Sunday, December 8, 2013

Distasteful Lies and Butterflies

Poetry: Reflections on a Father's Love

As I sat in an uneasy chair, distraught with anger and despair

Next to our daughter in the ICU and all I thought about, was you

I told our little one: ”All would be fine in time”

That's what I said: I told her she was too young, too sweet, and too dear

For the Lord not to leave her here, this world needed her: I said

I told those distasteful lies, for down in the pit of my soul, I felt the butterflies

For I knew all too well that she would be taken and soon

As I sat and kept watch over her she nodded off to sleep

The “Angel of Death” he came into the room, near unto us

I grabbed for his bony hand I caught it! And I held on tight to it!

I would not let it go, a death grip I had placed upon It

He had to known the mistake he was about to make

I had hope that I could make him understand but, I could feel her fate

My soul cried unto It's self please! Just this once Dear God cut me a break!

The loss of another, I or this angel could not take!

See I said: I lost her mother some years ago

Though she stands here by our daughter now and with her new man

As they gazed at me; her hand in his, their pretenses and presents

Shook me to my very core

For I myself stood looking down at my flesh and looking up into Heaven's back door

I bent over and whispered into my daughter's ear

I told your mom I'd be fine

Don't worry about me this time!

Dear one; I am use to being left behind

Those butterflies leaped out from my chest, but only one tear drop mounted upon my right cheek

I doubt that she saw it; as she had nodded back off to sleep

I slept with the angels last night mom

She told her mother of her last dream

Where is dad?

The curtain was drawn

I wish he was here with us now

I thought I saw him leave, with the most beautiful nurse

Why would he go and do that, to me?

He told me not to worry

He said: that your new man would care for us now

That he caught a break and he had to take it, that he'd be gone for along while

He said that he'd be able to see us whenever he wanted, and that we could only picture him here

He said that he was sorry for all that went wrong

To think of him often for it would not be long

Till we are all back together again, as it was suppose to be

Little Peggy drifted back to sleep

Then they wheeled her father's carcass out the door

When we arrived at the back door of Heaven

I was still clutching that angel's bony hand

We were stopped instantly! And so I begun my plea, I told Saint Peter, I was so sorry for being late

His reply to me; was: “Oops there goes a butterfly” and then he motioned us over

On our knees we fell at once I begged for forgiveness and I told him of the lie

Saint Peter smiled and said; “An unselfish act can't be undone my son”

I saw him look down his nose and over my shoulder; at the angel, who was behind me now

“For once you crossed this threshold your soul has won"

With that said, he pushed me in and slammed the front gate

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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