Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope! If Not It Will Get Better Just Wait Out the Storm

Yea storms! We have had plenty of them this year. Knock on wood no terrible ones yet! The storms shall pass. No big deal if you can wait them out. The sun will come out tomorrow.

Well I have been doing a lot of repair work this last two weeks on some of our heavy equipment. And the weather has been making things rougher on me; as it seems to want to rain every chance I get to work on the Green house. And the Plumbing parts I need are some what expensive. Excuses all excuses I know but they are valid ones.

I bought 4 Banjo fittings (bulk head fittings) the other day at the local hardware store and dang $90.00 dollars. Oh well good parts are good parts and these should last the life of the system. The  one that I am building. I just hope I live long enough to see the thing running.

These fittings are especially made for the large commercial tanks that we are using. But I think a uni-seal would work rather well considering the pressure is not all that great within the system itself.

I have the Sump pit dug and lined. I need to brace it up and trim the box level, and make up a lid for it. As I said I am the one lone nut job working on the thing as we speak. But hopefully that will change once the garden is cycling and things are beginning to grow.

Hey this "Henny Penny" will only share the [bread] with those who are willing to help bake it. I don't mind doing the most part. Because they don't yet understand what it is I am building and how it works. But I will need others to help me later down the road.

Well lets see, If I get three uni-seals and two six inch end caps and make up a rubber seal for my drain into the sump pit. I should be able to begin cycling the water very soon IF. There is about four inches of rain water in the black troughs right now, and I filled the one thousand gallon tank three days ago. So the sooner I get it cycling, the better.

For the most part I have about seven hours to go before this happens.  It doesn't sound like a lot of time, but finding It (the Time) is problematic for me. As I work on everyone else's schedule, as I don't drive. Because my  license is suspended for back child support.

Bla, Bla, Bla, I never missed a payment according to what Social Security told me thirteen years ago. But hey! Every thing happens for a reason. Or so I believe. So I've no license or passport. Like I could afford the gas or a ticket to travel anywhere.

Enough of my whining! Because thats all It is. When no one else cares about you or your needs. Like I said  about seven hours. Eight if you count planting my seeds. Which I still need to do this week. I should have a week end coming up all to my self with the garden. As the family is headed out  to Iowa for two days for our Family Reunion.

I am going to do some dog sitting and some plumbing instead of some over eating and some care free drinking. Well maybe just no heavy eating. A case of beer would be nice and maybe I'll clean the hot tub out  And then get It running again. Maybe this coming week end. That way she'll be all ready to go the following week end. Its a thought. Not likely, but a thought.

Well I got to run, because I am under the gun.

P.S. The Fish Balls in the pond are getting smaller. I'll need to get them this week or I'll miss my chance at some free Frys and/ or Finger lings. Which would save me some big money.

CYA Later Taters
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