Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey All How you Doing? I've Been Busy, Busy, Busy

Well I have been Busy of course. One must be about his or her business or it will run a ground or into the muck and the ship will become stuck. I have made and posted another short Video somewhere. And I have sustained my Bronze Leader status, and I am taking a step or two toward the Silver Leader status.

I have posted a new page and a new Blog post at PW&OSfStSM. And I am working on writes for Hubpages and wikinut as I write this post here. Yup Busy, busy, busy. But It is not all that tasking a thing to do and the more I do It the easy it becomes.

I have recommended some more Amazon Books for you all on the website and I am looking for those who are looking to start an at Home Based Business. Check out the $$$$$$ page at Poetry Writes & Other stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man and you will see a sign up form a short one, for Vemma. Which is a Direct Sales Company or an MLM Marketing Company or as BK likes to say a Multi Volume Marketing Company. I think that is what he said. Well I prefer to to call it Like I sees It. This is a Usage and Referral Program!


Or you can look for the "A Marketing Funnel? Whats That?" posting and sign up with my VemmabuiderTM  funnel and get an I deal how fast it all can happen and does happen for those with a little Vision and a Big great big WHY.

Learn how a Marketing Funnel works and How it can work for you. I mention a while back that automation is the way to go. Well that is what the VemmabuilderTM system is and does.

It sorts out your leads for you and gives you an ideal on who to spend your precious time with. I am now learning how to build a few Marketing Funnels of my own. Manual funnels the kind that I have to place here and there to drive traffic. For remember traffic is the Key source to earning any income. Here on the World Wide Web or in your localized Inter-net streams.

Folks Direct Sales and Word of Mouth will become the new Norm and for those who get on board and learn and teach this system and how to use its tools... well they could set new records for personal incomes. I Sh_t  you Not! There is big money to be made If people learn to like and trust you and your recommendations. But in order for this to happen they must get to know about you and what it is you are doing and trying to do. And the only way for this to happen is you must tell your story.

Here is a little reminder for all you Baby Boomer's Choo Choo Charlie Says I love my Good and Plenty. Choo Choo Charlie Says it really rings my bell, Charlie Says, I love to do it well, Charlie say I love my Good and Plenty and I love it Oh So Well! I think this is how the commercial went. Well maybe not quite that way.  Here give a Listen.

And then just Do It! And do it the best you can. Whatever It is that you are attempting to do. And then those for who it is for; they will find you. No need for you to find them. It works just as if you were ringing a dinner bell or handing out Good and Plenty Candies. The seeker finds that which you are offering.

What do I mean by a Usage and Referral Program? Simple it is an exclusive Brand that is or rather has built in equity; with in every purchase. There for as you use the product, you sustain some one above you. As you refer the products to others; you and those above you are rewarded.

If and when these new users; that you refer, become Lifetime users or a dedicated users and then on to become promoters. The system is sustained. Vemma Has a Product that I see; has a Lifetime need! And at this very point in time not everyone knows that they need or desire this product yet. And I do not see the need for this Product line to be eliminated anytime soon; nor do I see any competition, that is stronger then we currently are.

Well I got much more to do today and I still need to check My E-Mails. Boy I am glad I own this thing other wise. I'd have to fire my butt; for not staying on course. But that is just it. I set the speed and the course. I decide if I take a pause or steam as fast as I possible can. Me the Captain of this ship. Do you want your own ship, to sail as you see fit?

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Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Somebody come and Play, Earn as you Learn Grow as you Go! Set your Sails Today!