Sunday, December 8, 2013

Have You Ever Lived a Dream

Have you ever lived a dream
bathed in an ice-cold stream
loved and lost
Have you ever wished to die

Have you ever believed in anything or everything
Do you remember why
Have you ever approved or disapproved
Have you

Have you ever sold your soul, your dignity, or your pride
Did you ever get them back
Have you ever wondered what it is
That you may lack

Have you ever wished for anything
Did you see it come to pass
Have you ever done anything, that you were not told to do or asked
Do you know what it is that you are going to do

Do you remember how you ended up here now
Do you wonder how this all came to be and why
Were where you yesterday
Why it is you are still here, today

Have you ever won the game, to find you only lose
Have you ever lost it all and came away, a bit confused
Have you ever watched the shadows on the wall
The way they dance about

Have you ever lied for, cheated for, or stolen
But, a signal kiss
Have you ever bathed in an ice-cold stream
Did you ever live a dream

Of course you have but, why is it that you’ve stopped
Why wont you set them free, let them live again
All of them, release them from this winter’s siege
These cold and thoughtless, thoughts

Remember those sunrises and those that have yet to set
While you sail the oceans blue
While you dance in fields of clover
Yes, even when you walk through the barren sands

By God you have seen more in your last hours, than the whole of any man
You have flown across the skies, straight into the eye of a hurricane
Just to find out if it could be done, yes you have, don’t you remember
You have forgotten your beauty, your mystery, and your duties,

Yes you have, forgotten
You have held the powers of death and destruction
In your hands
You know these answers to be true, don’t you

Did not, you go where Angels fear to tread
Or were these all, just thoughts
In our tiny little heads
I too, have wished to be dead

Have you ever given up only to find out, that you were right
Did not you, dance the dance, sing the songs
And hold that special someones hand, so tight
Why is it that you let it go, did she make you

Did you grow tired
Did you forget, or
Did you just walk away
And grow old

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thank you for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man