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Tuesday, September 14, 2010 from Poetry Writes and Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow I've Hit a dry spell here!

And I got a little bit of writers block going on, I think it was because of the way this month started out. Three days down and then some roomate conflicts over the shared vehicle. IT belongs to the one guy, but the other guy is putting the money into it,to keep it up and running, so some tension there, plus the apartment is growing smaller very day, But we'll work it out! We always do, it sucks having to get along, but there are benefits to it, if they'll just open their eyes up.

I am too old to play games and so are they. So my game is now out of sink, but that happens when your office is in the dining room of your Home. And even if I had my own room, I still would have heard the rubs and scrubs grinding against the others grain. I think once the truck is up and running it will get better. I hope or it will have to go or they will have to go. I can't deal with the stress it brings into the house and my office. I am a mellow fellow and I need it too stay that way so I can create and think. Drama is not my forte.

Well, I just stopped by to let ya know I am still trying, still keeping at it. I will do my best to get back into the groove and start writing some new blogs and new poems and articles, but this is were I am, in a tight apartment with little money and little patience. A little over stressed and it is easy to just say forget about it!

Because I have done that all my life, easy is easy, but it brings no one any satisfaction, least of all the dreamer of the dream. See ya around the block! Guys keep your nose to the wheel and the pedal to the metal. And when you fall off that horse get right back on it as soon as you can, for each passing minute makes it harder and the desire weans easily if you let it.