Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope

Well its been a while, but remember I have grown so much now that it takes me awhile to get around to all my Blogs and Social media sites now. If you don't see me here. I am somewhere else on the Net or WWW usually at Facebook on one of my four pages there or at Tagged, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon or etc etc. That and keep in mind that I have always something burning on another burner somewhere and I end up getting lost in the shuffling of things from Time to time. I have made a lot of busy work for myself to keep me moving and grooving along. Running with the Pack and the Big Dogs takes a lot out of an old fart like me.

I am still working the Vemma System and Hey I made the "Bronze Leader" a few times last month. Which means I earn a cycling bonus or two. I hate to say it but its true I have earned more money with Vemma in the short run then all my others these past two years. The next step is to start cycling five or more times in a monthly period of time. That will put me at the Silver level of volume sales.

Always remember to become secure or independently wealthy you need vast sources of income streams diverse from one or the other as not to be effected by any one thing or all at the same time.

I want you all to know that is is not hard at all to do with this Vemma Product Line to start a viable income stream, but it does take a little getting use to. You Must always be paying attention to others conversations and taking note of when the opportunity to introduce the Vemma Product and the Vemma Business model to prospects comes. Both to your warm Market or to a Cold Call.

I have not really been hustling the product or the opportunity just yet, because as I have said I have so many irons in the fire this year. That I've little time for all of them just yet. I have been always accused of being a daydreamer. And I am okay with that but. Now is the Time I am wishing to fulfill some of these my dreams.

The website is going to be three years old well four but three years running here on the web and only two full years in operational mode. This July 10th will mark PW&OSfStSM's second full year and she has grown from a few web pages unto a fully operational website with three domains and seven Blogs that Blog about her and what I am doing with her.

Some of her Pay Per Click Publishers are still slow in earning daily, weekly, and monthly income, but they are all earning pennies 365 days a year 24/7. The website and her Adsense is running cold  to Luke warm from month to month depending on how I promote the writes from my Pay Per Click Publishers, also with just a few pennies daily, weekly, and monthly coming from them but again they are earning. And the power of compounding is starting to become visible.

Some of this is my fault, well okay it is all my fault because I am spread so thinly wherever. That I am not keeping my set schedules correctly which in turn throws  my Alexa rankings back up which decreases my chances of picking up personal adspace renters at the website.  This is where the life changing income comes from. My person adspace rentals. But without the Traffic or the content which brings that traffic there is no chance of renting or attracting repeat renters.

But keep in mind it takes money to make money, and it takes Time to grow certain things. You will rise and you will fall and you must pay attention to what creates these cyclings for your sites and their traffic. Without the traffic there can be no growth or steady income. You need to develop a cash flow to grow consider it to be the water, the life water of your business this cash flow. Which you can only get when it rains and no one can wholly control the rain.

I need to start to earn a monthly income large enough to hire at least two other people to help run this Venture with the website. And I will need a lot of Technical help here soon when she does start to earn any significant amount of money which could take a few more years, months, weeks, or days. There is no way for me to tell just yet when the site might go viral or if she will even come close to going viral.

But until she does it is only a day dream or a scheme to the masses, but once she does then she will attract others with her success by her success. As to now she continues to have growth spurts and growing pains. And she is in need of extra funds to keep her on  the crazy tracks that I have laid out. All by myself so far. And without out them the funds she will continue to grow slower and slower until the bubble she is in; bursts.

Well I need to stay busy and create more content and learn to direct even more traffic to her. Until we meet again; may the Good Lord always be at your side and the sun not in your eyes, but bursting out through your lips let your light shine.

CYA Latter Tatters! Get out of that computer chair and do something, anything!
Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man