Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey All, How you doing?

In and out of Hospital all this month with family members, But one is out and the other is doing fair, I am again set a back, for I never have a back up plan here for these come upping's. And whenever I create a post. I post it for I have three blogs to feed, plus the Websites Blog as well. And I am still wanting to create a routine or weekly schedule which is easier said then done for me, at least.

I am also wanting to start trying to cut my teeth in, on some Youtube videos of my own. But I'll need to do their uploading at my cousins house, and on his daughters computer. None of us have video editing software that I am aware of. For to edit my videos with. So I'll need to get them done as close to right as possible on the first take and this will take some practicing and some time.

I have got a chance to earn some extra cash on Monday nights now. The local bar is starting a weekly pool tournament of eight ball, blind draw, double elimination with league rules. Right up my alley. This Monday I took third, but third didn't payout because there wasn't enough players for it to.Other than that, things are still super tight and I am stretched to the breaking point, as I image many people are feeling the hurt or squeeze of this economy.

With the Holidays coming things will only be getting tighter and more stressful on us all. If you got family you better start getting together and helping each other out. It will or its going to be a Blue, Blue Christmas around here, but this is nothing new for me and mine.

So I was working on some schedule's, and they only seem to cause me more stress, then I could handle. So I am back to winging it daily. I have a natural kind of schedule though, it is not written down or strictly followed. I have a routine nature. I do things the same way almost every time. So I'll give ya an idea of what it is I do.

First I get up shower No I am kidding. Not all that info do you need TMI. I do shower though, but I'll start by checking My blogs for comments, then I'll move to FaceBook check for friends and followers birth days, wish them a happy birth day. Then straight over to my Pay Per Click Publishers, check for comments and any new writes and poems. From my friends and followers. I then head on over to Digg a few minutes which becomes a half an hour or so. And then StumbleUpon a few minutes which always turns into an hour or two. Back to see what is new at FaceBook then off to the Website.

There I will start to surf it looking for things to fix or change, and from there. I will check all the Websites Traffic Wheel links. Which are my Blogs and my Pay Per Click Publishers Standings. With Alexa. after all this it is about time for lunch. But some where in there I have squeezed in a bowl of cereal and some toast for breakfast.

While sitting at the computer reading all these Wheel links and their formations. I am looking for things to write about and things to make a connection with. I am also checking each of the Websites three domains and their standings an their stats.

Now after Lunch and a walk to the Library or the post Office. I will come back and look for a place to make some quick comments at these Traffic Wheel Links. From there it is about six hours into the day. As I have been saying this is a job until it start to grow on its own. My wikinut Publisher account gets about 280-112 page views a day after I do a little promoting. And this will last now, about four to five days until it starts to get back into the teens per day, in views. Once this happens I promote once again at twitter.

 So if my page views are down. I will be spending time at either, Twitter, FaceBook, and Myspace or all three of them at the same time promoting. Which ever Pay Per click Publisher is down and is not getting traffic that day or needs it the most that day. Now both Hubpages and Triond do not hold their page views as long as wikinut does. But I have more works and more followers at wikinut then at Triond and Hubpages. Plus because of this fact I send a little more time there than the other two.

After that is said and done, its back to Youtube to post some Video of Country, old rock and rock and roll music and songs to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I look for newer videos with less views on them so they can grow to together.

While at Youtube I am searching for individual songs or videos I can use to relate to and link to, for my poems and writes as well as I am building up my presence at all three of these sites which are connections and/or extensions of my traffic wheel. Which expands my Website and It's foot print, as well it keeps my SEO devices working and current. Which helps me hold my rankings.

Well Thanks for stopping by and reading these posts. Have a Great Day!

 TTFN CYA later Taters

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man