Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey All How you Doing? Fine I Hope!

Well I didn't want to rush out a post here, but what the heck! I am gonna. I am in my jam-mies and getting pretty tired. So I just want to let ya all know what I've been doing.

I came across a few Ideas and a new passive income stream last month , remember passive income streams are not passively created. I Stumbled Upon a company called What it is is a place that you can make designs and sayings and place them on products and then turn around and offer them for sale. Cool Idea Hun? Well I thought so, so I did it! That is why I am again late posting to my Blogs. Please forgive me.

I have a widget here on and some or one on my PW&OSfStSM Site. I'll have to check and see. Well you can bet there will be more going up there soon. And I also went ahead and summit a few Ideas to some invention Companies. And I got a response from one of them within in 24hrs. Which was really cool; as I have done this in the past, and had to wait weeks to hear from anyone either way.  And all those times before were rejections. And this time I got One that sounds pretty promising, from Davison's out of PA.

We signed Non-disclosure Agreements over the inter-net. And we have spoken several times already. And we are in the process of discussion my Idea and its feasibility. And with whom it might be for, next Monday. As I can't give out anything on the Idea or whom it might be for; I can't tell you all that much yet, about it. But I'll keep you posted on what happens. Whether it goes any farther next Monday or not.

I am still trying to get re-organized and restarted with Vemma. And now more so with the Vemma Verve Product-line. As the Young People's Revolution is getting things rolling all over the country at college campuses. I would like to see if I can't get the young ones in my circles of influence excited about a Direct sales position with our MLM company Vemma.

At Vemma we Don't Sell the Product. That does sell itself all by Itself. What we are selling is ourselves, and our belief in the Usage and Referral System.  And the Dream of reaching out to other people and their Dreams. And then showing them How it ca be achieved with Vemma and Her People. As I have said this is easier than I am making it look and sound. But I have an extreme disadvantages with no license or passport or even a vehicle. And also living in the country, within a relatives spare bedroom.

Mind you though! These Thoughts (excuses); these are but my own excuses; of my former mindsets or paradigms. And brother you will come up with a few of your own. Ride the rough waves and get through them all! Don't let anything stop you! It is sink or swim time if you have to turn over on your back and float to the distant shore.

Although things will slow you down and make you feel like quitting! You must not give up; if you wish to achieve, your goals. This is the mark and Identification of a Champion/ Successful person. They never say die. Keep on Keeping On! Until every ounce of your strength is gone and then you begin again until you win!.

I said it quite a while ago. I have planted some seeds. And some have come to some frustrations, and some have come to full bloom, and some I see now are growing, others are wilting, and still; some have become dormant or even died. But as a Whole; things are creeping forward and gathering momentum. Well Nighty, Night, Night!

CYA Later Taters.

Lean on Me When You are not Strong. I'll be Your Friend. I'll Help You Carry On!
Don't ask if it is easy! Don't ask if it is hard! Ask if It will be worth It!  Find your most powerful WHY! And then run with It!  Don't look back until you have reach the foreign shore.