Monday, September 2, 2013

The Fire Men’s Ball

Reflections of a Lover’s First Dance

A little black dress
A Getty school girl smile
And her tall and handsome man
No denial

A double date
No steak
A half of a chicken
But, it is not eaten
But, taken home to her brother
Not to her mother

Because it was the cheapest thing
On this menu
What else is on this Venus’s venue?
Oh dear! He must not have known
She is a Vegetarian
No bones!
At the dance he is all about her
He places his hand on her ass
Her heart, with fear it flutters
Oops! Back to the hip, it must of slipped

Cradled there in his arms
She can plainly see his charm
The strength within these arms
Within them she is far from harm

Her head lain upon his chest
She hears the beats of blue; as they
Slip away; for this heart, it beats to true

No tears here, no fears here
She feels the warmth of it
This ones heart, it is different

She dances to this new beat
With her heart she listens to it
This time she is not backing down nor away
She silently moves this hand back down
And holds it there too stay

As they continue too sway
This hand is where it belongs
He smiles, a new smile
A slow look up shyly
She smiles for the first time in a long while

Beaming through out the maze
Longing, for only the others gaze
Life oh how it does amaze
The hands of a new man as they graze

Through out the hymn
She presses in
And she tries to pass through
Into him

To meld with this man’s heart and soul
This one, is it truly him?
He is, so true and new, unspoiled
To her a body warm and unsoiled

Strong arms support and carry her
Never again to tremble or too fear
Away from every hurt and every tear
A dream come true just for her she fears

She is being trapped this she knows
But, yet she feels so free
She knows he is the prince they speak of
Certainly this she can plainly see

And she feels so
Undeserving but, loved
Lucky for the first time in ages
As does his love for her, it rages

Sinbad the Sailor Man