Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey Sorry for My Absence I was Busy Don't You Know?

I am truly sorry I was not able to mustard the strength together to Post all of last month. I was helping out family members with some much needed work. It was not only this Blog, but all of my Blogs and websites as well as the Aquaponics Garden that took a side seat in July.

I'd would be helping out today, but the weather is starting to take a toll on my old back again, as the seasons begin to change again this year. It seems every year It's the same ordeal and it seems to get worst than the year before. I am over weight and I need to lose a good 100 lbs to be were I need to be. But like much of everything else it cost money to lose weight by eating the correct foods. They aren't cheap you know? This is one of the reasons we are trying to get our Aquaponics Garden up and running along with setting up the chicken coop.

Not only is it a wise thing in this economy of ours today. Thank you Mr. President! But also so we know what it is we are eating. Heck its hard telling these days  Pink slim, Genetically alter foods, and the pesticides from third world counties that we have long  ago, and that have been banned are being used again on their crops that are destined for our market places. 

Wake up America there is something amiss here! There is a dark force slowly gaining ground. We need to jump on the Government with spurs a flying. They need to be reigned in and tied to the coral fence post. Then they need a good bronco buster to break them. They got a lone Wild One running them straight towards the cliff of no return. And if he can't be broken he needs to be put down before the whole heard is lost. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch! That's a fact Jack and not a fly by night statement. When the dog turns and bites the Master it needs to be put down.

Well I get grumpy, as I am sure we all do when everything we seem to do, is turn to not. A recession no folks this is a depression! Wake up and smell the used coffee grounds. A change is going to come! Will you be ready for It
Food, Water, and Amo these will be the currency of our future, if this governmental bodies aren't reeled in and penned up.

Don't get me wrong! I'd much rather things get back to the way we were, but I am losing faith in that happening. What about you? Do you Got Faith? I Pray You Get the right stuff soon.

I am not a Politically correct person. No, I speak my Mind even though at times I seem to have only half of It. I am an American! That right was afforded to me by those that died to give It To us all! Its time we start to use It! Don't You Think?

Well enough venting. We live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave because we choose too. And I for One wish for It to stay this way eternally. I'll go to My Grave Loving Her and defending Her. My Sweet Land of Liberty. It Tis of Thee I Speak. One Nation Under God not Alah Not Budhah and Not the Devil or his Minion. And Justice for All! Unto Death due We Part! For Deaths have been paid and It is the price that is rendered when the Need Be a Price paid.

Well I got to run, because I am under the gun. Busy, Busy, Busy be.

CYA Later Taters
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man