Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello All, How are you doing today? That's Great!

Hey Every Day is the Same Day; Over and Over Like Crimson and Clover.

No it is not every day is a brand new day! Get up and face It! Claim It! And Make It your Own. You only have so many of them Here and Now! So enjoy them, and learn from them, and then you'll be able to decide to whom and what you will chose when your time comes.

Ah with that said and out a the way. What are you all up to? Have you built up a followings yet? Have you secured your spots at the top ten website and all?

Did you get all your accounts opened! Your FaceBook, Myspace, Linkedin, your Pay Per Clicks Publishers, which ever you have chosen mine are: Wikinut, Triond, and Hubpages, but you can have whom ever.

Note: Remember you don't have to only write copy or text, you can post; Videos and Soundtracks, Paintings and Photos that you have created.

Did you get your three or two or even one Wordpress Blog? Did you open a Blogger Blog? This is the one where you can earn some pennies when first starting out If you have a following. And the Ad-sense and Amazon affiliations and your own third party adspace advertisers or advertising companies.

Mine is   Advertise

Now before getting these guys you will need a following and tons of Content remember content is king. With out it you wont qualify at Ad-Sense or these guys.

But your Original Content is KING! Don't be a slug create your own as best you can. Make it about you or something you love and care about. Mine is the Word and Sharing passive income streams. If you haven't notice just yet, that this is what they are, you shortly will as I post some of my Hubpage Links here.

Now before even investing your own Website or Landing Pages which are Hosted you will want the back bone and your traffic wheel set up and ready to be attached to your Main Hub! Or the control center or your Brain this is your Personal Website. Its all about you now and what you are doing to Earn an Income!

These are the two defining things today which are Hot and will stay Hot as long as the economy stays down in the ditches as it is. As to you the Person this is what makes it all work! If your boring stop being so! If your timid stop being so! You are now a Web Earner and everyone is looking to stay at home and make tons of money, but most will settle to make some money in their spare time.

Now this video below exchange the word Mony for Money. But always don't I'll repeat It Don't fall in love with Money or Worship in any way! It is Not about the Money!

Its about how to earn an income. What size this is, well that is totally up to you and how hard and smart you work it. Money is not evil the Love of Money is! Having Money is a great responsibility, that most can't handle so beware! Get your self a plan! A what If I do become prosperous.

Prosperous: affluent, blooming, booming, comfortable, doing well, easy, flourishing, fortunate, halcyon, in clover, in the money, lousy rich, lucky, main-line, money to burn, moneyed, on top of heap, opulent, palmy, prospering, rich, roaring, robust, sitting pretty, snug, substantial, upper-class, uptown, wealthy, well, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do!

With Great Wealth comes many changes don't be afraid to become wealthy and don't fear not ever becoming wealthy. Life is about Happiness, Joy and Love. Not about self pleasure or pleasing only your self. One can be Happy with very little. But the time is now that we must become as the non believers and create wealth for all.

If you are already wealthy what are you doing for your fellow Americans? And the world? We are all suppose to be much more than we are Now! Ask your selves what I can do for my Fellow man or Mankind.  Begin at Home always at Home! Strengthen your own House first and then branch out little by little.

We are the World! Not I am the world. This is selfishness and a sin/ crime towards your self and your siblings; which all mankind is believe it or Not! We are all God's Children and we should start to take this to Heart.  Thanks for the Read and any comments.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man