Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello Every Body! I hope your day is going well

Well I created some simple poetry chap book types of E-books and I have posted them on my E-book page or on my teaser page 33-36 at my website. And I have placed a link to this E-book creator on my site's Site Map's Page as well.

Some Notes: to take to heart when creating your websites make sure to make your site easy to move around in. That is easy to get from page to page. I do this with simple page linking at the bottom and in the middle right of my sites pages. There are links to move you forward or backwards through the site page by page. As well as the Links at the left side of the page. Which is the Sites Navigational links

At the bottom of the Page is also a site map link and a home page link yesterday I found out my recommend this site link was broken so I added a Weather checker instead. I really like this option as now I know what the weather is, whenever I am concerned about it. Also you will want to make sure that your link to your Privacy Policy is on every page as well. Mine are located within the E-mail Option of my pages.

Well I was just dropping by. Hope your day is going well.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello All, How are you doing today? That's Great!

Hey Every Day is the Same Day; Over and Over Like Crimson and Clover.

No it is not every day is a brand new day! Get up and face It! Claim It! And Make It your Own. You only have so many of them Here and Now! So enjoy them, and learn from them, and then you'll be able to decide to whom and what you will chose when your time comes.

Ah with that said and out a the way. What are you all up to? Have you built up a followings yet? Have you secured your spots at the top ten website and all?

Did you get all your accounts opened! Your FaceBook, Myspace, Linkedin, your Pay Per Clicks Publishers, which ever you have chosen mine are: Wikinut, Triond, and Hubpages, but you can have whom ever.

Note: Remember you don't have to only write copy or text, you can post; Videos and Soundtracks, Paintings and Photos that you have created.

Did you get your three or two or even one Wordpress Blog? Did you open a Blogger Blog? This is the one where you can earn some pennies when first starting out If you have a following. And the Ad-sense and Amazon affiliations and your own third party adspace advertisers or advertising companies.

Mine is   Advertise

Now before getting these guys you will need a following and tons of Content remember content is king. With out it you wont qualify at Ad-Sense or these guys.

But your Original Content is KING! Don't be a slug create your own as best you can. Make it about you or something you love and care about. Mine is the Word and Sharing passive income streams. If you haven't notice just yet, that this is what they are, you shortly will as I post some of my Hubpage Links here.

Now before even investing your own Website or Landing Pages which are Hosted you will want the back bone and your traffic wheel set up and ready to be attached to your Main Hub! Or the control center or your Brain this is your Personal Website. Its all about you now and what you are doing to Earn an Income!

These are the two defining things today which are Hot and will stay Hot as long as the economy stays down in the ditches as it is. As to you the Person this is what makes it all work! If your boring stop being so! If your timid stop being so! You are now a Web Earner and everyone is looking to stay at home and make tons of money, but most will settle to make some money in their spare time.

Now this video below exchange the word Mony for Money. But always don't I'll repeat It Don't fall in love with Money or Worship in any way! It is Not about the Money!

Its about how to earn an income. What size this is, well that is totally up to you and how hard and smart you work it. Money is not evil the Love of Money is! Having Money is a great responsibility, that most can't handle so beware! Get your self a plan! A what If I do become prosperous.

Prosperous: affluent, blooming, booming, comfortable, doing well, easy, flourishing, fortunate, halcyon, in clover, in the money, lousy rich, lucky, main-line, money to burn, moneyed, on top of heap, opulent, palmy, prospering, rich, roaring, robust, sitting pretty, snug, substantial, upper-class, uptown, wealthy, well, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do!

With Great Wealth comes many changes don't be afraid to become wealthy and don't fear not ever becoming wealthy. Life is about Happiness, Joy and Love. Not about self pleasure or pleasing only your self. One can be Happy with very little. But the time is now that we must become as the non believers and create wealth for all.

If you are already wealthy what are you doing for your fellow Americans? And the world? We are all suppose to be much more than we are Now! Ask your selves what I can do for my Fellow man or Mankind.  Begin at Home always at Home! Strengthen your own House first and then branch out little by little.

We are the World! Not I am the world. This is selfishness and a sin/ crime towards your self and your siblings; which all mankind is believe it or Not! We are all God's Children and we should start to take this to Heart.  Thanks for the Read and any comments.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey All, How Have you Been?

Just dropping a line or two here to let ya's know, I am and I still am here. Well I thought I spill a little more on what it is I am trying to do, with all this that I am doing. You have heard me talk a little about Traffic Wheels and SEO and some about Keywords.

But, I don't know if you are yet seeing what I have been telling you; at work!
I have told you if you are seeking out my writes and blog posts or even my comments at some of the sites I play at and on. Their impotence! I have told you all of paying attention to the little things. Those which are going on, around you as you surf and search the World Wide Web.

I have hinted to the fact that the World Wide Web is a different entity, than the local Inter-net that you surf and seek on every day. Most already knew this, but just what does it mean and how do you escape the Hotel California (your local inter-net) you might be asking yourself.

Only when you are searching do you get this opportunity to jump ship and into the deep blue ocean. Unless you make your own connection with others not in your local Inter-nets. Some people find wealth seeming over night and they can't explain why it is, that it happened.

It is I bet, because. Dollar to dough-nuts they were back linked or traced by many high ranked sites outside of their local inter-nets. This is why I use different Browsers and operating systems. I believe; I can't prove it! But I believe it is a way to jump ship and sail out upon the deep blue oceans at will. This is of course, all here-say and not heresy.  

But back to me I have seem to misplaced my notes and/or my business model or my outline. So I am at a stall, the wind has been taken from my sails sort of speak. But this could be a blessing in disguise. It could? I will now need to allot, a lot of my time to re-outlining my schedule and my plan of action. I am hoping this won't take me to long. I am hoping.

The site is a Treasure Map so keep that in the back of your minds, follow the hints and tips I hope I have not made them to hard to find. But if I did so be it! On with the show. It was not easy for me either and I am trying to do the Karate Kid Sensei, thing. The wax on / wax off and show me paint the fence, kind of thing. I may not be getting this right just yet, I will check on it soon.
Well I'll be around will you?

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Remember to keep your logs and Journals!

Keeping Your Personal Journal By Simons 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Everybody, Just dropping you all a few lines

I am sorry it has taken me some time to get back into the swing of things. I have had a string of rotten luck. But it seems to be passing me by! Good bye rainy days! Hello sunshine...! Zippity Do Da... Zippity A!... My Oh My  What a Wonderful Day! Plenty of Sunshine...Headed My Way Zippity Do Da... Zippity A!

Well I am not singing just yet, but it never hurts to practice. I have updated the site some almost every page looks a little different now. I still need to get more hints and tips and some more true content into all the pages. Before I can proceed to add my other works, in the form of the teasers along with more Ads from Adsense and Ads from my third party supplier and my Amazon widgets.

I will be placing my Hubpages writes into the PW&OSfStSM  Website as soon as I catch up the rest of those pages there already. I might see if I can get some of my Hobbies in there you know a little more about me stuff after all it is my personal page and Website that you are visiting.

They! Whoever those guys are! Say that "one mans trash is another's treasure". I just hope that my treasures are not any one mans trash. Or that they single it out to trash it. It has happen, but I am like my Mommy I can block out all the little children's voices that annoy me.

And I know from experience that they will soon give up Because it just wont matter I'll just keep on keeping on.

Well I am getting busy once again seeking out income streams passive ones at first like these I have working here already are you seeing them At work? This monetized Blog along with my two un-monetized Blogs at WordPress are a big part of my Wheel of Traffic or my Traffic Wheel. This wheel was slowly beginning to turn.

And then I ran into all that rotten luck, that I was speaking of. Getting hurt, not able to sit for long periods of time. Having to cut and run and find a new place to live. Re-setting up my Inter-net connections etc.,etc. But now as I settle back into my old routines of Blogging and Socializing and Book Marking and Indexing Stuff my traffic is leaving the red zones and falling back into the green or back into the Black which means I my hoping to be out of the red very soon.

Not only hoping, but truly believing in and on my faith in this little venture. That I've started a few short months ago. I have already hit Over one hundred thousand page views at one of my Pay Per Click Publishers, and as I build up the following at the other two; which both have one thousand Page views and climbing as of today. I will start promoting and gathering more followers and a bigger following. 

It all a matter of Time; and being seen or found, need some SEO hints and Tips check out the site and check out some of these wikinut writes watch my twitter posts these writes are posted weekly or at least once a week if I am in running condition I am like an old broke down car Not a junker but a classic that needs to be restored I sometimes need to sit in the garage awhile unto I am over-hauled some. Well My Back is beginning to say enough for the day because it is not to fond of this old lawn chair I am currently using to sit in. so I must bid you adieu, until next Time People seek and ye shall find!


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Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man