Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey All, How is it Going? Do you Know Popeye?

Well I am going to break down and write a little something about my good buddy Popeye the Sailor-man, we are not mortal enemies  as some would have you think, we are more like  friends who entertain the masses. Kind of like wrestlers do today, but not as close. I have known Popeye, Olive Oly, and the gang for some time now, and I still watch his shows now and again.

He is a Good Guy and a nice enough person and some one who you can look up and to  when the goings gets ruff. He has a fondness for his spinach, it gives him an extra woof when he is down. Yes we compete from time to time for Olive's attention,  after all boys will be boys.

He is quite older than he looks, he has been around seven decades or better now. He is about Seventy -Five years young I believe and still kicking up the dust. He was Initially going to be a short time comic strip, but instead turn in too a pop culture Icon. He has many dedicated fans and a Museum of his works and collector items. He had every kid wanting to eat spinach, as one of my sisters can now proclaim as the plain truth.

She will tell you herself how, Popeye tricked her with the hope of super human strength. As I recall she bugged our mom night and day for about a week, until she got what she asked for. Times were hard back then, as they are today, so the food budget was tight and since she was the only one fooled by this One eyed Sea Dog, she kept up until Dad said Ok and Mom bought it, made it, and she ate it, never the less I don't think she has ever eaten canned spinach again.

I still remember the awful looks and faces she made as she was forced to eat what she asked for. Back then it was terrifying to watch her have to eat that nasty looking canned spinach, but today it makes for a nice little chuckle. I wonder how many other children her age were force into that mistake or if any of them truly fell in love with spinach as did Popeye.

Don't get me wrong I like fresh spinach, but ain't no way I'd eat canned after having to watch that ordeal of my baby sister's. Nope not even if that stuff could make you lite up your pipe and fly through the sky like Superman, not me buddy no way.

Hey some Spinach company picked up on that Cartoon and I think they are still around selling canned Spinach. I think I'll gift wrap some this week and send it to my baby sister wouldn't that be a hoot. Who knows my crazy little nieces just might love canned Spinach.

Well I guess by now you savvy  Marketers know what I just did with this little write here. I have associated myself with Popeye why? You may be asking your selves did he do this. If your not pay close attention to associations, if people are popping up in your searches this is an opportunity to be seen and socialize among and amongst them. How many people search Popeye every day ? I don't know. But I know when I search for Sinbad the Sailor Man. Good old Popeye and Sinbad the Comedian and Sindbad the Sailor all Pop up looking for some attention and Hey turn about is Fair Play. Pay attention to the small details when doing your SEO make them happen naturally if you can. But don't go out of your way to have them Happen at your hands.

Thanks for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man