Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey All, Another Month has Come and Gone What Changes Have you Made?

I have talked a little today at PW&OSfStSM about Change and How it is not only going to happen but is Ordain by GOD the Creator to Happen.

Change is inevitable [unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary: an inevitable conclusion.] Because it is what will put us all back in the proper placement of or in GOD's Kingdom.

Well on with the show I am still working with Vemma and I am stepping up my lead generation attempts everywhere I can so here check this out.

Vemma Brand Partners, Leaders Wanted
Job description: Use Product/ Share Product

Experience Needed: One Needs to be Coach-able,
Willing to Share the Opportunity, Willing to Help,
Point, Lead, Guide, and Teach Others to do the Same.
Must Have Skills: Living, Breathing, and Genuine
Skills that are a benefit: Mobile Phone, Inter-net
Connection, Reading and Writing, Able to Speak,
Able to Listen, A Wanting Desire (a WHY)
Only the seriously INTERESTED need apply.
Visit the Websites Below to Learn More
When You are READY?

Note: I am no longer with Vemma! But Yes! I still endorse their Products and their System of Marketing, Income Package, and Sale Methods.

Yes this was my main product that I promoted at this Time along with all those others at my Website. There you will find Adsense by Google ads, an Amazon affiliation at work, some Clickbank quick ads, some ads, and some Adspace rentals which I broker through the nice thing about almost all of these are they are set them and then forget them but never for to long you will need to keep them as current as possible to earn with them consistently.

And don't expect to make a livable income with these they are only ways to aid in the cost of your Hosting fees as well as some other small costs that you will incur owning a website or personal Blog with their own domains.

Yes I have several other affiliations lined up and I also advertise for Local businesses in my Hometown and surrounding areas. Some of these you might can use the barter system with. Small wheel and deals; until they start to receive a noticeable increase, to there Business. Maybe a free weekly lunch or a pitcher  of Beer a week.  Something along those lines or maybe a bag of water softener pellets; whatever it is that you may need.  I could sit down and build sites for local Businesses. But that would take to much of my time for what I am already doing at this point in Time.

For now I still need an income stream to supply my costs of building the major traffic driver and distributor of leads. I need some more products and some more Capture pages, Squeeze Pages, and A shopping Cart or two to start with.

The Most important thing I need right now is to set up a Lead In Capture page which is basically an Opt IN Page with a Free offer worth about $47 of value. A report, a audio How to CD, an E-book, a DVD series, a plug in, or a Word Press template, App, or Theme.

An Opt In Page is what you use to Build your most important possession. The Al Mighty List. Why is the List so important? Well you can buy a list, but their worth depends on what your products are to those upon the List.

It is better to Create a list where the people are interested in what you are currently doing.  And knock on wood; hopefully it will be that they are, or you will have to redo everything you have already done up to now; until they are.

It is where the Money will flow from over and over again if you use it wisely. 

Getting people who Know, Like, and Trust you is the Key.

And then Making sure you wisely promote to them; and /or Up-sell them with products they are looking for or may need.

Never push products, offer them and then move on. Highlight their worth for sure do this but don't sell to them.

People who want to buy will buy and they don't like to be sold to. But they want as much info as you can give and why it is they would need or use what you are offering or recommending to them.

Well as I get my stuff together an in the right positions I will be needing to save up for a new laptop.

My back up was hacked the other day and needs to be wiped and cleaned or repair or replaced. I need updated equipment but my budget doesn't quite yet allow for any at this point in Time.

Well I got ta run because, I am under the Gun.

CYA Later Tater Tots get your butts off those computer chairs and take a walk.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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