Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bloggers Block ITS Kinda Like Writers Block, Not!

It's exactly like that! It sucks,but no really, I have been Just Plain Down Right Lazy these last few months. And my back has started to act up with all this crazy weather and it's changing from Dry to Humid from Hot to Cold. Ole my aching back.

That's true I need to be some where dry and with a constant/ consistent or  steady temperature. So I will get out and move, which is what I really need to do. It's what we all really need to do move!

Go west young man. Go west. I just might if I very make an income that would afford me that Luxury. Although I am not making one yet, I have this potential growing every day. Hour by hour. Here on the World Wed Web. I am still Learning and I am a slow learner I have always been.

I am starting some heavy reading on some "Marketing Ideals". As I have come to know that this is one of the Skill Sets needed. And one that I am lacking in. I would of never guess to make a profitable Website or Blog one would need to know a lot about Marketing and Presentations.

Well this is what I am coming to, and what I want to let ya know start reading everything you can on Marketing and promoting your Sites, Writes, and Blogs.

A little Hint: Think like your Customer or Visitors, Members, and readerships. Design things with them in mind always. Your site is for them in your style. It is not for you in your style, but if your thinking like those you wish would read and buy and follow you do; they will.

Marketing is just selling and selling is just knowing your Potential Customers, and their mind set at the point of sell. Whether you are selling hard products or your self and your website. I personally don't try to sell too often I try and suggest.

Because I don't like to be sold too. I like to decide what and when I will buy.
Marketing is Not all that hard it does require one to pay close attention to the little stuff. These are the things that relate to your Potential customers or readers.

You need to find out what their wants, needs, and desires are before you can suggest anything to them to buy or read and participate with or in. You will need to do a lot of follow the leaders while paying close attention to what they are doing. More times than not even they are not quite sure exactly what IT is.

It is usually after they have done it can they define It or redefine It and refine It. And this only happens when they have Claimed It or noticed just what It was. More times then not we aren't paying attention to what we are specifically doing at the time the success comes.

And then we rack our mind going almost insane trying to figure It Out! This is why Journaling is so important! I try my best to have pen and paper wherever I am at. By my bedside, by the toilet, in the car when I am riding with some one some where.

I am saving for one of those personal recording devices. I use to have one when I was younger a mini tape recorder, but I am want a digital recorder this time.

I had a lot of fun with that last one, but this one will be used specifically for Ideals because they come and go so quickly. And if you do not record them, they are almost always if not always impossible to recall. And the disappear as quickly as they come.

And I have had some outstanding ideals in my head while they were there, but once on paper, whoa what the hell was I thinking? You know those kind of things will drive you nutz. By trying to remember them so get a recorder or keep several pens and a note pad on your person at all times.

Well I am making my rounds today and I have been trying to get myself **Motivated**, but I think I am suffering from a little over work or not enough work over load. I haven't decided which just yet, no I know its to little work.

Hey I can do what ever I want I am the Boss! And this venture runs Kinda on auto pilot not fully and not for to long, but it can sustain Itself for quite awhile.

But it is time for me to get really serious and start promoting the site once again and creating more Writes and Hubs along with finding some new Click Bank Items to promote.

CYA Later Taters!
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man