Monday, September 2, 2013

Honesty Weights and Measures

Reflections about True Weights and Measures 

This is the land that is desired;  where dreams are built upon
It’s sweet non-judgmental treasure, most due believe in It

From and for those who will give it or retrieve it
It can not be depleted
Such a measure; when one does receive It

A just an equaling rain, when given
Without a single bit of pain
To be fair; just because, evenly weighted

Taking no more then that which is offered
Returning the overture
And receiving a smile all the while

Being lifted and feeling that justice is being served
Without a word Honesty she waits and 
It measures
Every single one of us
Right down to our very core

Right down to the last molecule, It measures 
Spirits, and than she tests the essence of your very soul
That is where Honesty waits and It measures

A bullet-proof vest, a sword of defining grace
The balance of the scales; she is blind and pure
She has no respect of men; for who they are, or their places

Is there such a scale ? Does She truly exist ?
Is it in the hearts of men ?

A little work, a little pay
Where for then, do we treasure ?
Weights of silver, copper, and of gold

Is not then; the scales tipped ?
Are not segments born ?
With divisions there torn
Lies, and/ or alibi-es


Replace the “just scale” It leans to one side

But, never fear let everyone hear
Honesty waits and She Measures

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man