Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hank Snow - I've Been Everywhere

I been Everywhere Man No not yet, and I am only kidding, but I almost have been everywhere if only within my mind.

In these past twenty years of my life I have been single, married,  became a father of three, Divorced Father of none, but partial provider still of three not a great part, but a part.

I was monetarily wealthy and then drastically poorer then before. I was in great health and then in troubled health and now I am disabled by chronic back troubles, and the effects that some of the Medicines used for pain control have caused damage to many of my other abilities such as my sight and memory. And just this year I have sustain another blow to my back a compression fracture at my L-2 level which I am fighting daily to regain my prior state of health and mobility as I write this blog.

But, I guess the tide flows both ways and when you disregard their flow or be come numb to their existence, they'll toss you unto the rocky wreaths of life and leave you stranded on other shores, foreign to those you once knew and loved. 

It may be only a growth or a learning process that we all will go through, but much of it can be contained and/or down sized.  We must learn to do, our do diligence, damage control, maintenance, and remolding from time to time always being mindful of where we are at and how we are going.

As our sites are actual living entities they will also need  these things Do diligence, damage control, maintenance, and remolding from time to time. But even more important and tedious at first is interaction the human connection. In our lives this is know as Love to some or providence the providing of things and needs to others, if you only give a slight interaction you will get only a slight reaction, but learning to balance between and often give more to the whatever, here-ever, and how-evers that others require to interact will bring greater returns although this is a learned art form all of its own, this balancing act.

To some this comes naturally for us others, it is like pulling teeth from an Un-sedated lioness, it rarely happens without getting a bloody piece of us first and a mighty good chunk at that.

But, as we suffer along we begin to learn how not to get re-bitten time and time again and we
do and we will grow. But only if and because we are unwilling to stop trying. quitters never win and winners never quit, they do on some occasions don't cross the finish line, but they are not degrade or damage for they efforts, but are rewarded in some other way.  

I am here, still trying and still working. I am seeing growth and if nothing else learning how to stay busy.
and I will eventually get to where I am supposed to be, because I still want it bad enough and I am not going to quit until I make a certain amount of income a day. This may require I change my tactics and strategies, but as I do what it is I am doing  I am learning grant it, it may require me much time as it may some of you, for others it should be easier for them if they are willing.
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

PS Blog = Web Log: A place I talk to myself when no one else listens to me. :o)