Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hey All How You Doing? I am fine, I Still Got a Bad Cold Though Adsense! Excuse Me!

You Only Get Out as Much as You Put In!

With every and/or new (or newer remakes of other older systems) that comes along. And then is put into play, there will always be Bold Claims made about how rich they will make you. And for how little work. That you can become quickly successful.

Some people are naive enough to believe that! That this latest program will end their money Troubles or worries. That with one swipe of their credit cards, this could and should happen for them, but the fact is that it's not likely to happen.

Imagine for a moment that someone designed a machine that turned lead into gold. Or into whatever currency that you needed, and you could spend that money in any shop in the world. Would that machine retail for a low price? Of course NOT! It Could not! And it would not!

Because it has to high the potential to give you money without you working for it. Why then, would you believe that any plug-and-play system could or should do this for you, Why? Why would It make you immediately wealthy? And without you needing to do work for it? Won't you be running it? You'll still need to care for the Goose that Lays those Golden eggs.

Adsense can make you real money, there is no doubt about that. However, you will have to work with it. Just like all that old and dusty exercising equipment and diet books in your garage and through out your home. These things are only tools that you must first learn and then use and understand. They in them selves, alone will not develop your muscles or shrink your bellies.
You must actually use them, read them, and then put them to use or in operation. Adsense won't make you any money if you don't harness from it these tools and put your own spin on it. And this requires a lot of effort on your part of the program. At first, but latter become second nature.

If you have a website and you host Adsense ads, then maintain your content, add to it at least occasionally if it is a static site and check your Adsense results regularly. So you can see what is working and what is not! Lose the stuff that is not making you money or move that content away from that ad. And find some that will make you the money. Do more of this type of thing and watch your revenues increase. Pay Attention to your ads Can you talk them up or relate to who is advertising in them? Keep working with Adsense – the more you do, the more you will learn.

Does Blogging Fit in With Adsense?

Building a website takes time, money (usually) and effort. If your sole goal is to turn around a website that pays you from Adsense only, than you may be one of a growing number of people who feels that the effort it will take; goes beyond that of what you are willing to give.

It is no small undertaking to build a website of this type. Adsense was not really designed for doing this. Adsense is more of a supplementing force for your site. To help pay its expenses. It could and It has done much more for so many now. But making more money for those with a service or product of their own and of an unique style or niche to their site alone.

It is accepted by many that the easiest way to gain a personal, undivided presence online is to set up a Blog. The page is largely your own, but it is more or less automatically structured and maintained. Because it is put together using a content management system. You can tweak it to a greater or lesser extent, but it is pretty much ready to go out of the box and from the moment you sign up.

How well does blogging fit in with Adsense? The truth of the matter is that it depends what you are doing – are you adding advertisements to your Blog, or are you blogging to advertisements? The difference is small, but crucial. In the former, you can't expect many people to click because you aren't setting up for commercial success. Your Blog may be fun to read, but it is not ad-friendly.

If you want to make a Blog commercially successful, you need to learn a few facts. Firstly you likely won't see big money until you have upwards of a few hundred posts. Secondly the more you personalize It the less you should monetize it.

With that said. Yes I believe you can make money with your Blog. But how much is totally up to you and this will not be a Passive Venture this will require tons of work on your part for the Blog's content alone.  Adsense is Passive enough once you establish the correct and most profitable positions of your Ads.
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