Monday, July 28, 2014

"Betrayed"~ A remembrance of Donald

But, Donald has not really fallen, he was lead out from Heaven by his brother Michael (the Lords forward Angel, and Donald's twin) and Gabriel. (God's Messenger)

Michael and Gabriel took Donald out from Heaven's Gates, and toss him to earth just before Satan’s betrayal “of Boasting Pride” and his turning of a third of Heaven's inhabitance.


I lost my dear brother that day, my better half

I was betrayed to the sea of men

And no longer do I defend the great halls of Heaven

That twisted day, I was thrown down and away

And from his memory I am lost

And now am i gone

 This price, it had to be paid

i was young and naive unlike my shadow

My pride It to had gotten in the way

i fully followed the others, like a goat on a rope

Unknowingly being towed to an alter

A sacrifice, that would have split the heavens in half

It would have caused a great slaughter

 And It would have disrupted the rule

Following all of our leaders then

 We were all just angels when we did

And then came one man deionized, we called him

The Adam

Then the Evening came the plot was now thickened

Grabbed away from those who would betray that day

i was hid in the plain sight of day

Unseen by all i was 

Cast amongst the waters now

 i now sail these oceans blue

For those who have won now call me Sinbad

 For sure sin is not good

  Donald  I was once, and now am i just

 I am plain  a brother too


 Now our Lord's one and only Warrior

An Arched Angel, he was raised up

And i was cast down but only half the way

The first twins set in Heaven

 Who stood before and behind our Lord

I Donald was betrayed, by Lucifer

He who ruled the third most part of Heaven

And now I am fallen; nor more

 More or less than an angel

 I must now keep the balance even

Until the "Lord's Day" of reckoning

But, hidden among men

 I am not one of them

Therefore a Sailor

On the waves of endless men

A remembrance of Donald

"An Angel's Cry"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

As the Poet begins to write one of his very first poems. He begins to witness the fallen angel's, that Donald saw fall from Heaven, and then their encasement into the City of Atlantis, by God's Holy Spirit. As seen through the eyes of the Angel Donald, when at first it was seen and witnessed by him.

i’ve been alive three hundred thousand plus years

i've witnessed all that I can

i’ve seen a single tear amass and turn into streams

 When rivers they become

Filling the depressions upon the lands

 Lakes they became

Dammed up unwilling to break

 When broken torrents they became

Rushing the land masses cutting and gorging the lands; as with hands

Mighty rivers streaming to the seas; they became oceans

A falling angel not yet fallen

 A brother of the mighty Michael

The one who cast that old Dragon out

That sinful devil; so full of pride

 It is he they hide me from

Because from betwixt his lips, he did but dare kiss me

 With a lie

they will take Him from Us they will you know"

These humans, they must go

We were first you know this much, is true

The Mighty One has uncannily harmed Us by letting them reproduce

Let Us not take the hurt

A war We must make

We deserve Our just desserts

i was thrown from heaven; down to the earth by my dear brother

Our Lords Warrior”

and one other

Before the war: Lost in the aftermath


The Great War

Micheal's brother, his mind erased of all but where he came from

And not why he is here now

my God He hides His face from me, and i do not understand

my wings have been torn away

 Away from me they are

For i am no more a citizen of Heaven's sweet land

But, now a citizen of this earth

 Yet , my reproduction is given me

 Just not my rebirth

i’ve been walking this ball of clay for umpteen years

 Without my brothers or sisters; if you will

Now all of us, just lambs


A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

"A Limbo Before Hell"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Reflections of a Soul before his, entering into the "Lake of Fire" and Everlasting Torment.

I spied the immortal angel of death last night 

as I danced after him, after our fatal fight

The angel I saw was wearing a disguise

He came to me as one who was full of mercy, and one who was wise

As if in a dream, he came to me possessing the image of

Your elegant self, he came baring gifts and kisses

With tears of remission, “ah but, him come to late”

For I was already stone cold, and turned immortal

And you were on your way, as always slow as the turtle

I awoke lost in the darkness, strung unto the greasy beam

It was set high and above a sea of moaning faces; oh how they gleamed

A dimly lit star was the only thing set above me

The beam on fire, I was a tossing and a turning

Facing the faces that were moaning

I was strung out upon It like that Jesus guy

Like he on his cross, was I

But, mine was a single board

Cut from deadwood; a cord

That is continually forever singing down

My arms wide and my feet dangling down

I was still wearing a crown

My, own crown

Suspended over the oceans of sorrowing, souring faces

Souls dressed up afire and upwardly facing

I too was set a fire and proclaiming no guilt as I spoke

But yet, I was not consumed, just pained and poked

The pain only weakened by the faces below

As each one proclaimed his history of woes

They revealed the unjust hurts, that they received

At the hands of their lovers, and this world of ours we all so believed

Now bathing in theirs and mine; our own proclamations, which only adds to our sting

We volley continuously for placement upon this beam

I have held this spot, upon this alter as long as I can remember

For now, it is all I can remember

As I am pushed aside and pulled to the floor, these oceans roar

As they rock and they roll; they all pull me under

For now my lover, she soars unto the beam

And then when there, I alone return unto the ocean's floor demeaned

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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"Don't Allow the Wool to be Pulled Over Your Eyes!"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

As Nursery Rhymes go; this one is no joke! Beware if you Dare not to, you will eventually lose your skin.

Ba, Ba Fat Sheep Three Bags Full the Moon is Too and You can Lose Your Wool!

Little, little, little lambs
Playing upon the balmy sands
Of Time you are unaware; and yet do you not, care

The devil is set to come; yet you frolic, in the sun
You'll be his by noon day hour; once he comes into power
As you stand and stare there; fearless set to run

As If: You Were, Under the Gun!

Sheepish now its to late for you pregnant ewes to Run!
You've known not that you have been sheared
Until you are found shivering under the Son

Time has approached her end
Its time for an Order; new to begin
Your Silence falls upon you chin

The Silence of the Lambs now Called and Trumped

So many untold; and yet still
They were sold
Lock, stock, and barrels of gold

The Great and the Small
The Young and the Old
Even the Short and the Tall

Two Lions Roared and Foretold

But the High and the Mighty were unsold
Baying sheep are they all; taken in by
Wolves in Cheep Skins

The lambs sowed little; oh what a sight!
Not even could they, put up a frighten flight
As the light of day; they all faded away

No Seasonings in this Season

Unsalted and bland they lost The Lamb
Even the Promised of the Land
These poor forsaken little lambs

Even forsook by royal crooks
Kings and Queens of the Ethnos
Gave up they The Holy Ghost

Believing on the Dirty Dragon's Lie

Tongue and cheeky these little lambs
Set to go into a frying pan
As the lions roar fulfill your chore!

Awake! Awake! Or be taken in your Slumber
You fools with heads full of Knotted Lumber!
he Is not the One!

he is the Forgot-ton Son.

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man