Monday, May 13, 2013

How you Doing? Fine I Hope I am Almost Back to Normal

Well If you can call my life normal its almost back to It.

I've been working extra hard on the Aquaponics Garden build at Sowles Well Service. This is my Cousin's place he gave me the permission to go ahead with the build. About two months ago and I have been devoted all my free time to It since then. So my posting has been light these last two months at all my PPC Publisher's and Blogs. Sorry, but I truly want to get this garden up and running this year.

As I think things are about to get worst in the coming months and onward into the next few years; of the President's rule. I truly don't understand why we have put up with his lack of performance.  And I am at a lost to the rest of congress putting up with His nonsense. Still no Budget  really what is he waiting for?

Well I have gotten the rest of the telephone poles in the ground and the box for the thousand gallon tank built. And as of today May 13th 2013 the Box is almost completely full of dirt.

My next step is to level and pack that dirt into the box which will raise the tank about 36 inches from off of the ground. Which will allow most of the grow beds and NFT systems. and the DWC systems to be gravity fed. After the tank is set. We will need to get the Wells pump installed and the eclectic ran out for the other pumps and aerators.

And then my cousin is wanting to get the Hoops up and the plastic up so people will know that It is a greenhouse. as it doesn't look like one just yet. More or less It looks like a bunch of stuff in the middle of the yard. But this will quickly change as It takes shape in the next few weeks. It is a lot of work for me and I am still doing most of It all on my own. With the aid of some Equipment that most people won't have to get it done.

Like the Mini-Excavator and a pickup up truck, plus like I said most of what I need to do this build is already hear and at my disposal. The dirt is from a pound that my Uncle dug years ago and the wood chips are from my uncles old wood piles that have built up over the years. So I have the things I need, but extra hands will be needed in the steps that will soon follow. 

I will try and get another video up tomorrow of the progress I have made since the last Posting of May 2nd 2013.  well I have to run because I am under the gun and I have to do some twittering.

CYA Later Taters
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