Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Everybody, Just dropping you all a few lines

I am sorry it has taken me some time to get back into the swing of things. I have had a string of rotten luck. But it seems to be passing me by! Good bye rainy days! Hello sunshine...! Zippity Do Da... Zippity A!... My Oh My  What a Wonderful Day! Plenty of Sunshine...Headed My Way Zippity Do Da... Zippity A!

Well I am not singing just yet, but it never hurts to practice. I have updated the site some almost every page looks a little different now. I still need to get more hints and tips and some more true content into all the pages. Before I can proceed to add my other works, in the form of the teasers along with more Ads from Adsense and Ads from my third party supplier and my Amazon widgets.

I will be placing my Hubpages writes into the PW&OSfStSM  Website as soon as I catch up the rest of those pages there already. I might see if I can get some of my Hobbies in there you know a little more about me stuff after all it is my personal page and Website that you are visiting.

They! Whoever those guys are! Say that "one mans trash is another's treasure". I just hope that my treasures are not any one mans trash. Or that they single it out to trash it. It has happen, but I am like my Mommy I can block out all the little children's voices that annoy me.

And I know from experience that they will soon give up Because it just wont matter I'll just keep on keeping on.

Well I am getting busy once again seeking out income streams passive ones at first like these I have working here already are you seeing them At work? This monetized Blog along with my two un-monetized Blogs at WordPress are a big part of my Wheel of Traffic or my Traffic Wheel. This wheel was slowly beginning to turn.

And then I ran into all that rotten luck, that I was speaking of. Getting hurt, not able to sit for long periods of time. Having to cut and run and find a new place to live. Re-setting up my Inter-net connections etc.,etc. But now as I settle back into my old routines of Blogging and Socializing and Book Marking and Indexing Stuff my traffic is leaving the red zones and falling back into the green or back into the Black which means I my hoping to be out of the red very soon.

Not only hoping, but truly believing in and on my faith in this little venture. That I've started a few short months ago. I have already hit Over one hundred thousand page views at one of my Pay Per Click Publishers, and as I build up the following at the other two; which both have one thousand Page views and climbing as of today. I will start promoting and gathering more followers and a bigger following. 

It all a matter of Time; and being seen or found, need some SEO hints and Tips check out the site and check out some of these wikinut writes watch my twitter posts these writes are posted weekly or at least once a week if I am in running condition I am like an old broke down car Not a junker but a classic that needs to be restored I sometimes need to sit in the garage awhile unto I am over-hauled some. Well My Back is beginning to say enough for the day because it is not to fond of this old lawn chair I am currently using to sit in. so I must bid you adieu, until next Time People seek and ye shall find!


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Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man