Monday, September 2, 2013

Breakfast Sandwiches

Reflections of Why Friends and Business Don’t Mix!

Breakfast sandwiches made with speed and agility
Buttered toast and hot coffee
We used to sell them well, and then our business went to hell
You gave your girlfriend our money,  to open her new place
And then you
Left town to play some pool
Hey! Dude that wasn’t cool
Left me alone to play the fool

Oh how she smiled when you left that day
She knew exactly what she was going to do
Stay out all night drinking
Left me at Our Place thinking
Will she show up this time?
Will she be on time?

Hell no, was Our Place’s fate
There will be no breakfast, lunch, or dinner
On anyone’s plate!
Naturally that was all this old cook could take
Good God man, for Heaven’s sake

The place was just taking off, it could have been great
I went back to doing the same old thing
 I did it with some pain
And then
You came to me singing that old nurse me rhyme

“I can’t take it anymore
I am through this time
Help me out of this mess I am in
I need a place, let me in”

I said: come on in
Sit right down
Your frown it turned upside down
You weren’t there even a week 
When my undoing she started to seek
She had a friend of sorts
Who happened to manage my trailer court

There came a knocking at my front door
The trailer court had misgivings
About where you now were living

Like the dumb schmuck I am
I stuck up for you
Once again
Then things got so heated
That I did not think, I could beat it

You said; I’ll be there for you
Then just like before
Out the door you went!

Now, you act shocked and amazed
When I say
Step back Jack
Get off my porch!

I may have been slow to catch on
But, hey buddy
This time you’re gone!

Go back to your booze guzzling
And don’t you dare 
Come back around!

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man