Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Advice for New Beginners Affiliates or Otherwise. Just Do It!

Advice for Beginners Affiliates or Otherwise

Several times over the past few weeks, I have been asked what advice I would give to affiliate marketers who are just starting out and trying to learn the ropes. During my time at PW&OSfStSM, I have seen many affiliates come from knowing very little about what they should be doing to beginning to doing it successfully by picking up on some small detail that the rest of us have all over-looked. While every affiliates path to success will be different, there are several general pieces of this puzzle that I think can benefit every affiliate marketer.

I hope they will be useful to you an in helping you as you undertake your cruise to affiliate marketing success. Treat affiliate marketing as your job! I can not stress this point enough. While the ultimate goal of most affiliate marketers is to eventually make enough money to only have to work an hour or two a day (and there are many who do this and have been for years).

One of the Golden keys is to start off well in affiliate marketing. Work it! And as hard as you would any other job. No! Forget that! You will need to work it harder than any other job that you every had, but only while setting it up. The most successful affiliate marketers started out by putting in long hours and doing lots of work and studying. On promotions, as well as in studying effective methods of marketing, and then actually putting them into practice. If you work 8 hours a day doing affiliate marketing, you're going to be successful alot sooner than if you only work 2 or 4 hours a day.

Even if you're only doing affiliate marketing part-time, the more time you spend on it, the more successful you're likely to become. Do what you're good at and do the things you love to do! Affiliate marketing takes alot of work, but it is not laborer intensive, but time consuming. One of the best parts of being an affiliate marketer is the freedom to choose how and when or where you work.

The Choices are all up to you! On what products you will wish to promote and for those that you will chose. This is totally up to you. No one, but you! The best way to avoid getting to the point or becoming a burnout failure; while attempting this task. Especially when you're not yet making any head way or money just yet, is to choose promotional techniques that fit your personal style.

Something you would have been talking about or interacting with any way; these are the Niche Sites, Hobby sites, Club Sites, Politics, religion, almost anything that floated your boat before can and will work. Except stay away from the porno and derogatory defaming, hurtful Sites. They work, somewhat, but they are being phased out they don't fit in a true business model and they shouldn't be used for any long term plan. Or in my personal opinion at all!

Not everyone is a great writer, or even enjoys writing. If this describes you, you're probably better off avoiding article marketing, which requires you to write large quantities of high-quality content. But this doesn't mean you don't use it you will when you can have to find or pay some one to write these things for you.

If you're not the most social person and prefer anonymity, you probably won't enjoy social media marketing very much either. Since one of the main reasons for doing affiliate marketing is so you can work how you want to and when ever from wherever . It becomes so important to figure out what suits your style and personality. And again don't be afraid of hiring out this type of work after all your in it to make the money to afford you the time to do as you please.

Your journey will better serve you, and you will be more willing to sail the course; if you are enjoying yourself. And to do this It will need to please you to even bother trying to sail your own ship. Or to embark upon the Journey in the first place. Stay true to your self always Carry on!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Increase Your Productivity! Here are a Few Tips to Simplify Your Life

You Could Be Making 2,000 to 5,000 of Extra Income!

Income Disclaimer:

In this world of “distraction” and “information overload” it is so easy to become overwhelmed, lose your focus, and be swept away from the things that matter most to you and that require your attention.

Here are some tips that I have come to rely on from others, that I have been trying to apply in my life to become more purposeful, about how I spend my time

1. Turn off the “Boob Tube” the old “One Eyed Babysitter” for a single day and focus on doing your most important work.

2. Check your emails first thing in the morning. Give them a quick scan. Seek out only the most important things, and then leave the rest! This requires self discipline if you don't have it Check your e-mail after you complete your other scheduled tasks.

(This one in particular has been life-changing for me!) As I work from my e-mails. I could spend a whole day there every day.

3. Start your day off with a form of exercise. A fifteen minute brisk walk will get ya started. (or even better, take a quick swim – no better way to start the day!)

4. Be obedient to the sabbath! (That means learning how to really rest and refuel – taking one full day a week as a complete recovery. One day to commune with your Father our GOD.)

5. Learn to say no! This is or has been the hardest one for me to overcome. But you must or you'll never get anything done.

6. Schedule your work week up and then learn to set a monthly schedule and build up to scheduling your whole year. Do it the first year month by month. (I spend 10 minutes every day looking at my journals.

For the upcoming weeks for me are right now basically the same. And planning time periods for work, rest, exercise, and entertainment is a must. Family get-togethers are rare within my family. So they supersede all else, but the extremely important life changing ventures. It helps me to stay focused on that which is important and this gives me the permission to say no! To that which is not.)

7. Don't answer your phone every time it rings. If it is important they will call back immediately after the first few failed attempts. They will persist to get your attention That is what those who love you do they persist to assist in getting your attention.

8. Get up early. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

9. Go to bed early. Take a Partner with ya! Everybody needs some body sometime.

10. Eat a healthy breakfast if you have been skipping breakfast stop doing this! It will make you fat, tired, and irregular. Which will make you cranky and mean.

11. Clean out your closets. Get rid of things you never wear or don’t use anymore. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter through out your whole home. Stop Hording or being a Pack Rat. Give the stuff to some one who will use it, needs its, or have your self a garage sell. Meet a few people and make some cash.

12. Stop watching useless TV. Or at least cutback to no more than 1 hour per day. ( I haven't had a TV for the nearly 2 years now. And I only miss the PBS channels the ones that are actually trying to teach or inform you in some way. I am not saying to give up the entertainment channels; we all should and need to laugh. But to much of a good thing becomes a bad thing.

13. Make sure you plan a decent holiday break once a year at least. (It should be at least 10 days for it to become truly regenerative.) Go visit a cousin, a friend, or any one or no one at all, just get some where other then where you are now. The next city, state, or even another country.

14. Learn to protect your time. The data says workers are interrupted every 11 minutes. Distractions destroy productivity and complicate your life. Let family know not to call you at work unless it is absolutely an emergency.

15. Do your banking on-line pay the gas and lights, water and sewage, the garbage pick up and any and all bills possible on-line.

16. Use posts it notes, journal, keep a dairy, make lists and set your schedules . Seriously, it's amazing. The time you shall find that you never knew you had or hoped to have. In the end, it's about priority.

About deciding what really matters and “putting the first things first!” And so, as you simplify your life, an increase your productivity. This will grant your wish by giving you a greater sense of achievement.

It will also relieve a great deal of burden and it may bring you freedom and peace of mind. Someone once said “it takes a genius to live a simple life” and I totally agree with that.

Make a plan, and plan to make it! Fairy Tales Can Come True. It Can Happen For You. If You Desire It! and Reach For It! You Will Make It!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hey All, What are Some of the Adsesne Mistakes Newbie's Make?

Too Little Quantity and/or Quality of Content

It can not be said enough to those looking to better their Adsense results that their content is the Key Factor in better their Adsense results.

We all Know by now that content is King! The number of websites that you see with uninspiring content can lead you to assume that this is a plain and simple Fact.

Content does not take a back seat to optimization in my opinion, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of those sites who Optimize firstly and for-mostly won't be doing much business for any length of time with out good content.

It Helps to Optimize, but it is the content in the long run.

It is spine chilling for many people to hear this, but unless you go for good content, you're not likely to get very far with Adsense.

The skills of optimization and good writing are not necessarily ones that go hand in hand. You may be brightest bulb in the package at creating and tweaking websites, but unable to string a single sentence together.

Or you might be a witty, intelligent writer who can't tell his URL from his SEO.

The regrettable fact of the matter for many is that no matter how difficult it is, you really need to have good content on your site and tons of it.

Or no one is going to want to read it. If you can't write to save your soul you have two choices. Learn or find someone who can.

The idea of paying someone to write your content may seem like what for won't that cost me? Some, may feel like it's cheating.

But is it your business or is it your hobby? In the end you have to provide what readers want, or you will fail.

Many sites fail to reach their potential because of their content.

Their owners/Creators Skimp on quantity and quality they think that they can get away with skimping.

But you can't think this even for a moment.

To do so puts that first nail in your coffin. It will take what it takes to get good and original content onto your sites, and you'll be a lot better off even if you do have to factor in payment to a good copy writer.

For your Commercial Blogs! You'll have much more time to learn and correct your personal Blogs your self.

Well I Need a Shower I stink. PU  Do You?

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Hey All How You Doing? I am fine, I Still Got a Bad Cold Though Adsense! Excuse Me!

You Only Get Out as Much as You Put In!

With every and/or new (or newer remakes of other older systems) that comes along. And then is put into play, there will always be Bold Claims made about how rich they will make you. And for how little work. That you can become quickly successful.

Some people are naive enough to believe that! That this latest program will end their money Troubles or worries. That with one swipe of their credit cards, this could and should happen for them, but the fact is that it's not likely to happen.

Imagine for a moment that someone designed a machine that turned lead into gold. Or into whatever currency that you needed, and you could spend that money in any shop in the world. Would that machine retail for a low price? Of course NOT! It Could not! And it would not!

Because it has to high the potential to give you money without you working for it. Why then, would you believe that any plug-and-play system could or should do this for you, Why? Why would It make you immediately wealthy? And without you needing to do work for it? Won't you be running it? You'll still need to care for the Goose that Lays those Golden eggs.

Adsense can make you real money, there is no doubt about that. However, you will have to work with it. Just like all that old and dusty exercising equipment and diet books in your garage and through out your home. These things are only tools that you must first learn and then use and understand. They in them selves, alone will not develop your muscles or shrink your bellies.
You must actually use them, read them, and then put them to use or in operation. Adsense won't make you any money if you don't harness from it these tools and put your own spin on it. And this requires a lot of effort on your part of the program. At first, but latter become second nature.

If you have a website and you host Adsense ads, then maintain your content, add to it at least occasionally if it is a static site and check your Adsense results regularly. So you can see what is working and what is not! Lose the stuff that is not making you money or move that content away from that ad. And find some that will make you the money. Do more of this type of thing and watch your revenues increase. Pay Attention to your ads Can you talk them up or relate to who is advertising in them? Keep working with Adsense – the more you do, the more you will learn.

Does Blogging Fit in With Adsense?

Building a website takes time, money (usually) and effort. If your sole goal is to turn around a website that pays you from Adsense only, than you may be one of a growing number of people who feels that the effort it will take; goes beyond that of what you are willing to give.

It is no small undertaking to build a website of this type. Adsense was not really designed for doing this. Adsense is more of a supplementing force for your site. To help pay its expenses. It could and It has done much more for so many now. But making more money for those with a service or product of their own and of an unique style or niche to their site alone.

It is accepted by many that the easiest way to gain a personal, undivided presence online is to set up a Blog. The page is largely your own, but it is more or less automatically structured and maintained. Because it is put together using a content management system. You can tweak it to a greater or lesser extent, but it is pretty much ready to go out of the box and from the moment you sign up.

How well does blogging fit in with Adsense? The truth of the matter is that it depends what you are doing – are you adding advertisements to your Blog, or are you blogging to advertisements? The difference is small, but crucial. In the former, you can't expect many people to click because you aren't setting up for commercial success. Your Blog may be fun to read, but it is not ad-friendly.

If you want to make a Blog commercially successful, you need to learn a few facts. Firstly you likely won't see big money until you have upwards of a few hundred posts. Secondly the more you personalize It the less you should monetize it.

With that said. Yes I believe you can make money with your Blog. But how much is totally up to you and this will not be a Passive Venture this will require tons of work on your part for the Blog's content alone.  Adsense is Passive enough once you establish the correct and most profitable positions of your Ads.
Well I need to Eat something CYA Latter Tatters TTFN

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bloggers Block ITS Kinda Like Writers Block, Not!

It's exactly like that! It sucks,but no really, I have been Just Plain Down Right Lazy these last few months. And my back has started to act up with all this crazy weather and it's changing from Dry to Humid from Hot to Cold. Ole my aching back.

That's true I need to be some where dry and with a constant/ consistent or  steady temperature. So I will get out and move, which is what I really need to do. It's what we all really need to do move!

Go west young man. Go west. I just might if I very make an income that would afford me that Luxury. Although I am not making one yet, I have this potential growing every day. Hour by hour. Here on the World Wed Web. I am still Learning and I am a slow learner I have always been.

I am starting some heavy reading on some "Marketing Ideals". As I have come to know that this is one of the Skill Sets needed. And one that I am lacking in. I would of never guess to make a profitable Website or Blog one would need to know a lot about Marketing and Presentations.

Well this is what I am coming to, and what I want to let ya know start reading everything you can on Marketing and promoting your Sites, Writes, and Blogs.

A little Hint: Think like your Customer or Visitors, Members, and readerships. Design things with them in mind always. Your site is for them in your style. It is not for you in your style, but if your thinking like those you wish would read and buy and follow you do; they will.

Marketing is just selling and selling is just knowing your Potential Customers, and their mind set at the point of sell. Whether you are selling hard products or your self and your website. I personally don't try to sell too often I try and suggest.

Because I don't like to be sold too. I like to decide what and when I will buy.
Marketing is Not all that hard it does require one to pay close attention to the little stuff. These are the things that relate to your Potential customers or readers.

You need to find out what their wants, needs, and desires are before you can suggest anything to them to buy or read and participate with or in. You will need to do a lot of follow the leaders while paying close attention to what they are doing. More times than not even they are not quite sure exactly what IT is.

It is usually after they have done it can they define It or redefine It and refine It. And this only happens when they have Claimed It or noticed just what It was. More times then not we aren't paying attention to what we are specifically doing at the time the success comes.

And then we rack our mind going almost insane trying to figure It Out! This is why Journaling is so important! I try my best to have pen and paper wherever I am at. By my bedside, by the toilet, in the car when I am riding with some one some where.

I am saving for one of those personal recording devices. I use to have one when I was younger a mini tape recorder, but I am want a digital recorder this time.

I had a lot of fun with that last one, but this one will be used specifically for Ideals because they come and go so quickly. And if you do not record them, they are almost always if not always impossible to recall. And the disappear as quickly as they come.

And I have had some outstanding ideals in my head while they were there, but once on paper, whoa what the hell was I thinking? You know those kind of things will drive you nutz. By trying to remember them so get a recorder or keep several pens and a note pad on your person at all times.

Well I am making my rounds today and I have been trying to get myself **Motivated**, but I think I am suffering from a little over work or not enough work over load. I haven't decided which just yet, no I know its to little work.

Hey I can do what ever I want I am the Boss! And this venture runs Kinda on auto pilot not fully and not for to long, but it can sustain Itself for quite awhile.

But it is time for me to get really serious and start promoting the site once again and creating more Writes and Hubs along with finding some new Click Bank Items to promote.

CYA Later Taters!
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