Sunday, December 8, 2013

Distasteful Lies and Butterflies

Poetry: Reflections on a Father's Love

As I sat in an uneasy chair, distraught with anger and despair

Next to our daughter in the ICU and all I thought about, was you

I told our little one: ”All would be fine in time”

That's what I said: I told her she was too young, too sweet, and too dear

For the Lord not to leave her here, this world needed her: I said

I told those distasteful lies, for down in the pit of my soul, I felt the butterflies

For I knew all too well that she would be taken and soon

As I sat and kept watch over her she nodded off to sleep

The “Angel of Death” he came into the room, near unto us

I grabbed for his bony hand I caught it! And I held on tight to it!

I would not let it go, a death grip I had placed upon It

He had to known the mistake he was about to make

I had hope that I could make him understand but, I could feel her fate

My soul cried unto It's self please! Just this once Dear God cut me a break!

The loss of another, I or this angel could not take!

See I said: I lost her mother some years ago

Though she stands here by our daughter now and with her new man

As they gazed at me; her hand in his, their pretenses and presents

Shook me to my very core

For I myself stood looking down at my flesh and looking up into Heaven's back door

I bent over and whispered into my daughter's ear

I told your mom I'd be fine

Don't worry about me this time!

Dear one; I am use to being left behind

Those butterflies leaped out from my chest, but only one tear drop mounted upon my right cheek

I doubt that she saw it; as she had nodded back off to sleep

I slept with the angels last night mom

She told her mother of her last dream

Where is dad?

The curtain was drawn

I wish he was here with us now

I thought I saw him leave, with the most beautiful nurse

Why would he go and do that, to me?

He told me not to worry

He said: that your new man would care for us now

That he caught a break and he had to take it, that he'd be gone for along while

He said that he'd be able to see us whenever he wanted, and that we could only picture him here

He said that he was sorry for all that went wrong

To think of him often for it would not be long

Till we are all back together again, as it was suppose to be

Little Peggy drifted back to sleep

Then they wheeled her father's carcass out the door

When we arrived at the back door of Heaven

I was still clutching that angel's bony hand

We were stopped instantly! And so I begun my plea, I told Saint Peter, I was so sorry for being late

His reply to me; was: “Oops there goes a butterfly” and then he motioned us over

On our knees we fell at once I begged for forgiveness and I told him of the lie

Saint Peter smiled and said; “An unselfish act can't be undone my son”

I saw him look down his nose and over my shoulder; at the angel, who was behind me now

“For once you crossed this threshold your soul has won"

With that said, he pushed me in and slammed the front gate

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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"Stolen Time Displaced"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Reflections on Time Lost

"Stolen Time Displaced"

We woke together softly and secured
We played endlessly forever to endure

Guarded creations and interventions made
Post war, per war, causes for; plans to be delayed

New inventions, secretes untold and then
They unfold making way for things anew that bend

Nothing is new under our sun
Not since this old life of ours begun

Tears are watered down
Necromancers still abound

The dawn still wears her tarnished golden gown
Pixies and Fairies still dance and come around

True; they and their things, have been displaced
But, not one single one, has yet to been erased

Vested and tested we, but you all, broke the mold
Tell me do; what true value does, have your gold

Turned my fingers green minors mind by fools
Useless humans ruled with unwanted rules

Never bending their backs or bending their knees
Yet still, they pick up sticks and swat at the busy bees

Fleas upon the dogs of war
Let the Eagle sore, soar

Let them restore the time which was golden
Time which was lost and stolen

Or that which was displaced
By slothful humans of the Human Race

These; they them selves, have done it to themselves
Stolen time and displaced the whole lot of us

These humans raced

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Captive Spirits

Poetry: A Story Poem: A Ship and Crew Lost in the Cold and Dawning of the Night

In the dark of night, betrayed by a compass's trust; which lead us

To our unique position, revealed now, by the Northern Lights

The decks glisten and sway, to the dance of, those swirling lights

The Old Salts are being defeated, by the fresh water spray, it keeps mounting

Continually weighing her body down

As we pass through the narrow straights, the Old Salts stand, frozen and silent

Their appearance strikes fear into our hearts, as if a trumpet was sound

As they come into view, those brilliant white monsters are

They are floating near and ever so dangerously, close

They lay in wait to devour our cherished vessel and our meaningless bodies

Our soul's quiver and shake, as they continually approach our lady

For we know what lies beneath, the turquoise blue, calm

The blazing midnight sands and the cold grasping fingers
of Davy Jone's hands

The monsters come upon her sides; our fair lady she screams, in utter pain

Tears of fear, mount upon our cheeks, as the rails and deck boards begin to creek

They cease their advancement and crush us not, they stand ever so, still
as if they mean to say, you all belong to us, now

We await our fate, the torment is spine chilling, the stern, it is continually shaking
we imagine the bows breaking

They stand and stand motionless, knowing our lives, flashed scenes of our misadventures

Memories of the high and favorable seas, booty's won and then lost

The tan tight bodies of island girls, a sailors favorite vice

O' Neptune, crush us not for we are, mere fleas upon your back

We have no teeth and cause you no itch

Please O' King of the Seas, release our fair lady, please!

Let her proceed to dance upon your tempered waves

She was deceived, tricked, and she was betrayed incoming here, to your sanctuary

Dear King, send us an easterly wind down, please set her free

Dispatch these here mountains of crystal blue, topped in brilliant white

Release her please!

O' King of the Seas

Let her sail on, keep us if you must! As payment in full

And yet they stand frozen in time


A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Have You Ever Lived a Dream

Have you ever lived a dream
bathed in an ice-cold stream
loved and lost
Have you ever wished to die

Have you ever believed in anything or everything
Do you remember why
Have you ever approved or disapproved
Have you

Have you ever sold your soul, your dignity, or your pride
Did you ever get them back
Have you ever wondered what it is
That you may lack

Have you ever wished for anything
Did you see it come to pass
Have you ever done anything, that you were not told to do or asked
Do you know what it is that you are going to do

Do you remember how you ended up here now
Do you wonder how this all came to be and why
Were where you yesterday
Why it is you are still here, today

Have you ever won the game, to find you only lose
Have you ever lost it all and came away, a bit confused
Have you ever watched the shadows on the wall
The way they dance about

Have you ever lied for, cheated for, or stolen
But, a signal kiss
Have you ever bathed in an ice-cold stream
Did you ever live a dream

Of course you have but, why is it that you’ve stopped
Why wont you set them free, let them live again
All of them, release them from this winter’s siege
These cold and thoughtless, thoughts

Remember those sunrises and those that have yet to set
While you sail the oceans blue
While you dance in fields of clover
Yes, even when you walk through the barren sands

By God you have seen more in your last hours, than the whole of any man
You have flown across the skies, straight into the eye of a hurricane
Just to find out if it could be done, yes you have, don’t you remember
You have forgotten your beauty, your mystery, and your duties,

Yes you have, forgotten
You have held the powers of death and destruction
In your hands
You know these answers to be true, don’t you

Did not, you go where Angels fear to tread
Or were these all, just thoughts
In our tiny little heads
I too, have wished to be dead

Have you ever given up only to find out, that you were right
Did not you, dance the dance, sing the songs
And hold that special someones hand, so tight
Why is it that you let it go, did she make you

Did you grow tired
Did you forget, or
Did you just walk away
And grow old

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thank you for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

My Hopes and Dreams

My hopes and dreams they always seem to be denied

This is why my eyes shed diamonds of crystal blue
From the day my Grandfather died
Until you departed too

Less then a week before my twelfth birthday
My special day
They took him away

I would not ever see this man again
My hopes and my dreams they died that day

They would never be, the same again
But I would try and live, to dream again

I made Grandma my new pal; and she was really swell

But as young men often have too; they do
I had to find another

For she could not keep my pace
She would not win that race

They took her too; to live in another home
For she could no longer live alone

I hoped and I'd pray
But, things weren't meat to be, that day

I wanted her to stay
But, fate decided it
And she moved away

My hopes and my dreams
Had taken another turn
They were lead away

They lead me straightly; to you
Grandma was no longer my gal

I think she was okay with this
She was eager to see us hitched

She got to see our first son
And her first great granddaughter

But, as time would have it
She'd miss the birth of
Our third child

She died in May way to early
And he was born in June
Under a blue moon

Our little man
My hopes and my dreams
They changed again

Four years married and going strong
Grandma loved me until the very end
I am sure of it

I guess she and Mom
Will be the only ones
Who will; ever do

But, I was never allowed to get to close
To my Mother, or to any other

You; got a taste of this
As times really got tough
And rough; for us

You became aware of it; from
The sand bagging brigade
And their fearless leader

As the son of another man
I was often buried there, in their sand

My hopes and dreams they always seem to be denied

This is why my eyes shed diamonds of crystal blue
From the day my Grandfather died
Until you departed too

Less then a week before my twelfth birthday
My special day
They took him away

I would not ever see this man again
My hopes and my dreams they died that day

They would never be, the same again
But I would try and live, to dream again

I made Grandma my new pal; and she was really swell

But as young men often have too; they do
I had to find another

For she could not keep my pace
She would not win that race

They took her too; to live in another home
For she could no longer live alone

I hoped and I'd pray
But, things weren't meat to be, that day

I wanted her to stay
But, fate decided it
And she moved away

My hopes and my dreams
Had taken another turn
They were lead away

They lead me straightly; to you
Grandma was no longer my gal

I think she was okay with this
She was eager to see us hitched

She got to see our first son
And her first great granddaughter

But, as time would have it
She’d miss the birth of
Our third child

She died in May way to early
And he was born in June
Under a blue moon

Our little man
My hopes and my dreams
They changed again

Four years married and going strong
Grandma loved me until the very end
I am sure of it

I guess she and Mom
Will be the only ones
Who will; ever do

But, I was never allowed to get to close
To my Mother, or to any other

You; got a taste of this
As times really got tough
And rough; for us

You became aware of it; from
The sand bagging brigade
And their fearless leader

As the son of another man
I was often buried there, in their sand
As they did unto you

With all the heart aches, yet to come
My hopes and my dreams they marched along
We two; we held strong

Head long into our tenth year of bliss
No! Why…oh why? Why This?
To slow was my pace, I guess

Will I never win, this damned old race?
No, I can’t save face; my old face

For you have stopped running with me
And you took to a new course
Of course

My hopes and my dreams they died
That day, though I had tried I could not
Revive them, I could not; dying

My beaten heart, it is near to Death; holding his hand
But, no shock will revive me; I am not trying
For now my heart, it is set

On new Hopes and new dreams
And they are not of
This Flesh's World

Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thank you for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Morning Match Up

Poetry: A Sports Fanatic Lover, Equates His Lover's Loss to a Wrestling Match

"The Morning Match Up"

I so miss that good morning smile
But, not so much your good morning breath
well just a bit

I do miss that blazing warm snuggle as
you’d crawl on top and there proclaim your victory over me
I even miss those little nips you’d take
about my jawline and neck, those I would proclaim to hate
I miss our morning wrestling matches the ones that always
left that infernal love musk pool
Oh then, it would turn freezing cold in an instant
Shoot to a commercial break, our sponsor would say; if we had one
The bell rings
I miss struggling and fumbling to get out of that torn up bed
Was not much sleep gotten there, when we first begun
Wasn’t much rest given near the end
litter everywhere; the clean up crew made, a clean sweep
But, if ever I had a chance to go back
I’d desire to go to that old apartment, above the old movie-house
That California King sized bed, that was our arena

The only thing missing was the turnbuckles, a referee, and a bell
 That is where we first committed to each other
Before life became a living hell
We waited some time before we got together
a love match well worth the wait
A promoter’s dream everything fell right into place, every kiss on cue
this was the main event
But, no championship was ever won, no golden belt, you would tag out

 A deadly game true to the hurt
Such a blissful lift it gave such height
How could I survive the fall
Well it’s the continual hope for the re-match that’s all

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

"The Summer Rains, Oh How They Rein in This Poor Poet's Brain" ~A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Stuck in a sudden torrential down pour, this poet remembers one summers night making love in the rain, with a great fanning passion.

Summer Reins

 Tip tap splat goes the rain
As it continually dances upon my
Weathered brain

It nearly drives me insane
For with each and every drop
Appears another tear drop

In the corners of my minds eye
They never seem to stop
I so loved the summer rains

And their lighting of the skies
Their screams of thunder
Oh how they make me wonder; why?

The waves of winds
Watching those old trees bend
The taste of their sweet waters

The smell of renewal
Left behind by their duel; with me
Their harmless baneful dance upon my nude back

As I sheltered you they would attack
As whips they merely cut upon the skin
Then they’d turn softly and back away

To a feathered mist as they disappear
They so remind me of you
But, so will every breath I breathe

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man 

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The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It Seems to Me

Poetry: Another of this Authors, Poems from Night School 1981-82


That air is free, but the beer is not

Love is for the taken, but it can be bought

Friends are like flowers, they bloom and multiply

But, all too often they soon wither and die

Only to be re-lived in ones cluttered mind

It seems to me that

Life is not meant to be judged or dissected as some often do

But, it is to be enjoyed by me and you

For it is, but a brief moment in this time and space

That we all have

No one, but God knows his plan

He numbers the hairs on each head and every grain of sand

He placed the moon up above it gives off, just the right glow

Romantic some might say, so

So why do we explore the space up above

Let us stay down to earth, and explore this thing called love

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hey All How Have You All Been? Fine I Hope If Not; Make It So!

We all have our Crosses to bare and at times they are to heavy for us to bare. And then we stumble and then fall content to die right there where we lay. But something or some one usually comes along and helps you up or bares that cross for you if just for a little while. Until we are able to bare it once again. But as we all know. Sooner or later we are hung from It. Right side up or wrong side down. We all must bare our cross to get our golden crowns.

The journey is often lonely, hard, and disheartening. But as Our Lord has showed us we will survive It and Live again and then we will rise to new heights forever changed. For better or worse we will change. Life is not always easy but it is worth the pain. For we can so easily forget the pains when we find ourselves and all that we have gain. Life is a lesson and It is worth all of the pain. Put your head down and say a little prayer and then carry on.

These are just words I know. I have heard them once or twice myself and I say them not to condemn or to boast of a knowledge I posses. But I do feel that we all know deep inside that we were created. That we did not just stumble onto the scene of life in this our world.

Our home, our Earth, our prison, or our paradise. I guess I am saying we have the right and the ability to change our out come. If not our circumstances. It is up to us to react and act or act out on all that what we desire and some of us will lose our very lives here in this plain for claiming what it is that is ours to claim. We must believe and trust completely in what it is we desire or we will never achieve our desires. I am wishing I will soon get a single desire that I can't live without as I am about wiped out of all my trials at trying.

I have been set back so many times and so often I often times fail to see that I have been denied again until it is so blatantly obvious. My desires are common place and not as genuine as I first believed that they were. Quite often and more times than not they are just desire of the moment the passing moment. But I still have to try. It is in my nature to try. But know now if I can get the succeeding part of my desires to work I would be Very Happy Soul or at least I believe that is what others believe for me. It may be my success is in the starting and then the trying of the thing, and not in the everyday running of any one thing. An Idea Man sort of speak.

Well I imagine others are quite satisfied at their accomplishments and successes who wouldn't be?  I was told quite often by many when growing up that I had no desire to the accomplishment. I guess winning as others see It or rate It by; has never been my vision of success. I am satisfied in the doing of the things I try to do and yes when they work great, but if they don't that's fine too. I'll get to try again when and if ever I become ready to again. Yes I am upset with things that don't work out for me when I know good and well that they do or the did before, but not in the new ventures or adventures. I enjoy the journey of discovery. I guess more than the accomplishment of the thing.

Is there a job for a person like me I haven't found one that pays anything worth my efforts yet. But now a days I require less and less to get by but desire more and more. Odd isn't It?

So far this year I am still running a website with three addresses and have not yet added the two Blogs to the Dot Net and the Dot Org that will separate them from one another and join them to the Dot Com. So the search engines still like to call them duplicate material. And don't rate them as they should be. When all I ever meant them to be were redirects to the Dot Com. A problem I think a finally got a handle on. But It will cost me some money and some time both of which I never seem to have or any control over.

I have Started an Aquaponics Garden and green house build and a Blog dedicated to It this year also. Plus I have started to gather SCUBA gear again in hopes of making it to Alaska to try diving in the Straights for gold. This coming May 2014. I don't have the slightest ideal where or when the money may come or where It come from but I 'll cross that bridge if or when I get to It. I am a doer, a beginner, a dreamer, and I guess I will always be.

As I have not much money to do the things I would. I am often stuck doing nothing at all. How many of us are in this position today? I often wonder?  Well I will find a way that Ship will soon come in because I have seen It sitting in port and at the the docks of others. I will not allow myself to keep getting side track. I will  reach her and climbing aboard her. But one day I will be aboard and I will be the Captain of her. My ship is awaiting my arrival. And I am always stepping towards her. For I am Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man and my journey has just begun.

If  I can do it than anyone can do it. Well friends I am doing It and as long as I do not quit. I will have achieve It whatever It turns out to be. The journey is the Adventure. Keep on sailing and never give in or up!

CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man      

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Friendship Ring

Reflections on a Lost Love;

A simple silver heart; a simple band of gold
Given to some one, from another passing by
 A token gift of old

Life speeds up and then it drags along
Until all at once It suddenly speeds on by
 And than It is gone

Always meaning to right all our wrong’s
But, yet forgotten
Forgetting the words to every song

While looking through my belongings just the other day
I found a simple little faded note
With some little things attached to it
They dangled

With several strips of transparent tape
Two penny’s, a little silver cross
And what looked to be a gumball ring
They clung there
So intensely 

As I begun to read aloud this note
Signed with good luck and love
Your Gennie

I began to sob so uncontrollably
I had to put it down and wipe my tears away
But, yet somehow it always ended up in front of me
This happened for several days

I knew this note O’ so well
For early on in our relationship
It meant more to me, then I could ever tell
More to me then you will ever know

I had all but forgotten It
Until I verbalized those first few lines
 "Your words, not mine"

Then as a hot and glowing poker
From the fire
I was withdrawn

The steam finally vented from me
 Why did these things you wrote to me
Have no more place in thee?
Why am I a memory to you?
And why are you, but a dream too me? 

You expressed yourself so cleverly way back when
And then

Now why all of this mystery?

But, yet worse then this
 Is the silence in your eyes and
The words that will not speak
No, not one wink

The wheat penny, that is worth more than a single cent;  you were…
You are worth more then gold to me; even much more than platinum, you truly are!

The other penny a  little stamping of JFK right behind the President
You said: “I would always have some one standing right beside of me”
But, yet I stand alone and still

The little silver cross
You were wanting to share your God with me, but He was already mine too
Life did get so hard so fast when your mother past
You know I lost mine too
But, the you that was was already gone
I went through this all alone; It nearly took my life, that night!
And now that gumball ring

Your friendship ring some one special gave it to you
 But, it was not I

You said:
 “No one else has ever had it
and that it belonged with me
That I was your best-est friend!”
And yet
You will not make up with me

Whatever happened
That it became so hard for you
 To talk to me
For that matter
For I to talk to you
What is a matter with us?
You know how many times I have been walked upon
And kicked around
And I known about your hurts
Did you think
 I no longer had the capacity to forgive
Was it you?

Dear friend, dear wife or X- wife: I am forced to say
You have a funny way of showing your eternal love

To me in this way

So I will bother to send this little note, back your way
Love your best X- friend, your X- lover, and your X- husband

Sincerely signed Mr. Xed

Sinbad the Sailor Man

The Love Doctor

Love at First Sight;

Chocolate candy, wine, and Brandy
Fire light, candles lit, have a little sip
This girl is really fine
 I met her at the grocery store

On my way up from off of the floor

I was there picking up, wine and chocolate candies
That’s were I so ungracefully, picked up my girlfriend’s, daughter

Exchanged some looks this cashier and I
I don’t  disbelieve in love at first sight, anymore

Something did spark
It must have been a lark
But then
I took my girlfriend’s daughter home

Soon after
I got a call on upon the telephone

I told my girlfriend that 
I had lost my wallet… or did I ?

Just so
You know 
That I am not a Cad
A good Lad

My girlfriend is just a friend
Her daughter is only three

Brandy she
Now longs to be
With me

You See
I was sent to the store
To get the wine

For my girlfriend was 
Called into the hospital
She is an E.R. Doctor

I think my Doctor friend
Has set me up!

God bless, you
My Love Doctor

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Breakfast Sandwiches

Reflections of Why Friends and Business Don’t Mix!

Breakfast sandwiches made with speed and agility
Buttered toast and hot coffee
We used to sell them well, and then our business went to hell
You gave your girlfriend our money,  to open her new place
And then you
Left town to play some pool
Hey! Dude that wasn’t cool
Left me alone to play the fool

Oh how she smiled when you left that day
She knew exactly what she was going to do
Stay out all night drinking
Left me at Our Place thinking
Will she show up this time?
Will she be on time?

Hell no, was Our Place’s fate
There will be no breakfast, lunch, or dinner
On anyone’s plate!
Naturally that was all this old cook could take
Good God man, for Heaven’s sake

The place was just taking off, it could have been great
I went back to doing the same old thing
 I did it with some pain
And then
You came to me singing that old nurse me rhyme

“I can’t take it anymore
I am through this time
Help me out of this mess I am in
I need a place, let me in”

I said: come on in
Sit right down
Your frown it turned upside down
You weren’t there even a week 
When my undoing she started to seek
She had a friend of sorts
Who happened to manage my trailer court

There came a knocking at my front door
The trailer court had misgivings
About where you now were living

Like the dumb schmuck I am
I stuck up for you
Once again
Then things got so heated
That I did not think, I could beat it

You said; I’ll be there for you
Then just like before
Out the door you went!

Now, you act shocked and amazed
When I say
Step back Jack
Get off my porch!

I may have been slow to catch on
But, hey buddy
This time you’re gone!

Go back to your booze guzzling
And don’t you dare 
Come back around!

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Honesty Weights and Measures

Reflections about True Weights and Measures 

This is the land that is desired;  where dreams are built upon
It’s sweet non-judgmental treasure, most due believe in It

From and for those who will give it or retrieve it
It can not be depleted
Such a measure; when one does receive It

A just an equaling rain, when given
Without a single bit of pain
To be fair; just because, evenly weighted

Taking no more then that which is offered
Returning the overture
And receiving a smile all the while

Being lifted and feeling that justice is being served
Without a word Honesty she waits and 
It measures
Every single one of us
Right down to our very core

Right down to the last molecule, It measures 
Spirits, and than she tests the essence of your very soul
That is where Honesty waits and It measures

A bullet-proof vest, a sword of defining grace
The balance of the scales; she is blind and pure
She has no respect of men; for who they are, or their places

Is there such a scale ? Does She truly exist ?
Is it in the hearts of men ?

A little work, a little pay
Where for then, do we treasure ?
Weights of silver, copper, and of gold

Is not then; the scales tipped ?
Are not segments born ?
With divisions there torn
Lies, and/ or alibi-es


Replace the “just scale” It leans to one side

But, never fear let everyone hear
Honesty waits and She Measures

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

The Fire Men’s Ball

Reflections of a Lover’s First Dance

A little black dress
A Getty school girl smile
And her tall and handsome man
No denial

A double date
No steak
A half of a chicken
But, it is not eaten
But, taken home to her brother
Not to her mother

Because it was the cheapest thing
On this menu
What else is on this Venus’s venue?
Oh dear! He must not have known
She is a Vegetarian
No bones!
At the dance he is all about her
He places his hand on her ass
Her heart, with fear it flutters
Oops! Back to the hip, it must of slipped

Cradled there in his arms
She can plainly see his charm
The strength within these arms
Within them she is far from harm

Her head lain upon his chest
She hears the beats of blue; as they
Slip away; for this heart, it beats to true

No tears here, no fears here
She feels the warmth of it
This ones heart, it is different

She dances to this new beat
With her heart she listens to it
This time she is not backing down nor away
She silently moves this hand back down
And holds it there too stay

As they continue too sway
This hand is where it belongs
He smiles, a new smile
A slow look up shyly
She smiles for the first time in a long while

Beaming through out the maze
Longing, for only the others gaze
Life oh how it does amaze
The hands of a new man as they graze

Through out the hymn
She presses in
And she tries to pass through
Into him

To meld with this man’s heart and soul
This one, is it truly him?
He is, so true and new, unspoiled
To her a body warm and unsoiled

Strong arms support and carry her
Never again to tremble or too fear
Away from every hurt and every tear
A dream come true just for her she fears

She is being trapped this she knows
But, yet she feels so free
She knows he is the prince they speak of
Certainly this she can plainly see

And she feels so
Undeserving but, loved
Lucky for the first time in ages
As does his love for her, it rages

Sinbad the Sailor Man


A Fathers Day Poem

Today they say; that, I… that, I
Was never around much and such
My heart it slowly sinks down, down
Into what is left of these dear hearts
I knew better and yet still
I did feel that they were right

They were just and to young
To remember, my babies, our lives
So tender and so tendered they were
Forget about, my new budget of time
And I would have to say they were right

If only I could bend this weary mind of mine, If only
They can’t recall within them, all of the time I spent
The millions of hugs and kisses exchanged
This bankers only Heaven I can not rearrange
Notes; not one of them, was even seven yet

The dancing done in our halls
The shopping in the malls
Nights spent up, when they were ill
Their refusals to swallow the whole pill
Not to mention the mixing of formulas
A chemist I became and a garbage man too
I had become, the mountains of smelly diapers
And I the family’s Major General of bottom wipers

They forget how they had fallen for me, fast and asleep
And when that their dad was cool, sweet, and neat
The bread winner then the full course, a bum today
Divorced; oh how the times, they do sway my little sheep
In these their daddy’s arms, they would all fall, to weep
When mommy said no or a simple frustration instead did creep

Their bumps and bruises mended and all kissed; and now
I receive the cuts without band-aides, and with no amends
But, even so and though they… they are all puffed up
They all still play; within my mind, each and every day
As I remember them, their buggered noses, booger-ed up

And those wiggling toes my little Rag-a-Muffins they’ll stay
Puffed up today by what they were told, to believe
By one wounded soul or another; both did, but bled
But yet, I’ll blame their mother or any other deceived
For time has sold them, all three, and even me
This fruit has fallen far from its tree

But always and forever more
I will seek these memories sore 
For sown into these memoirs of mine they soar
Kay, Kay is only nine months old, he is the youngest one
And my Curly Top who refused to stop until she’d drop
She is only eighteen months and still a little dream
Daddy’s little man is only five years young and on the run
Jake is his name he was always the first one to go to sleep
The big brother and aide to his mother
 I wouldn’t have desired any other

He so loved his baby brother and sister way back then
As time tore away, at sweeping and weeping sores
Daddy became a bore and a chore, so little time was spent
His children no longer sent, until one day
In no time at all, did not any one of them come to call

The quiet years brought many tears
Where is God in this, their old man mutter
And yet not one word of Pray did he ever utter
Until one day the fear raged and tears, they flew
On failing knees bent he, and recalled the Muffins sent
The stolen little ones whose time brought such joy
One daughter and two true blue boys

There bed time stories and prays replayed
Daddy’s Rag-a-Muffins never once forgot
To mention him there in their prays
On their bended knees they’d pray
While down on the ground was he
He whispers a little prayer, that they’d all pray

God bless mommy and daddy and we three
The Old man began to state his  final plea
Lord I am a fool, a hard headed man and dreaded
Please change this old soul this Ole soul of mine
Bless your son and me too, for I am so blue
A sinner undone I must be one of yours, who was lost
I now make your son my boss
Oh my Lord I will mind
Chase me around your house no longer
And let us sing and dance with praise
Return me to all, to whom I am lost this day
In Jesus name I pray;… Amen

As the man stands and gets to his feet
There came a small tapping at the silent door
He could not believe his ears was this his door?
The tapping brought a rush of tears and fears
Quickly he proceeded to the door
When opened it, he did a crowd rushed in

Three Rag-A-Muffins per each set
His muffins have all come home in sets
And not a single one of them, was there alone
All soundly married with three Rag-a-Muffins of their own
They came to wish there, their old man a happy Fathers Day
His fifty-sixth, and his best one yet!

 A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey Sorry for My Absence I was Busy Don't You Know?

I am truly sorry I was not able to mustard the strength together to Post all of last month. I was helping out family members with some much needed work. It was not only this Blog, but all of my Blogs and websites as well as the Aquaponics Garden that took a side seat in July.

I'd would be helping out today, but the weather is starting to take a toll on my old back again, as the seasons begin to change again this year. It seems every year It's the same ordeal and it seems to get worst than the year before. I am over weight and I need to lose a good 100 lbs to be were I need to be. But like much of everything else it cost money to lose weight by eating the correct foods. They aren't cheap you know? This is one of the reasons we are trying to get our Aquaponics Garden up and running along with setting up the chicken coop.

Not only is it a wise thing in this economy of ours today. Thank you Mr. President! But also so we know what it is we are eating. Heck its hard telling these days  Pink slim, Genetically alter foods, and the pesticides from third world counties that we have long  ago, and that have been banned are being used again on their crops that are destined for our market places. 

Wake up America there is something amiss here! There is a dark force slowly gaining ground. We need to jump on the Government with spurs a flying. They need to be reigned in and tied to the coral fence post. Then they need a good bronco buster to break them. They got a lone Wild One running them straight towards the cliff of no return. And if he can't be broken he needs to be put down before the whole heard is lost. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch! That's a fact Jack and not a fly by night statement. When the dog turns and bites the Master it needs to be put down.

Well I get grumpy, as I am sure we all do when everything we seem to do, is turn to not. A recession no folks this is a depression! Wake up and smell the used coffee grounds. A change is going to come! Will you be ready for It
Food, Water, and Amo these will be the currency of our future, if this governmental bodies aren't reeled in and penned up.

Don't get me wrong! I'd much rather things get back to the way we were, but I am losing faith in that happening. What about you? Do you Got Faith? I Pray You Get the right stuff soon.

I am not a Politically correct person. No, I speak my Mind even though at times I seem to have only half of It. I am an American! That right was afforded to me by those that died to give It To us all! Its time we start to use It! Don't You Think?

Well enough venting. We live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave because we choose too. And I for One wish for It to stay this way eternally. I'll go to My Grave Loving Her and defending Her. My Sweet Land of Liberty. It Tis of Thee I Speak. One Nation Under God not Alah Not Budhah and Not the Devil or his Minion. And Justice for All! Unto Death due We Part! For Deaths have been paid and It is the price that is rendered when the Need Be a Price paid.

Well I got to run, because I am under the gun. Busy, Busy, Busy be.

CYA Later Taters
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope! If Not It Will Get Better Just Wait Out the Storm

Yea storms! We have had plenty of them this year. Knock on wood no terrible ones yet! The storms shall pass. No big deal if you can wait them out. The sun will come out tomorrow.

Well I have been doing a lot of repair work this last two weeks on some of our heavy equipment. And the weather has been making things rougher on me; as it seems to want to rain every chance I get to work on the Green house. And the Plumbing parts I need are some what expensive. Excuses all excuses I know but they are valid ones.

I bought 4 Banjo fittings (bulk head fittings) the other day at the local hardware store and dang $90.00 dollars. Oh well good parts are good parts and these should last the life of the system. The  one that I am building. I just hope I live long enough to see the thing running.

These fittings are especially made for the large commercial tanks that we are using. But I think a uni-seal would work rather well considering the pressure is not all that great within the system itself.

I have the Sump pit dug and lined. I need to brace it up and trim the box level, and make up a lid for it. As I said I am the one lone nut job working on the thing as we speak. But hopefully that will change once the garden is cycling and things are beginning to grow.

Hey this "Henny Penny" will only share the [bread] with those who are willing to help bake it. I don't mind doing the most part. Because they don't yet understand what it is I am building and how it works. But I will need others to help me later down the road.

Well lets see, If I get three uni-seals and two six inch end caps and make up a rubber seal for my drain into the sump pit. I should be able to begin cycling the water very soon IF. There is about four inches of rain water in the black troughs right now, and I filled the one thousand gallon tank three days ago. So the sooner I get it cycling, the better.

For the most part I have about seven hours to go before this happens.  It doesn't sound like a lot of time, but finding It (the Time) is problematic for me. As I work on everyone else's schedule, as I don't drive. Because my  license is suspended for back child support.

Bla, Bla, Bla, I never missed a payment according to what Social Security told me thirteen years ago. But hey! Every thing happens for a reason. Or so I believe. So I've no license or passport. Like I could afford the gas or a ticket to travel anywhere.

Enough of my whining! Because thats all It is. When no one else cares about you or your needs. Like I said  about seven hours. Eight if you count planting my seeds. Which I still need to do this week. I should have a week end coming up all to my self with the garden. As the family is headed out  to Iowa for two days for our Family Reunion.

I am going to do some dog sitting and some plumbing instead of some over eating and some care free drinking. Well maybe just no heavy eating. A case of beer would be nice and maybe I'll clean the hot tub out  And then get It running again. Maybe this coming week end. That way she'll be all ready to go the following week end. Its a thought. Not likely, but a thought.

Well I got to run, because I am under the gun.

P.S. The Fish Balls in the pond are getting smaller. I'll need to get them this week or I'll miss my chance at some free Frys and/ or Finger lings. Which would save me some big money.

CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Monday, May 13, 2013

How you Doing? Fine I Hope I am Almost Back to Normal

Well If you can call my life normal its almost back to It.

I've been working extra hard on the Aquaponics Garden build at Sowles Well Service. This is my Cousin's place he gave me the permission to go ahead with the build. About two months ago and I have been devoted all my free time to It since then. So my posting has been light these last two months at all my PPC Publisher's and Blogs. Sorry, but I truly want to get this garden up and running this year.

As I think things are about to get worst in the coming months and onward into the next few years; of the President's rule. I truly don't understand why we have put up with his lack of performance.  And I am at a lost to the rest of congress putting up with His nonsense. Still no Budget  really what is he waiting for?

Well I have gotten the rest of the telephone poles in the ground and the box for the thousand gallon tank built. And as of today May 13th 2013 the Box is almost completely full of dirt.

My next step is to level and pack that dirt into the box which will raise the tank about 36 inches from off of the ground. Which will allow most of the grow beds and NFT systems. and the DWC systems to be gravity fed. After the tank is set. We will need to get the Wells pump installed and the eclectic ran out for the other pumps and aerators.

And then my cousin is wanting to get the Hoops up and the plastic up so people will know that It is a greenhouse. as it doesn't look like one just yet. More or less It looks like a bunch of stuff in the middle of the yard. But this will quickly change as It takes shape in the next few weeks. It is a lot of work for me and I am still doing most of It all on my own. With the aid of some Equipment that most people won't have to get it done.

Like the Mini-Excavator and a pickup up truck, plus like I said most of what I need to do this build is already hear and at my disposal. The dirt is from a pound that my Uncle dug years ago and the wood chips are from my uncles old wood piles that have built up over the years. So I have the things I need, but extra hands will be needed in the steps that will soon follow. 

I will try and get another video up tomorrow of the progress I have made since the last Posting of May 2nd 2013.  well I have to run because I am under the gun and I have to do some twittering.

CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hey All How you Doing? Me Not So Good

Well I have been missing in action here on the web for a while because of Child Support Issues. They want more than I got or ever Had I say and they say differently.  So I lost Sixty Percent of my Social Security Disability on My 50th Birthday this year and I have no means of Hiring a lawyer and I am waiting on a back logged Pro Bono Lawyer now before I appear in court. Because they want me to do six months in jail for being poor. And I was found in contempt for failure to appear. Well I was never given anything to appear, but does that matter? No! This Country of Ours is going down the tubes fast I tell ya.

So I am around, but I am doing all I can in the real world to raise some capital to get out of this BullShirt trumped upped charge of contempt of court.  I have been warned not to appear before this Judge until I have Legal Counsel. Yeah! Like I can afford it on $431.00 dollars a Month now. So you see I am still around but, I will have to try to earn the old fashion way if anything comes my way. Which I doubt it will.

Boy! I tell ya the closer I get to making It here on the web. The more I get attacked my those who are wanting me to pay them and help them out of the messed upped choices they have made for themselves. I am trying, but my Body is telling me NO!  Especially now that I can't even afford my Vemma Formula for my self right this minute. I sure do miss that stuff and I sure can tell the difference when I am not taking It My Vemma. Well I will be trying to start some more Blogger Blogs and Try to get caught back up on all of the Others.

I have tried to start a Aquaponics Garden Blog and a real Aquaponics Garden this year at my cousin's home here in Indiana. As he has  Almost everything I need just lying around his yard to get the most part of it up and flowing.  But as I am helping him as often as possible, with his other business. I am gone all day and busy doing busy work from Dusk until Dawn. So much more the tired soul I am when the day is done.

It has taken me a while to convince myself not to just quit all together with everything I was doing currently to earn a Income and head off grid. And live that life of the Old Hermit that I always told my grandmother I was going to do when I was younger. The Life of a Mountain Man I'd say. That's the life for me.She'd say I was Crazy I do think she is right now. I have been driven so.

Well now I am to broken down to fend for myself alone out in the wilderness. I'd be dead in a week I'd bet. But going to Jail for not being able to pay More than I can afford is not my cup of tea either. I'd rather die free than confined for something I am not guilty of. Guess Its a matter of opinion here. And Mine is the Only one I Now Give a shit about anymore. Truly these past thirteen years have put a hurt on me. But I am still trying I am not dead yet! Mortally wounded, but not dead yet.

Those you love the most are truly the only ones that can ever put the hurt on you. Watch for me to rebound once again with a little help from My Father and His Son. I should be back up and around soon. I am pretty sure of It, but Fate sure does know how and where to hit ya.  I will be glad when the testing is over and my Faith is proven sound. I have been kick to many times now while I've been down lying upon the ground.

 CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor man

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope If Not Make It So!

Well Tax Time is here! Better get your asses in gear. What are you doing to cause a change in your Life style, your Health and in your Finances? I hope you are doing something. Because it looks like more of the same from this Governmental Body of about 545 Members. Are they all now that Greedy and ignorant to this Nation and Her People? It sure does look like they have come together for some purpose; other then the Defense of Our Constitution and the American people.

I said it before and I'll say it again a Change is going to come. It has to come! Will you be ready; is the question that you need to be asking yourself.  Lets  start placing the blame where it lies; in our elected Officials Laps. One Hundred Senators, 435 congressmen, One President, and Nine Supreme Court Justices. It is time to have an Impeachment party. This Group is united and they were never meant to be a force welded by One of the other three Branches of Government! But It is a Many Member-ed Body for all of Its Citizens over 300,000,000 of us. And all of us belong to the Nation of Liberty and Justice for All.

Well what are you going to do about when the sh_t hits the fan? Not much if you have no Income. No Means to do anything. This is why the Government is trying to Break the bank or rather bankrupt Our Great Country. Make no mistake this is what this president is doing. History leaves well define and tell tail signs. It does so, so we do not Let those mistakes of the past repeat themselves. "Ask Not What Your Country Will Do for You! But Ask What Will You Do for Your Country. In other words are you willing to die so that she will not? Truly we must start to think of how we will be able to pay back what is claimed that we owe. Lack of Finances is a lack of you personal power and your ability to defend your rights, to protect yourselves and your love ones.

I support the 2nd Amendment for it is in place so that We the People can have the means to defend Our Sweet Land of Liberty. And from the only attack that ever has a chance of Success. And that my fellow Americans is an attack from within. Don't be Blinded by the Hype! This is One Nation Under GOD and No Other! No Other Gods! No other Factions! And No Single Human Being.

We have a false Government within Our Gates a shadow Government is at hand. It is high time we cuff some of them and bring them to Justice. For I believe they have broken their sworn oaths to protect and defend the Constitution repeatedly, precisely and persistently. On Purpose! And for reasons of their own their own designs and they wish to enslave the populous to a unwanted Change. Not only our country but every other country upon the Globe.

So what can we do to help prevent our Country from going Belly Up? We need to go back to work! We need to create Jobs for ourselves by taking chances when things are tight, when times are hard. We need to get back to the basics of Life. We need to instill passion in those who have lost sight of theirs. We need to re-instill Moral Values in our Children that have gone astray. We need to challenge and confront our Government Polices on War and Why and When we go to it, We don't need a Home Land Security Force we need a Moral Majority Force. We need to bring Back trade schools that actually train people to work in their trades fully across them not in specific parts of them.

We need to find jobs for all our people to do even if they are on welfare or disability. Not busy work but life fulfilling work. The passion is waning in this Country because of Its Leadership. We the People need some True Honest to GOD Leaders! True American Leaders. With America  and Her people at the top of their list of things that need to be done.  We need defenders of the Constitution and the faith that we the people have in It.

Success without Fulfillment is failure and this is where we at Today! Where are the the Heroes I see a lot of Zeroes in our Governmental Bodies. Where are the activist and when they do pop up why are We the People not standing behind them? Remember sheep are either Fleeced or Slaughter and then fed upon. The Wolves are in control. They have weaken every ounce of  mine and yours fortitude. We have become Jellyfishes beach upon the Sands of Politics. With no back bones to stand and reach the waters edge we will dry up and turn to dust.

The tide must turn and we must again float freely and peacefully  in the open waters of the seas and oceans. Where have all the waters gone? 

Just thinking out loud.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man