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"The Serenity Prayer"~ "Health, Wealth, and Wisdom"

This is an awesome prayer to pray when you are struggling along without a song in your heart. I have often used it as my own. Prayer is a Mighty Powerful and needful thing for us humans to use. It is For Us I hope you all Know! Father is not in the need of Prayer. HE still has 2/3rds of Heaven praying daily and endlessly within themselves.  Prayer is for We the Fallen Children of GOD So That we can draw nearer to Our Father Our Creator!

“Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

(The Serenity Prayer is the common name for an originally untitled prayer written by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr in the 1930s or early 1940s.)

Though clearly circulating in oral form earlier, the earliest established date for a written form of the prayer is Reinhold Niebuhr's inclusion of it in a sermon in 1943, followed closely by its inclusion in a Federal Council of Churches book for army chaplains and servicemen in 1944. Niebuhr himself did not publish the Serenity Prayer until 1951

The First time I heard this was at an AA Meeting in Some small meeting room as I was with a love one trying to beat a drug addiction to Meth A horrible and very addictive street Drug. 

But that is neither here or there for that moment in Time has past. Do you understand that your past can not dictate your future. The past holds no power on the future.

Everyday above ground is a good day and every morning begins anew. Only you can change you. Only you hold the response to every reaction; that you are confronted with.

No matter who confronts you. Be it an Angel, a Devil, a Beast, a Situation, or a plain old Human being. The world; this world our earth, is commanded to see that you are afforded this right. To respond.

No matter what the situation you are in be it life or death. Freedom or imprisonment your reaction to the worlds actions is totally up to you. But if you do not know this. Your habitual training will make the choice for you.

You will be saved or condemned by your habits. This is what I believe the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr was hinting to or trying to relay to you through this pray.

Know this and know it well! With GOD's blessing all things are possible unto you. If you so believe with undying Faith; a faith, that does not waverer, dim, or fail.

Such a Faith is not common to the general population by their own undoing.

There is and has been a "Secret" Proclaimed by some that states there are many "Laws" of the Universe that afford Humans the ability to attract their hearts desires.

Be it Health, Wealth, and/or Wisdom. There are those who claim that they know these Secretes. But I am here to tell ya these that proclaim that the universe or that any other creation; is the reasoning for this phenomenon.

Are either misinform, deceived, or in cahoots with the evil forces of this our world; this (Earth). They who are seeking to rob You of your GOD given right to the world of abundance. That was once meant for us all. And this one third of Heaven that fell.

See the story is all about the world; if you seek It it will become known to you. It is everywhere and It is as plain as the nose on your face.That is easily seen by others. There is No secrete!

This is a fact and anyone here who is reborn of woman may partake of these blessings that are from the only eternal living force that is.

And that would be GOD, the Creator, GOD the Father, and GOD the Saviour as well as His Holy Spirit who causes the blessings to be delivered to all of those Children of  who are asking.

It matters not that you Do or Do Not know who the Father is at the time of your asking, proclaiming, and then receiving. Any one who will ask will receive this their inheritance which to some may appear to be limited at first.

But which is truly unlimited and eternal for those who ask. There are several passages within the Good Book that show and state this to be true. Our Father does not show favoritism to HIS children nor is He a respecter of man or mankind.

But to all his children He will Give and Give Abundantly TO ALL!

When blessings Fall they fall on all. And when the Wall falls. It to shall Fall on all.

Yes it is true that your desire and your belief in the right to poses that which you desire must be Faithful. But It neither be right or wrong. But take warning It and your desires are all recorded and you shall be Judged accordingly.

By all that you do, that we do we all shall judged. But again there is, but two choices to choose from. Life or Death/Light or Darkness,  "to be or not to be that is your decision!"  For me there is no question to what I shall choose. How about You?

Money is not the root of all evil!  The Love of Money is!  I for the longest time believed that being Wealthy was a sin. It is not! And it is a lie, to tell any that it is. For this is one of the tools required to do the work, that needs to be done. By the Kings and Queens of the Ethnos, the Saints, and the Elect, until the anti-Christ comes again to the earth.

It (Money) is a tool not much different then the Good Book itself.  Or the Stewardship of the Steward that does the work. But Its power of Idolatress worship has a strong allure to many men, even to one with an upbringing as a wealthy man.

 For the lust of Power goes hand in hand with money. It, this tool has the ability to enchant others who unaware of its lustful draws or its partnership with Power.

With Great Wealth comes much responsibility. Especially when you begin to share it. Or cause it to work for the good of others. When Money is used in this way, It will draw the darkness to it.

And the Darkness will work to corrupt the Light or goodness derived from the working of this Money and Its Power. It is like flipping a spotlight on in the midnight hour. The beacon; beckons for to be seen. And the Moths they come.

Wealth is not to be fear, the evil that is drawn to It, it is not to be feared. There is no shame in trying and then failing. For the war is already won. But the battling is not yet over. Some will yet, be lost and some will yet, be won. This is the only thing you can not change with or without God's Help or Blessings. The war is over said and done.

The trials are being set as we speak and the sentences are all decided by only One! The Christ our Lord Jesus is that One and He is all that stands between you and a Guilty Verdict. He does this by the authority given to Him for He paid for you a pardon; for your sins.

He has already paid for this your Salvation by His Virgin Birth, His Death, and His Resurrection and then His Ascension. Back into Heaven from which He came. For everyone here on earth is guilty until HE says you are no longer guilty. If you think you know Jesus, you better make sure He knows you!

Learn to Pray to our Father in the Name of His Son. And do so with belief and a contrite heart, do so humbly, and do so often. For believe it or not Jesus is The Father wrapped in the Flesh; "the Son of Man"  Mankind because HE was Made a Little lower than the Angels as we are. Born of a divided Soul by a virgin woman. One Man and one Woman equals one Adam. 

Have the Courage to try and change and do so faithfully and know if you give It your best, your very best. If even you fail that Jesus is Faithful to count your trying as completed and done, remember the war is already won!

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