Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey All, How You Doing?

Well I think I got all the linking worked out for the three new Blogs, here at

I had a few missed directed URL's and a few broken links . So if you find any in the sidebar or in the individual posts just drop me a comment and I'll see if I can get around to straightening them out here soon.

Well, No Martial Law this Month, but it could have happened, I guess. So no matter it is always a good ideal to keep your pantries stock with can goods, dry goods, juices and fresh water for drinking. We as a country need to always be prepared to help ourselves and others out and we can't do that living day to day and eating out all the time.

Six months is not a hard reserve to build if you do it over time. And I pray you'll have plenty of time to build up your stock piles before another "Natural Disaster" or a Man-made one strikes again. No one wants to see their loved ones go without or worst. Remember the Ant and the Grasshopper fable. And don't get caught off guard. Food, Shelter, and Ammo are a must for the concerned and faithful American.

Because when the stuff hits the fan. They'll try and keep everything down and off for at least six months to get those who have these items; to use them up. Better start learning to can and cook "Road Kill" if your not prepared. Learn to cook people! Cook from scratch that is. For when the poopie hits the fan there won't be much time to learn.

Speaking of learning. I am finally going to have to sit down and learn how to handle my dog gone E-mail programs. I hate setting these things up! It's been twelve yrs. and I still haven't got one to do what I think it should do. Let alone set one up right yet.

So I will be spending God only knows how long setting my first campaigns up. Here soon I hope! Even though I am not actively pushing any items or products of my own. I do have a couple of E-books that could be updated and made ready for sale in a minute or two.

But I still want to create another Blogger Blog or two and get my Tumbler Blog connected and working correctly with my Traffic Wheel. I finally got a Camera and I can use my Scanner, Printer and Flip video now; at home. So I need to create some of my own Photos and Videos for some new poems and writes too.
I will be busy, busy, busy.

Plus I need to make out next years goals and schedules for the PW&OSfStSM Website. And then I need to check all my affiliates and their linking and get busy with Clickbank. I will be putting up some Amazon Carousels/Widgets on the new Blogger Blogs and I'd like to find another Adsense ad to replace some of the ones I have at the Website now. Just to see if that will spark some more earnings at Adsense by Google.

I need to now get busy also building up my Google profile again. And learning more about Googles Programs to use with the Traffic Wheel I have now.   

Since I started three yrs ago. I have made to date roughly  $88.00 with all my accounts and streams combined. But remember I have been re-injured, moved six times and among other things without Inter-net access for about six months.

And this all happened when the timing was most critical to the websites Growth. Not to mention I got hacked several times by Porno sites when I first started. So I am not  anyone special; the Internet Business World is no respect-tor of Men or who anyone is.

It takes Time or a good bit of Money when you know nothing or anybody. If you  don't have anyone to point you in the right directions you could spin your wheels for a good while. The Time it takes on average? That's anywhere for three to five years doing it the way I have to do It. With very little money to invest in It. But Time is money. Or some day It will turn into money.

CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man