Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow All, I just got some great News from Alexa on my Dot ORG or PW&OSfStSM or Poetry Writes and Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man Dot ORG has reach a traffic rank of 3,999,961 Globally and a Traffic rank of 400,440 here in the USA. Wow I am happy and now scared if I will be able to keep up with the Growth, but I am going to keep on trying.

A little while back I decide to go a head and get the other two domains just in case I got lucky enough to be lucky. I believe I did this about August Fifth of last year 2010 Actually I did this with the Belief I was going to succeed and It might seem a little bold of me to state so now, but I am a Believer. I believe if you plant seeds they will grow. I may not be the one who will receive the harvest, but that is Ok I am still going to try and reap whatever comes from the harvest.

Here I was worried and it would seem I am doing fine! On the other end of the spectrum I have been checking the dot Com mostly I thought they would all have the same numbers and traffic stats, but I was wrong again. And I don't mine being so today. Wow that is so, so cool. Remember I am using out dated and incomplete operating systems. So if I can do it! You Can Do It as well. I wish I could better relate the information I have collected and learned to you all, but I am trying. 

My site is defining its self as I grow and go. I am still earning pennies like I said from the beginning and I suspect I will for a while longer yet, only because I am still learning how to optimize my ads and Adsense. I am still a spec of dust on Mr. Horton's little Clover. When compare to others sites here on the WWW. I am still very new and  yelling at the top of my Lungs I am Here! I am Here! And I am going to keep trying to be seen and heard.

That little piece of information from Alexa has just made my day and I feel rejuvenated and motivated to keep this all up and moving forward. Full steam ahead Toot! Toot! I think I can, I think I can, I can, I can, I am, I am. The little engine that could. Coming full circle sounds like a title to a book. There is not enough time in the day anymore for me, as where before I always had way to much time on my hands.

Well Thanks for reading the good news that I received today. If you would like to try and see if you can do the same?

Dig around on this site and find a link to one of my Pay Per Click Publishers and get started today!

It may be free to you, but you need to get it yourself. I am not handing out Cookies here, you need to work for it I did!

Hey All, How is it Going? Do you Know Popeye?

Well I am going to break down and write a little something about my good buddy Popeye the Sailor-man, we are not mortal enemies  as some would have you think, we are more like  friends who entertain the masses. Kind of like wrestlers do today, but not as close. I have known Popeye, Olive Oly, and the gang for some time now, and I still watch his shows now and again.

He is a Good Guy and a nice enough person and some one who you can look up and to  when the goings gets ruff. He has a fondness for his spinach, it gives him an extra woof when he is down. Yes we compete from time to time for Olive's attention,  after all boys will be boys.

He is quite older than he looks, he has been around seven decades or better now. He is about Seventy -Five years young I believe and still kicking up the dust. He was Initially going to be a short time comic strip, but instead turn in too a pop culture Icon. He has many dedicated fans and a Museum of his works and collector items. He had every kid wanting to eat spinach, as one of my sisters can now proclaim as the plain truth.

She will tell you herself how, Popeye tricked her with the hope of super human strength. As I recall she bugged our mom night and day for about a week, until she got what she asked for. Times were hard back then, as they are today, so the food budget was tight and since she was the only one fooled by this One eyed Sea Dog, she kept up until Dad said Ok and Mom bought it, made it, and she ate it, never the less I don't think she has ever eaten canned spinach again.

I still remember the awful looks and faces she made as she was forced to eat what she asked for. Back then it was terrifying to watch her have to eat that nasty looking canned spinach, but today it makes for a nice little chuckle. I wonder how many other children her age were force into that mistake or if any of them truly fell in love with spinach as did Popeye.

Don't get me wrong I like fresh spinach, but ain't no way I'd eat canned after having to watch that ordeal of my baby sister's. Nope not even if that stuff could make you lite up your pipe and fly through the sky like Superman, not me buddy no way.

Hey some Spinach company picked up on that Cartoon and I think they are still around selling canned Spinach. I think I'll gift wrap some this week and send it to my baby sister wouldn't that be a hoot. Who knows my crazy little nieces just might love canned Spinach.

Well I guess by now you savvy  Marketers know what I just did with this little write here. I have associated myself with Popeye why? You may be asking your selves did he do this. If your not pay close attention to associations, if people are popping up in your searches this is an opportunity to be seen and socialize among and amongst them. How many people search Popeye every day ? I don't know. But I know when I search for Sinbad the Sailor Man. Good old Popeye and Sinbad the Comedian and Sindbad the Sailor all Pop up looking for some attention and Hey turn about is Fair Play. Pay attention to the small details when doing your SEO make them happen naturally if you can. But don't go out of your way to have them Happen at your hands.

Thanks for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


Hello All, How is Your Day Going, Fine I Hope, So I am Guessing You Want to Know Whats Up

Well I've started Posting again after the Move and the Holiday Season, I've been working On several Devices that will help aid in getting my down lines going at both Wikinut and Triond with a little personal invite paragraph. I have started to Brand the Site's abbreviation PW&OSfStSM and already people are jumping on it like white on rice, and trying to use it to move up the Search Engines Ladders. Basically they are stealing a position by blatantly using my text and Branding tools. This is a good sign because they at least understand the value of SEO and search results. And I 'll let them stay there for a while and call them out on their thievery latter.

Because this is a full time job catching and reporting this kind of theft I'll see about Trade marking My materials as soon as possible. They have a natural trade mark and copy right established already, but we need to give the devil their dues for legal reasons. I placed these as Tags in all my writes to show their proper associations.

Well I don't remember if I told you I got a nice used Flip Cam and It works fine, but not with my Linux Opensuse system so I am delayed once again in getting video up I need to get a couple of Windows XP Pro re-instal discs and I have some on my ebay watch list now and I am trying to pull together the funds to bid on them.

I have started Standardizing my writes tags to my site now. I have been working on building up my followers at Digg and StumbleUpon and I am now working hard at building my Triond writes and follower as well, I have hit My 100,000 wikinut page-view Badge you can see it at my Profile.  Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man or PW&OSfStSM
are powerful search terms or they will be in the near future. Plus they are shorter.

So my next steps are to keep creating new writes and Blog posts and Get those re-instal discs for Win XP Pro so I can use the FlipCam and other media devices I have already these disc will re-establish my Home office system I will once again have my scanner printers and webcam Plus the use of the FlipCam that will allow me to post my videos. I also Need to Go over my Business Plan and my logs and Journals to find some new hints and tips.

Because of the damage cause to my Traffic at my web-site I'll need to spend Most of my time there to repair the lost of traffic. Some of My other Branding Items are, as I have said before I will repeat a lot of Information from time. for the newbies because you never know when one will pop in or up or where they will so get use to repeated info that and I need to reintroduce it often, so people will remember it. So Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man is a signature sign off  Hello All, Hey All are signature sign on's  Donald Beres Jr is a Personal Brand JMKs Babydog is a Company Brand and established for tens years now. Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man is a site brand. The abbreviation of this site PW&OSfStSM is a Branding tool, Somebody Come and Play, Earn as you Learn, and Grow as you Go are branding phrases and are not common to this site just yet.

These branding phrases are well used by many sites, but we are going to see if we can change that. The branding phrases all imply a specific field of or type of web-site. Which mostly have to do with enjoying you job and Learning while having Fun because face it learning is fun or Fun D Mental.

Yes Thank God, for Sesame Street and School House Rock and all those After School Specials other wise this guy would have learned little if anything, in our out dated school systems. And Brother they were out dated way back then, if you were to ask me, I would say we need trade schools after the Sixth Grade and Apprenticeships from Junior High upwards we need to train up our youth! There is no reason any one who truly wants to work, should not be able to find a life sustaining Job, or three and a Honest one too boot, here in Our Great Country. United We Stand Divided We Fall and DIE!

It is Time to wake up and shake up the Companies that are sending away this Country's Jobs  Earn here, Work here, Live here, Play, and Stay here! After all this is the place to be! God Bless America and He will keep blessing her as long as She blesses Him. Stop, Look Around, Think, Listen, AND SPEAK UP!

You so called Christians are Not very Christ Like! This Country is His Fathers House over turn some Tables and Put some Demons in Check! Wake Up!  If Need be toss your so called Politicians, Pastors, Priest, and Ministers, and Put a man or woman of Christ in charge, They are to serve GOD and then Country not the other way around, if they are Not for HIM they are against HIM!

Pay close attention the Time is at Hand! READ The GOOD BOOK! Listen to the story it tells. Stop being a lamb, you are rams and you need to start making a stand. Our Battle is with Principalities and the Powers that Be! Gentle and Peaceful always with Love and Understanding there is a Time for everything Under the SON! Peace, Joy and Love we need to bring em home.

Thanks for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hello All, How is Your Day Going, Fine I Hope, If not I am Sorry that is the Case

I know how rough things seem to get from time to time, but we must always be mindful that all things pass away. Good times, bad times, great times, and quite times, time has a JOB to do and that is to get Us All Back to the Point of No Return.  Most of my readers and friends know about the Sailor Man's Zeal for his God and the Son of Man, Our Lord and Saviour The Christ Jesus.

But, most don't Know his story or even their own stories. And why this world is so confuse on Its story, a post for another day. Time changes all things. Change is commanded to happen, all things must change. All be it at different rates of speed all things do change. There is nothing new under our sun or under God's Son.

With that said I'll move along, the inter-net changes daily and at various rates of speed, I want you to know that what worked yesterday, may no longer be working today, and that it just might be working again tomorrow. So if you wish to do well with an inter-net business you must stay up to speed and keep learning and modifying your efforts. I told you all before this is not a business for any kind of laziness. This is work and lots of it. I hate to read but, I like doing what I am doing. Creating writes and pretending I have a real job once again, has done me a world of good, I've got a reason once again to get up and out of my coffin.

I might not be making any real money just yet, but I can see the potential everywhere now as before I couldn't see the light of day. We are all in for big changes in this century whether we want them or not, they are coming. Some good, some great, and others absolutely terrifying to some. We all need to wake up and take notice and give notice. Our health in this great country sucks our Education Systems suck, the Economy now sucks, our morals have been depleted, degraded, and self pleasure has replaced all that once was great about Our Country.

People are not people, they are Sheep awaiting their fleecing  and their slaughter. This is done as it has always been done and by whom it's always been done by the Dark Prince of this World.
Our country was once much different then any other and we need to get back on track and we need to do it today, for tomorrow never comes, and it is promise to none No not anyone.

This is the free-est Country in the world because we once held and hailed it to be One Country Under GOD, Indivisible. But you look around we are all divided we are no longer One for All and All for One. We have been swayed to be every one for themselves and no one else. Or that is where we are being lead and that too is a predestined, forewarned, prophecy. A One world Order is coming it must  and it needs to be done with the people, We the peoples' knowledge.
Wake Up and take notice, time is running out! It does lead to a new beginning for Us all. But until then, be Fruitful and Multiply, Create and Do Right by one another, we are all God's children and we all shall be judged by our Actions and our Thoughts. Everyone is Accountable for their own soul. Earn as you Learn, Grow as you Go, Somebody Come and Play. Live, Love, and Honor one another and be Humble before our God. He is Father to Us All. We need to heal Our Mother as well, for we only Have One and she is Our Life Force here in the sea of Darkness.  

Come Sail Away Come Sail Away with Me Who Captain's Your Ship? You do, But who is you Navigator? 

Have a Better Tomorrow, but Live and Love here Today

Thank you for the read Sinbad the Sailor Man   


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey All, How Have You All Been? Sorry It has Taken so Long to Get Here this Month

I have had to try and get some of my traffic back after getting rid of the old forum. I had to delete this forum because of the porno sites that were back linking and using it some how for their smut, as we were climbing the search engine ladder well together, but I am back on my own and back were I started from in July 2010. in the hi to mid millions. There for awhile an as of today I am back in the single digit millions world wide about five and a half million. And I held this for the last three days now. I got all the way back into the high teens right after deleting that old forum.

I have been working on the website all this month, as well as creating a few new writes and poems. I have updated and added some things to the website to help my traffic start to re-grow on its own. Now it is a little harder to hold the traffic, but it should be all mine now and not any others. My numbers will jump up and down until I get a following again.

I've added plenty of thumbnails and a couple of new rollers and I have put in Turn the page links, they are in place for visitors and potential Advertisers. The Site it has a few new Links here and there and I am now affiliated with FatCow and have an ad posted  for them. I have added a few new text blocks and have ordered it up the teasers quite a bit. It has a site map you can't see it, but its there. I have a Privacy Policy in place its is a rough one, but I now have one.

The Site now has a Site Lock program and it states whether or not is safe to use. Safe it is right now today it says so every day right under the Ostrich and updates daily. It tells if the site is currently free from spam and malware. It has verified my phone and Company as well, just click on it and it will explain its self to you. The E-mail Capture box is up and running if you would like to leave me your e-mail and first name, I am excepting them now. Just fill in your first name or complete name and your e-mail address and when we are ready with future promotions or a News Letter we will contact you. After filling those two text boxes out click on the Ostrich and that will submit your information to our e-mail list.

At this time I am not selling anything directly, so I have no need of a "List", but the "List" is a most important device for future growth and income. I may in about the month of December have time to start a News Letter no promises on that just yet. Well I wanted to touch base with you all here and to say hello to the newbies so they don't think I am to big of a loafer.  Hello newbies, CYA all Later!

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

J.D.I. folks  J.D.I.! KISS KISS remember your copy and paste tools. TTFN