Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey All, How Have you Been?

Just dropping a line or two here to let ya's know, I am and I still am here. Well I thought I spill a little more on what it is I am trying to do, with all this that I am doing. You have heard me talk a little about Traffic Wheels and SEO and some about Keywords.

But, I don't know if you are yet seeing what I have been telling you; at work!
I have told you if you are seeking out my writes and blog posts or even my comments at some of the sites I play at and on. Their impotence! I have told you all of paying attention to the little things. Those which are going on, around you as you surf and search the World Wide Web.

I have hinted to the fact that the World Wide Web is a different entity, than the local Inter-net that you surf and seek on every day. Most already knew this, but just what does it mean and how do you escape the Hotel California (your local inter-net) you might be asking yourself.

Only when you are searching do you get this opportunity to jump ship and into the deep blue ocean. Unless you make your own connection with others not in your local Inter-nets. Some people find wealth seeming over night and they can't explain why it is, that it happened.

It is I bet, because. Dollar to dough-nuts they were back linked or traced by many high ranked sites outside of their local inter-nets. This is why I use different Browsers and operating systems. I believe; I can't prove it! But I believe it is a way to jump ship and sail out upon the deep blue oceans at will. This is of course, all here-say and not heresy.  

But back to me I have seem to misplaced my notes and/or my business model or my outline. So I am at a stall, the wind has been taken from my sails sort of speak. But this could be a blessing in disguise. It could? I will now need to allot, a lot of my time to re-outlining my schedule and my plan of action. I am hoping this won't take me to long. I am hoping.

The site is a Treasure Map so keep that in the back of your minds, follow the hints and tips I hope I have not made them to hard to find. But if I did so be it! On with the show. It was not easy for me either and I am trying to do the Karate Kid Sensei, thing. The wax on / wax off and show me paint the fence, kind of thing. I may not be getting this right just yet, I will check on it soon.
Well I'll be around will you?

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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