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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Blog post from Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hey All, I wanted to remind you all to (JDI) Just Do IT!

There are many Nay Sayers or those who will put you down, but there are just as many if not more people who will encourage you to try! Everyone fails ask me I know! I still might, but I know if I do, I'll get right back up and start again as long as I am able to do so.

Sure we all say the hell with it and I am tired every now and again, but if we want to succeed we must keep trying. Those who do this will never fail they may not succeed with their first projects, but they just may find some a new one along the way!

I never in a hundred years thought I'd be writing as much as I do now. (JDI) Just Do It! I have a lot of half ass work all over the World Wide Web that is to say things that are not completely polished not half ass work, but not finely polished work.

Like some of those on my site here at Poetry Writes & Other Stuff and on my Blogs for instance they are all behind they always need clarification and better info this is the beauty of real time updating. Place the best that you got so far. And then always re-read it and/ or Update it then put it back to work, as you keep learning and improving it as you go. It gets better and better and that crap you thought you placed starts to become a honed and polished piece, but when you do it make sure you never leave them shitty for long, this can hurt you!

I do it a lot because I am Broke and have Time constraints while using the Library's systems. I need to get my things up and stored and in a place I can work on them. Because of my older system and browsers at home, have taken a crap on me.

I am always racing against the possibility that My machine is going down and for long periods of time or that it becomes totally out dated or is no longer re-repairable, or a lost of a connection, so, so many reasons for this. So I (JDI) Just do it! For once it is there and up on the web it can be updated.

I always post with a publisher that allows me to update and refine my works or writes for this reason. I am doing this with very little income. This is one of the reasons it is taking so long to get it up and running by itself, and in such a way that I don't have to work it every day.

Tue, October 5, 2010 | link

Hello All, Here Today To reinforce your Copy and Paste Skills! Use these tools as often as you need too!

Copy and Paste is by far the best Tools that come with any browser or operating system they are basic an easy to use tools and They save you tons of time and energy when working and creating links and websites.

As I have been saying I have and out dated computer with three or four nearly out dated browser's which still allow me to get the job done and if I didn't have these I could always go to my local Library to work for about 240 minutes a day. That is what most Libraries will limit you to, so others may use the computers as well.

Today my old browsers are about useless I need new ones that I can update properly. So this system has about reached its limits as well.

This is where a little knowledge comes in hand. As long as you can Copy and Paste you can maneuver pretty well.

I.E. today I placed some new E-Book links on Teaser page 33-36 some linked up no problem other would not, no matter how many times or ways I tried, but the links are good. They just wont embed for a number of giving reasons not to do with My operating system.

This is usually because the web master is the owner of the product and/or Website has not taken into account all the older operating systems still out there yet in use. So they won't embed properly with these older systems any more. Unless their owners take specific steps and keep their divers and all updated.

So any time you see a Link that is not operational always try to copy and paste it into your title bar, Search bar and reload or refresh that page. This should take you to the links web address allowing you access to the information from the dry link or an out dated browser. Or Highlight Right Click and Select open in new Tab.

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