire this year. That I've little time for all of them just yet. I have been always accused of being a daydreamer. And I am okay with that but. Now is the Time I am wishing to fulfill some of these my dreams.

The website is going to be three years old well four but three years running here on the web and only two full years in operational mode. This July 10th will mark PW&OSfStSM's second full year and she has grown from a few web pages unto a fully operational website with three domains and seven Blogs that Blog about her and what I am doing with her.

Some of her Pay Per Click Publishers are still slow in earning daily, weekly, and monthly income, but they are all earning pennies 365 days a year 24/7. The website and her Adsense is running cold  to Luke warm from month to month depending on how I promote the writes from my Pay Per Click Publishers, also with just a few pennies daily, weekly, and monthly coming from them but again they are earning. And the power of compounding is starting to become visible.

Some of this is my fault, well okay it is all my fault because I am spread so thinly wherever. That I am not keeping my set schedules correctly which in turn throws  my Alexa rankings back up which decreases my chances of picking up personal adspace renters at the website.  This is where the life changing income comes from. My person adspace rentals. But without the Traffic or the content which brings that traffic there is no chance of renting or attracting repeat renters.

But keep in mind it takes money to make money, and it takes Time to grow certain things. You will rise and you will fall and you must pay attention to what creates these cyclings for your sites and their traffic. Without the traffic there can be no growth or steady income. You need to develop a cash flow to grow consider it to be the water, the life water of your business this cash flow. Which you can only get when it rains and no one can wholly control the rain.

I need to start to earn a monthly income large enough to hire at least two other people to help run this Venture with the website. And I will need a lot of Technical help here soon when she does start to earn any significant amount of money which could take a few more years, months, weeks, or days. There is no way for me to tell just yet when the site might go viral or if she will even come close to going viral.

But until she does it is only a day dream or a scheme to the masses, but once she does then she will attract others with her success by her success. As to now she continues to have growth spurts and growing pains. And she is in need of extra funds to keep her on  the crazy tracks that I have laid out. All by myself so far. And without out them the funds she will continue to grow slower and slower until the bubble she is in; bursts.

Well I need to stay busy and create more content and learn to direct even more traffic to her. Until we meet again; may the Good Lord always be at your side and the sun not in your eyes, but bursting out through your lips let your light shine.

CYA Latter Tatters! Get out of that computer chair and do something, anything!
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Website Flyer a Personal Story in Finding an MLM Marketing Business

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


I dropped this Flyer off today to just say hello, So hello

Hello my name is Donald Beres Jr and I am a
“Vemma Independent Brand Partner” And the CEO/ Owner of: Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man dot com 

What that means is I run my own Home Based Businesses. And now with the help of my Up-line En-rollers of Vemma I have added a Major player in my passive and residual income streams. As they help me I help those who are beneath me in Vemma We all; learn and grow our own Vemma Brand Businesses, but we try to do this together for we are a team.

As I said I have been running my own Website for the last year and a half now about 19 months. I started in July 2010 trying to help others learn how they can get started earning a passive and residual income stream. When I stumbled upon Vemma.

What is Vemma? Well Vemma is an “Acronym” for our Parent Company name. It stands for Vitamins, Essential, Minerals, Mangosteen, and Aloe.

As I was building the website I mentioned above or PW&OSfStSM I knew it would take me about three to five years to make It become profitable. Until I stumbled onto Vemma. I did this because someone had picked up on what I was trying to do with my own website and /or I filled out a web form; about earning money On-line. Turning me into a lead on someone else's List. Thank God I did or some one else did this for me.

See I have been on Disability for over a decade and counting.  Because I have a back that has been busted and broken up. And one that has been operated on three times already; with future surgeries looming on my horizon. I was pretty bad off and getting worst every year that proceeded forward.

With muscle and joint pain, snapping, crackling, and popping joints. Shooting and Stabbing pain down the sides of my thighs. And not to mention all the other side effects that came with all the extra strength pain pills. Such as Morphine and Oxytocin and many types of anti-inflammatory drugs. Which did nothing, but a number on my Emotions, Personality, Mobility, Memory, Sight, over all appearance, and many other conditions which made my life very unbearable.

Even though I still kept trying to get better and back to work. It just was not happening for me. I tried several times. I even learned to drive a semi-truck and did so Over the Road until they canceled my Dot Medical. Just six months after I started working for a great Company.

I then latter lost the ability to even drive at night. And then I lost the taxi job that I got after losing the ability to drive the semi-truck. So I tried a few other things. But they too did not work out for very long. I was really getting depressed and feeling really bad and very forgetful too. I did not care anymore, and I resign my self to being disabled, broke and depressed. I found myself wanting, hoping for and needing a second income.

This is when I turned my personal web page into my own personal website and 19 months later Vemma and I found each other. And we have been together ever since. On December 29th 2011 I started with the Vemma Liquid Supplement.

I did this to Show my readers what a MLM Marketing Company was like. And I was bent on showing how hard it was to do these types of Businesses. But to my surprise It wasn't. And their Product actually worked for me and It is still working for me. Although all my pain is not totally gone nor will it ever be without losing about 100 lbs first and the possibility of another surgery. The Doc said the next time I was getting two metal rods and three metal collars. I have done my absolute best to see that this does not happen.

But with just the use of this product alone for about 16 days. I had begun to have more energy, less joint pain, and less noise within my joints. I have less pain over all now. And I haven't had an episode of a lock up or lack of mobility. Which I did weekly before I started with the Vemma program. I had to side step up and down stairs. and Crawl in and out of bed every morning. Now I can walk up stairs and I can most of the time go down them normally without taking a half step touching every step twice. And I can sit up in bed and slide right out; most days.

My skin is much improve as it was dry and getting thin and I have lost a few lbs too. On just the Vemma Supplement itself. I am every happy with the Product and I used it for a month and a half before I decided to also try the Vemma’s Business Opportunity.

I have been doing the business about a month now and I have not been really trying or actively seeking people out yet. But I will be here soon. Because this product is that good and I think just about everyone could and will benefit from Its use.

My results aren't typical or so they say they aren't. It may take some up to 90 plus days to fill any significant differences in their health and/or energy levels. I guess I was just that bad off. I hope that you are not this bad off, but I also hope you feel something right away. So that you know that this Product it does work. The first thing most people do report is the increase in energy and a better nights sleep.

Here Is my Vemma Website which I got just by becoming a Brand Partner with an Auto Ship. Which means the payment comes right out of my checking or credit card, as a recurring payment. Which is okay with me, because the product comes straight to my door step and on time each month. The product is three to four times cheaper then the pain meds. I couldn't afford or which I have not ever been able to get consistently. plus it has worked better then every one of those pills I was taking. Further still I have already started to offset the cost of my product by referring it to others.


Thank you for your time and read From my Website PW&OSfStSM you can find my Blogs and there you can leave questions and comments.

Thanks again Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

P.S. I am highly search-able and easy to find on Google, Yahoo, or Bing just type sinbadthesailorman and click and go.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"The Serenity Prayer"~ "Health, Wealth, and Wisdom"

This is an awesome prayer to pray when you are struggling along without a song in your heart. I have often used it as my own. Prayer is a Mighty Powerful and needful thing for us humans to use. It is For Us I hope you all Know! Father is not in the need of Prayer. HE still has 2/3rds of Heaven praying daily and endlessly within themselves.  Prayer is for We the Fallen Children of GOD So That we can draw nearer to Our Father Our Creator!

“Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

(The Serenity Prayer is the common name for an originally untitled prayer written by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr in the 1930s or early 1940s.)

Though clearly circulating in oral form earlier, the earliest established date for a written form of the prayer is Reinhold Niebuhr's inclusion of it in a sermon in 1943, followed closely by its inclusion in a Federal Council of Churches book for army chaplains and servicemen in 1944. Niebuhr himself did not publish the Serenity Prayer until 1951

The First time I heard this was at an AA Meeting in Some small meeting room as I was with a love one trying to beat a drug addiction to Meth A horrible and very addictive street Drug. 

But that is neither here or there for that moment in Time has past. Do you understand that your past can not dictate your future. The past holds no power on the future.

Everyday above ground is a good day and every morning begins anew. Only you can change you. Only you hold the response to every reaction; that you are confronted with.

No matter who confronts you. Be it an Angel, a Devil, a Beast, a Situation, or a plain old Human being. The world; this world our earth, is commanded to see that you are afforded this right. To respond.

No matter what the situation you are in be it life or death. Freedom or imprisonment your reaction to the worlds actions is totally up to you. But if you do not know this. Your habitual training will make the choice for you.

You will be saved or condemned by your habits. This is what I believe the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr was hinting to or trying to relay to you through this pray.

Know this and know it well! With GOD's blessing all things are possible unto you. If you so believe with undying Faith; a faith, that does not waverer, dim, or fail.

Such a Faith is not common to the general population by their own undoing.

There is and has been a "Secret" Proclaimed by some that states there are many "Laws" of the Universe that afford Humans the ability to attract their hearts desires.

Be it Health, Wealth, and/or Wisdom. There are those who claim that they know these Secretes. But I am here to tell ya these that proclaim that the universe or that any other creation; is the reasoning for this phenomenon.

Are either misinform, deceived, or in cahoots with the evil forces of this our world; this (Earth). They who are seeking to rob You of your GOD given right to the world of abundance. That was once meant for us all. And this one third of Heaven that fell.

See the story is all about the world; if you seek It it will become known to you. It is everywhere and It is as plain as the nose on your face.That is easily seen by others. There is No secrete!

This is a fact and anyone here who is reborn of woman may partake of these blessings that are from the only eternal living force that is.

And that would be GOD, the Creator, GOD the Father, and GOD the Saviour as well as His Holy Spirit who causes the blessings to be delivered to all of those Children of  who are asking.

It matters not that you Do or Do Not know who the Father is at the time of your asking, proclaiming, and then receiving. Any one who will ask will receive this their inheritance which to some may appear to be limited at first.

But which is truly unlimited and eternal for those who ask. There are several passages within the Good Book that show and state this to be true. Our Father does not show favoritism to HIS children nor is He a respecter of man or mankind.

But to all his children He will Give and Give Abundantly TO ALL!

When blessings Fall they fall on all. And when the Wall falls. It to shall Fall on all.

Yes it is true that your desire and your belief in the right to poses that which you desire must be Faithful. But It neither be right or wrong. But take warning It and your desires are all recorded and you shall be Judged accordingly.

By all that you do, that we do we all shall judged. But again there is, but two choices to choose from. Life or Death/Light or Darkness,  "to be or not to be that is your decision!"  For me there is no question to what I shall choose. How about You?

Money is not the root of all evil!  The Love of Money is!  I for the longest time believed that being Wealthy was a sin. It is not! And it is a lie, to tell any that it is. For this is one of the tools required to do the work, that needs to be done. By the Kings and Queens of the Ethnos, the Saints, and the Elect, until the anti-Christ comes again to the earth.

It (Money) is a tool not much different then the Good Book itself.  Or the Stewardship of the Steward that does the work. But Its power of Idolatress worship has a strong allure to many men, even to one with an upbringing as a wealthy man.

 For the lust of Power goes hand in hand with money. It, this tool has the ability to enchant others who unaware of its lustful draws or its partnership with Power.

With Great Wealth comes much responsibility. Especially when you begin to share it. Or cause it to work for the good of others. When Money is used in this way, It will draw the darkness to it.

And the Darkness will work to corrupt the Light or goodness derived from the working of this Money and Its Power. It is like flipping a spotlight on in the midnight hour. The beacon; beckons for to be seen. And the Moths they come.

Wealth is not to be fear, the evil that is drawn to It, it is not to be feared. There is no shame in trying and then failing. For the war is already won. But the battling is not yet over. Some will yet, be lost and some will yet, be won. This is the only thing you can not change with or without God's Help or Blessings. The war is over said and done.

The trials are being set as we speak and the sentences are all decided by only One! The Christ our Lord Jesus is that One and He is all that stands between you and a Guilty Verdict. He does this by the authority given to Him for He paid for you a pardon; for your sins.

He has already paid for this your Salvation by His Virgin Birth, His Death, and His Resurrection and then His Ascension. Back into Heaven from which He came. For everyone here on earth is guilty until HE says you are no longer guilty. If you think you know Jesus, you better make sure He knows you!

Learn to Pray to our Father in the Name of His Son. And do so with belief and a contrite heart, do so humbly, and do so often. For believe it or not Jesus is The Father wrapped in the Flesh; "the Son of Man"  Mankind because HE was Made a Little lower than the Angels as we are. Born of a divided Soul by a virgin woman. One Man and one Woman equals one Adam. 

Have the Courage to try and change and do so faithfully and know if you give It your best, your very best. If even you fail that Jesus is Faithful to count your trying as completed and done, remember the war is already won!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey All How are you Doing and What are You going to do This Tax Season?

The Tax Season will be swinging here into full force very soon. And many of us who have been dirt poor all year long will be "Ghetto Rich" for a day or two. What will you do and what are you able to do, to better your Health and Wealth this year, and in this economy? Is there anything you can do? What have you been hoping for, looking for, or even praying for?

We all know by now that things are looking gloomy and will be staying this way for a while. We are seeing a rise in health problems everywhere through out the world today. Why well I have said it once or twice already it is because of all the crap we are eating. There is little nutritional value in the fast food and store bought foods all which are over processed. That daily value percent on those labels, well to me they are just about as valuable as that label, if you were to eat it; in my opinion.

Remember the old food pyramid, well do a search at Google today and see if you can find it, I couldn't. But I found many versions of It. Of course I was a child of the sixties and seventies where and when people still knew how to do things for themselves. Like collect eggs, and process their own meats, and baking bread or making their own pastas and spaghetti sauces daily. As well as canning and home made fresh bake goods that out shown these factsimlities of today. Oh the good old days when milk was delivered from the dairy in glass by the milk man.

Real food, from real cows, and chickens. Who were healthier then todays second stringers some of which are medicated beyond repair. Why is there a need of medication? Folks if you ever seen how your food was raised you would lose weight very quickly. We have been done in by are own daily need of supply and demand and the greed of some to profit from our wants instead of our needs. 

Well we could all sit around and point fingers here and there and at whomever or whatever, but the reality is we need nutrition and we need it in a liquid form. For this form is the one which is the easiest and the fastest to assimilate or for our bodies to digest and use. We all know this deep down for we all are victims of malnutrition. And we silently go along with it.

If the Government needs a bailout  here it is. They need to put heavy very heavy laws and legislation on the pharmaceuticals and start growing and processing real foods again. They need to rethink the preservatives and additives. And do away with 98 percent of them. Put people on notice of all the added salt and sugars added to all our Fast foods which they use to perverse them (their Customers). We know what and who they are too don't we? Today it is almost everything and everybody this is why we suffer from obesity, cancers, and malnutrition as well as diabetes and seizures. We are Hooked like "Crack Heads" on our poor diets and low nutritional valued foods.

Did you know that the nation "Our Nation" has a problem with pharmaceuticals in the water supply! Stop flushing medicines down the toilets! The water companies can't filter them out. These drugs were designed to be small so small  that they could be digested and they are to small for the water purification systems that are in place and for the older ones which are now out dated. We are being poisoned by are own use of drugs that come out of our bodies and that we flush down the drains. If God did not make it you better be sure to know that your doctor for a fact would take it! Before you do.

So there are a few of these products out there today that supply the body with liquid nutrients. And some of these offer a chance to  earn an extra income by promoting them. I use Vemma and I would suggest that you check them out. I have notice a big difference in my health already and within just under a month and I soon will be working on improving my wealth with this product also.

Our health is our greatest wealth, without it the quality of life drops significantly for all of us as a whole. I believe that I am receiving better nutrition because I feel so much better all the way around. 

We will soon becoming into the season of flus and coughs all over again we get sick because we are malnourished. And this product helps significantly with getting a body nourished.  Check out my website to find some simple passive income streams ideals that may help you earn some residual income and then check out  my other website a new one with Vemma. Check into this product and its opportunities.

VEMMA: is actually an acronym for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe.

My websites:

http://www.sinbadthesailorman.com       or


Use that Tax check refund wisely and take a chance on some health or even some wealth. God Bless and be safe out there. Eat the best food that you can afford, drink the cleanest water, not the clearest, but the cleanest water that you can.

TTFN Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man