Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hey All How Have You All Been? Fine I Hope If Not; Make It So!

We all have our Crosses to bare and at times they are to heavy for us to bare. And then we stumble and then fall content to die right there where we lay. But something or some one usually comes along and helps you up or bares that cross for you if just for a little while. Until we are able to bare it once again. But as we all know. Sooner or later we are hung from It. Right side up or wrong side down. We all must bare our cross to get our golden crowns.

The journey is often lonely, hard, and disheartening. But as Our Lord has showed us we will survive It and Live again and then we will rise to new heights forever changed. For better or worse we will change. Life is not always easy but it is worth the pain. For we can so easily forget the pains when we find ourselves and all that we have gain. Life is a lesson and It is worth all of the pain. Put your head down and say a little prayer and then carry on.

These are just words I know. I have heard them once or twice myself and I say them not to condemn or to boast of a knowledge I posses. But I do feel that we all know deep inside that we were created. That we did not just stumble onto the scene of life in this our world.

Our home, our Earth, our prison, or our paradise. I guess I am saying we have the right and the ability to change our out come. If not our circumstances. It is up to us to react and act or act out on all that what we desire and some of us will lose our very lives here in this plain for claiming what it is that is ours to claim. We must believe and trust completely in what it is we desire or we will never achieve our desires. I am wishing I will soon get a single desire that I can't live without as I am about wiped out of all my trials at trying.

I have been set back so many times and so often I often times fail to see that I have been denied again until it is so blatantly obvious. My desires are common place and not as genuine as I first believed that they were. Quite often and more times than not they are just desire of the moment the passing moment. But I still have to try. It is in my nature to try. But know now if I can get the succeeding part of my desires to work I would be Very Happy Soul or at least I believe that is what others believe for me. It may be my success is in the starting and then the trying of the thing, and not in the everyday running of any one thing. An Idea Man sort of speak.

Well I imagine others are quite satisfied at their accomplishments and successes who wouldn't be?  I was told quite often by many when growing up that I had no desire to the accomplishment. I guess winning as others see It or rate It by; has never been my vision of success. I am satisfied in the doing of the things I try to do and yes when they work great, but if they don't that's fine too. I'll get to try again when and if ever I become ready to again. Yes I am upset with things that don't work out for me when I know good and well that they do or the did before, but not in the new ventures or adventures. I enjoy the journey of discovery. I guess more than the accomplishment of the thing.

Is there a job for a person like me I haven't found one that pays anything worth my efforts yet. But now a days I require less and less to get by but desire more and more. Odd isn't It?

So far this year I am still running a website with three addresses and have not yet added the two Blogs to the Dot Net and the Dot Org that will separate them from one another and join them to the Dot Com. So the search engines still like to call them duplicate material. And don't rate them as they should be. When all I ever meant them to be were redirects to the Dot Com. A problem I think a finally got a handle on. But It will cost me some money and some time both of which I never seem to have or any control over.

I have Started an Aquaponics Garden and green house build and a Blog dedicated to It this year also. Plus I have started to gather SCUBA gear again in hopes of making it to Alaska to try diving in the Straights for gold. This coming May 2014. I don't have the slightest ideal where or when the money may come or where It come from but I 'll cross that bridge if or when I get to It. I am a doer, a beginner, a dreamer, and I guess I will always be.

As I have not much money to do the things I would. I am often stuck doing nothing at all. How many of us are in this position today? I often wonder?  Well I will find a way that Ship will soon come in because I have seen It sitting in port and at the the docks of others. I will not allow myself to keep getting side track. I will  reach her and climbing aboard her. But one day I will be aboard and I will be the Captain of her. My ship is awaiting my arrival. And I am always stepping towards her. For I am Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man and my journey has just begun.

If  I can do it than anyone can do it. Well friends I am doing It and as long as I do not quit. I will have achieve It whatever It turns out to be. The journey is the Adventure. Keep on sailing and never give in or up!

CYA Later Taters
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man