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Increase Your Productivity! Here are a Few Tips to Simplify Your Life

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In this world of “distraction” and “information overload” it is so easy to become overwhelmed, lose your focus, and be swept away from the things that matter most to you and that require your attention.

Here are some tips that I have come to rely on from others, that I have been trying to apply in my life to become more purposeful, about how I spend my time

1. Turn off the “Boob Tube” the old “One Eyed Babysitter” for a single day and focus on doing your most important work.

2. Check your emails first thing in the morning. Give them a quick scan. Seek out only the most important things, and then leave the rest! This requires self discipline if you don't have it Check your e-mail after you complete your other scheduled tasks.

(This one in particular has been life-changing for me!) As I work from my e-mails. I could spend a whole day there every day.

3. Start your day off with a form of exercise. A fifteen minute brisk walk will get ya started. (or even better, take a quick swim – no better way to start the day!)

4. Be obedient to the sabbath! (That means learning how to really rest and refuel – taking one full day a week as a complete recovery. One day to commune with your Father our GOD.)

5. Learn to say no! This is or has been the hardest one for me to overcome. But you must or you'll never get anything done.

6. Schedule your work week up and then learn to set a monthly schedule and build up to scheduling your whole year. Do it the first year month by month. (I spend 10 minutes every day looking at my journals.

For the upcoming weeks for me are right now basically the same. And planning time periods for work, rest, exercise, and entertainment is a must. Family get-togethers are rare within my family. So they supersede all else, but the extremely important life changing ventures. It helps me to stay focused on that which is important and this gives me the permission to say no! To that which is not.)

7. Don't answer your phone every time it rings. If it is important they will call back immediately after the first few failed attempts. They will persist to get your attention That is what those who love you do they persist to assist in getting your attention.

8. Get up early. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

9. Go to bed early. Take a Partner with ya! Everybody needs some body sometime.

10. Eat a healthy breakfast if you have been skipping breakfast stop doing this! It will make you fat, tired, and irregular. Which will make you cranky and mean.

11. Clean out your closets. Get rid of things you never wear or don’t use anymore. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter through out your whole home. Stop Hording or being a Pack Rat. Give the stuff to some one who will use it, needs its, or have your self a garage sell. Meet a few people and make some cash.

12. Stop watching useless TV. Or at least cutback to no more than 1 hour per day. ( I haven't had a TV for the nearly 2 years now. And I only miss the PBS channels the ones that are actually trying to teach or inform you in some way. I am not saying to give up the entertainment channels; we all should and need to laugh. But to much of a good thing becomes a bad thing.

13. Make sure you plan a decent holiday break once a year at least. (It should be at least 10 days for it to become truly regenerative.) Go visit a cousin, a friend, or any one or no one at all, just get some where other then where you are now. The next city, state, or even another country.

14. Learn to protect your time. The data says workers are interrupted every 11 minutes. Distractions destroy productivity and complicate your life. Let family know not to call you at work unless it is absolutely an emergency.

15. Do your banking on-line pay the gas and lights, water and sewage, the garbage pick up and any and all bills possible on-line.

16. Use posts it notes, journal, keep a dairy, make lists and set your schedules . Seriously, it's amazing. The time you shall find that you never knew you had or hoped to have. In the end, it's about priority.

About deciding what really matters and “putting the first things first!” And so, as you simplify your life, an increase your productivity. This will grant your wish by giving you a greater sense of achievement.

It will also relieve a great deal of burden and it may bring you freedom and peace of mind. Someone once said “it takes a genius to live a simple life” and I totally agree with that.

Make a plan, and plan to make it! Fairy Tales Can Come True. It Can Happen For You. If You Desire It! and Reach For It! You Will Make It!

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