Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Website Flyer a Personal Story in Finding an MLM Marketing Business

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

I dropped this Flyer off today to just say hello, So hello

Hello my name is Donald Beres Jr and I am a
“Vemma Independent Brand Partner” And the CEO/ Owner of: Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man dot com 

What that means is I run my own Home Based Businesses. And now with the help of my Up-line En-rollers of Vemma I have added a Major player in my passive and residual income streams. As they help me I help those who are beneath me in Vemma We all; learn and grow our own Vemma Brand Businesses, but we try to do this together for we are a team.

As I said I have been running my own Website for the last year and a half now about 19 months. I started in July 2010 trying to help others learn how they can get started earning a passive and residual income stream. When I stumbled upon Vemma.

What is Vemma? Well Vemma is an “Acronym” for our Parent Company name. It stands for Vitamins, Essential, Minerals, Mangosteen, and Aloe.

As I was building the website I mentioned above or PW&OSfStSM I knew it would take me about three to five years to make It become profitable. Until I stumbled onto Vemma. I did this because someone had picked up on what I was trying to do with my own website and /or I filled out a web form; about earning money On-line. Turning me into a lead on someone else's List. Thank God I did or some one else did this for me.

See I have been on Disability for over a decade and counting.  Because I have a back that has been busted and broken up. And one that has been operated on three times already; with future surgeries looming on my horizon. I was pretty bad off and getting worst every year that proceeded forward.

With muscle and joint pain, snapping, crackling, and popping joints. Shooting and Stabbing pain down the sides of my thighs. And not to mention all the other side effects that came with all the extra strength pain pills. Such as Morphine and Oxytocin and many types of anti-inflammatory drugs. Which did nothing, but a number on my Emotions, Personality, Mobility, Memory, Sight, over all appearance, and many other conditions which made my life very unbearable.

Even though I still kept trying to get better and back to work. It just was not happening for me. I tried several times. I even learned to drive a semi-truck and did so Over the Road until they canceled my Dot Medical. Just six months after I started working for a great Company.

I then latter lost the ability to even drive at night. And then I lost the taxi job that I got after losing the ability to drive the semi-truck. So I tried a few other things. But they too did not work out for very long. I was really getting depressed and feeling really bad and very forgetful too. I did not care anymore, and I resign my self to being disabled, broke and depressed. I found myself wanting, hoping for and needing a second income.

This is when I turned my personal web page into my own personal website and 19 months later Vemma and I found each other. And we have been together ever since. On December 29th 2011 I started with the Vemma Liquid Supplement.

I did this to Show my readers what a MLM Marketing Company was like. And I was bent on showing how hard it was to do these types of Businesses. But to my surprise It wasn't. And their Product actually worked for me and It is still working for me. Although all my pain is not totally gone nor will it ever be without losing about 100 lbs first and the possibility of another surgery. The Doc said the next time I was getting two metal rods and three metal collars. I have done my absolute best to see that this does not happen.

But with just the use of this product alone for about 16 days. I had begun to have more energy, less joint pain, and less noise within my joints. I have less pain over all now. And I haven't had an episode of a lock up or lack of mobility. Which I did weekly before I started with the Vemma program. I had to side step up and down stairs. and Crawl in and out of bed every morning. Now I can walk up stairs and I can most of the time go down them normally without taking a half step touching every step twice. And I can sit up in bed and slide right out; most days.

My skin is much improve as it was dry and getting thin and I have lost a few lbs too. On just the Vemma Supplement itself. I am every happy with the Product and I used it for a month and a half before I decided to also try the Vemma’s Business Opportunity.

I have been doing the business about a month now and I have not been really trying or actively seeking people out yet. But I will be here soon. Because this product is that good and I think just about everyone could and will benefit from Its use.

My results aren't typical or so they say they aren't. It may take some up to 90 plus days to fill any significant differences in their health and/or energy levels. I guess I was just that bad off. I hope that you are not this bad off, but I also hope you feel something right away. So that you know that this Product it does work. The first thing most people do report is the increase in energy and a better nights sleep.

Here Is my Vemma Website which I got just by becoming a Brand Partner with an Auto Ship. Which means the payment comes right out of my checking or credit card, as a recurring payment. Which is okay with me, because the product comes straight to my door step and on time each month. The product is three to four times cheaper then the pain meds. I couldn't afford or which I have not ever been able to get consistently. plus it has worked better then every one of those pills I was taking. Further still I have already started to offset the cost of my product by referring it to others. 

Thank you for your time and read From my Website PW&OSfStSM you can find my Blogs and there you can leave questions and comments.

Thanks again Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

P.S. I am highly search-able and easy to find on Google, Yahoo, or Bing just type sinbadthesailorman and click and go.