Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hey All, What are Some of the Adsesne Mistakes Newbie's Make?

Too Little Quantity and/or Quality of Content

It can not be said enough to those looking to better their Adsense results that their content is the Key Factor in better their Adsense results.

We all Know by now that content is King! The number of websites that you see with uninspiring content can lead you to assume that this is a plain and simple Fact.

Content does not take a back seat to optimization in my opinion, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of those sites who Optimize firstly and for-mostly won't be doing much business for any length of time with out good content.

It Helps to Optimize, but it is the content in the long run.

It is spine chilling for many people to hear this, but unless you go for good content, you're not likely to get very far with Adsense.

The skills of optimization and good writing are not necessarily ones that go hand in hand. You may be brightest bulb in the package at creating and tweaking websites, but unable to string a single sentence together.

Or you might be a witty, intelligent writer who can't tell his URL from his SEO.

The regrettable fact of the matter for many is that no matter how difficult it is, you really need to have good content on your site and tons of it.

Or no one is going to want to read it. If you can't write to save your soul you have two choices. Learn or find someone who can.

The idea of paying someone to write your content may seem like what for won't that cost me? Some, may feel like it's cheating.

But is it your business or is it your hobby? In the end you have to provide what readers want, or you will fail.

Many sites fail to reach their potential because of their content.

Their owners/Creators Skimp on quantity and quality they think that they can get away with skimping.

But you can't think this even for a moment.

To do so puts that first nail in your coffin. It will take what it takes to get good and original content onto your sites, and you'll be a lot better off even if you do have to factor in payment to a good copy writer.

For your Commercial Blogs! You'll have much more time to learn and correct your personal Blogs your self.

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