Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey All, How Have You All Been? Sorry It has Taken so Long to Get Here this Month

I have had to try and get some of my traffic back after getting rid of the old forum. I had to delete this forum because of the porno sites that were back linking and using it some how for their smut, as we were climbing the search engine ladder well together, but I am back on my own and back were I started from in July 2010. in the hi to mid millions. There for awhile an as of today I am back in the single digit millions world wide about five and a half million. And I held this for the last three days now. I got all the way back into the high teens right after deleting that old forum.

I have been working on the website all this month, as well as creating a few new writes and poems. I have updated and added some things to the website to help my traffic start to re-grow on its own. Now it is a little harder to hold the traffic, but it should be all mine now and not any others. My numbers will jump up and down until I get a following again.

I've added plenty of thumbnails and a couple of new rollers and I have put in Turn the page links, they are in place for visitors and potential Advertisers. The Site it has a few new Links here and there and I am now affiliated with FatCow and have an ad posted  for them. I have added a few new text blocks and have ordered it up the teasers quite a bit. It has a site map you can't see it, but its there. I have a Privacy Policy in place its is a rough one, but I now have one.

The Site now has a Site Lock program and it states whether or not is safe to use. Safe it is right now today it says so every day right under the Ostrich and updates daily. It tells if the site is currently free from spam and malware. It has verified my phone and Company as well, just click on it and it will explain its self to you. The E-mail Capture box is up and running if you would like to leave me your e-mail and first name, I am excepting them now. Just fill in your first name or complete name and your e-mail address and when we are ready with future promotions or a News Letter we will contact you. After filling those two text boxes out click on the Ostrich and that will submit your information to our e-mail list.

At this time I am not selling anything directly, so I have no need of a "List", but the "List" is a most important device for future growth and income. I may in about the month of December have time to start a News Letter no promises on that just yet. Well I wanted to touch base with you all here and to say hello to the newbies so they don't think I am to big of a loafer.  Hello newbies, CYA all Later!

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

J.D.I. folks  J.D.I.! KISS KISS remember your copy and paste tools. TTFN