Monday, September 2, 2013

The Friendship Ring

Reflections on a Lost Love;

A simple silver heart; a simple band of gold
Given to some one, from another passing by
 A token gift of old

Life speeds up and then it drags along
Until all at once It suddenly speeds on by
 And than It is gone

Always meaning to right all our wrong’s
But, yet forgotten
Forgetting the words to every song

While looking through my belongings just the other day
I found a simple little faded note
With some little things attached to it
They dangled

With several strips of transparent tape
Two penny’s, a little silver cross
And what looked to be a gumball ring
They clung there
So intensely 

As I begun to read aloud this note
Signed with good luck and love
Your Gennie

I began to sob so uncontrollably
I had to put it down and wipe my tears away
But, yet somehow it always ended up in front of me
This happened for several days

I knew this note O’ so well
For early on in our relationship
It meant more to me, then I could ever tell
More to me then you will ever know

I had all but forgotten It
Until I verbalized those first few lines
 "Your words, not mine"

Then as a hot and glowing poker
From the fire
I was withdrawn

The steam finally vented from me
 Why did these things you wrote to me
Have no more place in thee?
Why am I a memory to you?
And why are you, but a dream too me? 

You expressed yourself so cleverly way back when
And then

Now why all of this mystery?

But, yet worse then this
 Is the silence in your eyes and
The words that will not speak
No, not one wink

The wheat penny, that is worth more than a single cent;  you were…
You are worth more then gold to me; even much more than platinum, you truly are!

The other penny a  little stamping of JFK right behind the President
You said: “I would always have some one standing right beside of me”
But, yet I stand alone and still

The little silver cross
You were wanting to share your God with me, but He was already mine too
Life did get so hard so fast when your mother past
You know I lost mine too
But, the you that was was already gone
I went through this all alone; It nearly took my life, that night!
And now that gumball ring

Your friendship ring some one special gave it to you
 But, it was not I

You said:
 “No one else has ever had it
and that it belonged with me
That I was your best-est friend!”
And yet
You will not make up with me

Whatever happened
That it became so hard for you
 To talk to me
For that matter
For I to talk to you
What is a matter with us?
You know how many times I have been walked upon
And kicked around
And I known about your hurts
Did you think
 I no longer had the capacity to forgive
Was it you?

Dear friend, dear wife or X- wife: I am forced to say
You have a funny way of showing your eternal love

To me in this way

So I will bother to send this little note, back your way
Love your best X- friend, your X- lover, and your X- husband

Sincerely signed Mr. Xed

Sinbad the Sailor Man