Sunday, December 8, 2013

Captive Spirits

Poetry: A Story Poem: A Ship and Crew Lost in the Cold and Dawning of the Night

In the dark of night, betrayed by a compass's trust; which lead us

To our unique position, revealed now, by the Northern Lights

The decks glisten and sway, to the dance of, those swirling lights

The Old Salts are being defeated, by the fresh water spray, it keeps mounting

Continually weighing her body down

As we pass through the narrow straights, the Old Salts stand, frozen and silent

Their appearance strikes fear into our hearts, as if a trumpet was sound

As they come into view, those brilliant white monsters are

They are floating near and ever so dangerously, close

They lay in wait to devour our cherished vessel and our meaningless bodies

Our soul's quiver and shake, as they continually approach our lady

For we know what lies beneath, the turquoise blue, calm

The blazing midnight sands and the cold grasping fingers
of Davy Jone's hands

The monsters come upon her sides; our fair lady she screams, in utter pain

Tears of fear, mount upon our cheeks, as the rails and deck boards begin to creek

They cease their advancement and crush us not, they stand ever so, still
as if they mean to say, you all belong to us, now

We await our fate, the torment is spine chilling, the stern, it is continually shaking
we imagine the bows breaking

They stand and stand motionless, knowing our lives, flashed scenes of our misadventures

Memories of the high and favorable seas, booty's won and then lost

The tan tight bodies of island girls, a sailors favorite vice

O' Neptune, crush us not for we are, mere fleas upon your back

We have no teeth and cause you no itch

Please O' King of the Seas, release our fair lady, please!

Let her proceed to dance upon your tempered waves

She was deceived, tricked, and she was betrayed incoming here, to your sanctuary

Dear King, send us an easterly wind down, please set her free

Dispatch these here mountains of crystal blue, topped in brilliant white

Release her please!

O' King of the Seas

Let her sail on, keep us if you must! As payment in full

And yet they stand frozen in time


A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thank you for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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