Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hey All How you Doing? Me Not So Good

Well I have been missing in action here on the web for a while because of Child Support Issues. They want more than I got or ever Had I say and they say differently.  So I lost Sixty Percent of my Social Security Disability on My 50th Birthday this year and I have no means of Hiring a lawyer and I am waiting on a back logged Pro Bono Lawyer now before I appear in court. Because they want me to do six months in jail for being poor. And I was found in contempt for failure to appear. Well I was never given anything to appear, but does that matter? No! This Country of Ours is going down the tubes fast I tell ya.

So I am around, but I am doing all I can in the real world to raise some capital to get out of this BullShirt trumped upped charge of contempt of court.  I have been warned not to appear before this Judge until I have Legal Counsel. Yeah! Like I can afford it on $431.00 dollars a Month now. So you see I am still around but, I will have to try to earn the old fashion way if anything comes my way. Which I doubt it will.

Boy! I tell ya the closer I get to making It here on the web. The more I get attacked my those who are wanting me to pay them and help them out of the messed upped choices they have made for themselves. I am trying, but my Body is telling me NO!  Especially now that I can't even afford my Vemma Formula for my self right this minute. I sure do miss that stuff and I sure can tell the difference when I am not taking It My Vemma. Well I will be trying to start some more Blogger Blogs and Try to get caught back up on all of the Others.

I have tried to start a Aquaponics Garden Blog and a real Aquaponics Garden this year at my cousin's home here in Indiana. As he has  Almost everything I need just lying around his yard to get the most part of it up and flowing.  But as I am helping him as often as possible, with his other business. I am gone all day and busy doing busy work from Dusk until Dawn. So much more the tired soul I am when the day is done.

It has taken me a while to convince myself not to just quit all together with everything I was doing currently to earn a Income and head off grid. And live that life of the Old Hermit that I always told my grandmother I was going to do when I was younger. The Life of a Mountain Man I'd say. That's the life for me.She'd say I was Crazy I do think she is right now. I have been driven so.

Well now I am to broken down to fend for myself alone out in the wilderness. I'd be dead in a week I'd bet. But going to Jail for not being able to pay More than I can afford is not my cup of tea either. I'd rather die free than confined for something I am not guilty of. Guess Its a matter of opinion here. And Mine is the Only one I Now Give a shit about anymore. Truly these past thirteen years have put a hurt on me. But I am still trying I am not dead yet! Mortally wounded, but not dead yet.

Those you love the most are truly the only ones that can ever put the hurt on you. Watch for me to rebound once again with a little help from My Father and His Son. I should be back up and around soon. I am pretty sure of It, but Fate sure does know how and where to hit ya.  I will be glad when the testing is over and my Faith is proven sound. I have been kick to many times now while I've been down lying upon the ground.

 CYA Later Taters
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Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor man