Monday, September 2, 2013

The Love Doctor

Love at First Sight;

Chocolate candy, wine, and Brandy
Fire light, candles lit, have a little sip
This girl is really fine
 I met her at the grocery store

On my way up from off of the floor

I was there picking up, wine and chocolate candies
That’s were I so ungracefully, picked up my girlfriend’s, daughter

Exchanged some looks this cashier and I
I don’t  disbelieve in love at first sight, anymore

Something did spark
It must have been a lark
But then
I took my girlfriend’s daughter home

Soon after
I got a call on upon the telephone

I told my girlfriend that 
I had lost my wallet… or did I ?

Just so
You know 
That I am not a Cad
A good Lad

My girlfriend is just a friend
Her daughter is only three

Brandy she
Now longs to be
With me

You See
I was sent to the store
To get the wine

For my girlfriend was 
Called into the hospital
She is an E.R. Doctor

I think my Doctor friend
Has set me up!

God bless, you
My Love Doctor

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man