Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello All, How is Your Day Going, Fine I Hope, If not I am Sorry that is the Case

I know how rough things seem to get from time to time, but we must always be mindful that all things pass away. Good times, bad times, great times, and quite times, time has a JOB to do and that is to get Us All Back to the Point of No Return.  Most of my readers and friends know about the Sailor Man's Zeal for his God and the Son of Man, Our Lord and Saviour The Christ Jesus.

But, most don't Know his story or even their own stories. And why this world is so confuse on Its story, a post for another day. Time changes all things. Change is commanded to happen, all things must change. All be it at different rates of speed all things do change. There is nothing new under our sun or under God's Son.

With that said I'll move along, the inter-net changes daily and at various rates of speed, I want you to know that what worked yesterday, may no longer be working today, and that it just might be working again tomorrow. So if you wish to do well with an inter-net business you must stay up to speed and keep learning and modifying your efforts. I told you all before this is not a business for any kind of laziness. This is work and lots of it. I hate to read but, I like doing what I am doing. Creating writes and pretending I have a real job once again, has done me a world of good, I've got a reason once again to get up and out of my coffin.

I might not be making any real money just yet, but I can see the potential everywhere now as before I couldn't see the light of day. We are all in for big changes in this century whether we want them or not, they are coming. Some good, some great, and others absolutely terrifying to some. We all need to wake up and take notice and give notice. Our health in this great country sucks our Education Systems suck, the Economy now sucks, our morals have been depleted, degraded, and self pleasure has replaced all that once was great about Our Country.

People are not people, they are Sheep awaiting their fleecing  and their slaughter. This is done as it has always been done and by whom it's always been done by the Dark Prince of this World.
Our country was once much different then any other and we need to get back on track and we need to do it today, for tomorrow never comes, and it is promise to none No not anyone.

This is the free-est Country in the world because we once held and hailed it to be One Country Under GOD, Indivisible. But you look around we are all divided we are no longer One for All and All for One. We have been swayed to be every one for themselves and no one else. Or that is where we are being lead and that too is a predestined, forewarned, prophecy. A One world Order is coming it must  and it needs to be done with the people, We the peoples' knowledge.
Wake Up and take notice, time is running out! It does lead to a new beginning for Us all. But until then, be Fruitful and Multiply, Create and Do Right by one another, we are all God's children and we all shall be judged by our Actions and our Thoughts. Everyone is Accountable for their own soul. Earn as you Learn, Grow as you Go, Somebody Come and Play. Live, Love, and Honor one another and be Humble before our God. He is Father to Us All. We need to heal Our Mother as well, for we only Have One and she is Our Life Force here in the sea of Darkness.  

Come Sail Away Come Sail Away with Me Who Captain's Your Ship? You do, But who is you Navigator? 

Have a Better Tomorrow, but Live and Love here Today

Thank you for the read Sinbad the Sailor Man