Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello Every Body, You Didn't Forget Me Did You?

Its been a rough several weeks, but we are still here Sinbad and I we only work together well when things are running smooth and they haven't been these last several weeks. So no bother, we are up and running once again until we stumble again.

We'll have to plan for these little set backs in the future, with some ready made posts I guess?  I was never to good at planning for the little set backs. I guess I should, but I feel if you plan for them they will come, but not being prepare is just as bad. Another catch 22 I guess one of those "Your damned if you do and your damned if you don't" scenarios Humm. Oh well enough of that.

I will be trying to learn some new ways to create and post my own E-Books here and at my Website so I will need to find some time to do this extra reading, as I am doing some more outside stuff at this time of the year  my Pool League Nights and I am not as spry as I was a while ago this last back injury  has killed the drive I had going and it is hard to get it up and running again. Starvation is a good motivator though.

Well I have the collection Station built. Now I need to find some thing to sell or promote that people wish to possess. A product or some information. See this is why I created all these pages and websites in this my traffic wheel to build a following and to earn some trust with that following so I could suggest things and info that might interest them enough to Buy them from me and my site.

But I am cash poor and I'll need some upgrades in the way of computers and programing which costs more then I can scrape up at this moment in time. So I will continue to build pages at my site and create more content for my publishers which will create more buzz about me and what it is I am doing to try and earn an income on the Inter-net.

Plus I have not reached a monthly income stability with my Adsense account and my numbers at Alexa have climb way too high again to promote a product of my own.  This is work Its not hard work, but if your a poor time management kind of guy, or gal like I am or you are not highly motivated you will slowly talk yourself out of trying this venture it will take time.

To get it up and debugged too. About two maybe three years and thats only if you are working at it and keeping up with it. This time period involves you learning the specifics of the streams and then setting them in the proper order to be hit within the wheel. So time will vary with how big and how many as well as to what and how you plan to earn with.

The Web changes daily so you need  stay abreast of her changes and keep your browsers and programs updated. Other wise you'll run into trouble here in there which steals your time it amazes me how little time there is in a 24 hr period any more for me. So I will also be trying to find some better ways to manage mine.

I have; like I said a collection stream and some small income streams built and in place now. I will be looking for a place to build some dams and place some power units stations. These will be landing pages for promoted products or my own products. Which I will need to integrate these products and promotions into my site and blogs and their topics. They will be related to my hobbies and interests am guessing. So keep watching, keep building, keep creating, and keep learning.

CYA Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man