Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello All, How is Your Day Going, Fine I Hope, So I am Guessing You Want to Know Whats Up

Well I've started Posting again after the Move and the Holiday Season, I've been working On several Devices that will help aid in getting my down lines going at both Wikinut and Triond with a little personal invite paragraph. I have started to Brand the Site's abbreviation PW&OSfStSM and already people are jumping on it like white on rice, and trying to use it to move up the Search Engines Ladders. Basically they are stealing a position by blatantly using my text and Branding tools. This is a good sign because they at least understand the value of SEO and search results. And I 'll let them stay there for a while and call them out on their thievery latter.

Because this is a full time job catching and reporting this kind of theft I'll see about Trade marking My materials as soon as possible. They have a natural trade mark and copy right established already, but we need to give the devil their dues for legal reasons. I placed these as Tags in all my writes to show their proper associations.

Well I don't remember if I told you I got a nice used Flip Cam and It works fine, but not with my Linux Opensuse system so I am delayed once again in getting video up I need to get a couple of Windows XP Pro re-instal discs and I have some on my ebay watch list now and I am trying to pull together the funds to bid on them.

I have started Standardizing my writes tags to my site now. I have been working on building up my followers at Digg and StumbleUpon and I am now working hard at building my Triond writes and follower as well, I have hit My 100,000 wikinut page-view Badge you can see it at my Profile.  Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man or PW&OSfStSM
are powerful search terms or they will be in the near future. Plus they are shorter.

So my next steps are to keep creating new writes and Blog posts and Get those re-instal discs for Win XP Pro so I can use the FlipCam and other media devices I have already these disc will re-establish my Home office system I will once again have my scanner printers and webcam Plus the use of the FlipCam that will allow me to post my videos. I also Need to Go over my Business Plan and my logs and Journals to find some new hints and tips.

Because of the damage cause to my Traffic at my web-site I'll need to spend Most of my time there to repair the lost of traffic. Some of My other Branding Items are, as I have said before I will repeat a lot of Information from time. for the newbies because you never know when one will pop in or up or where they will so get use to repeated info that and I need to reintroduce it often, so people will remember it. So Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man is a signature sign off  Hello All, Hey All are signature sign on's  Donald Beres Jr is a Personal Brand JMKs Babydog is a Company Brand and established for tens years now. Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man is a site brand. The abbreviation of this site PW&OSfStSM is a Branding tool, Somebody Come and Play, Earn as you Learn, and Grow as you Go are branding phrases and are not common to this site just yet.

These branding phrases are well used by many sites, but we are going to see if we can change that. The branding phrases all imply a specific field of or type of web-site. Which mostly have to do with enjoying you job and Learning while having Fun because face it learning is fun or Fun D Mental.

Yes Thank God, for Sesame Street and School House Rock and all those After School Specials other wise this guy would have learned little if anything, in our out dated school systems. And Brother they were out dated way back then, if you were to ask me, I would say we need trade schools after the Sixth Grade and Apprenticeships from Junior High upwards we need to train up our youth! There is no reason any one who truly wants to work, should not be able to find a life sustaining Job, or three and a Honest one too boot, here in Our Great Country. United We Stand Divided We Fall and DIE!

It is Time to wake up and shake up the Companies that are sending away this Country's Jobs  Earn here, Work here, Live here, Play, and Stay here! After all this is the place to be! God Bless America and He will keep blessing her as long as She blesses Him. Stop, Look Around, Think, Listen, AND SPEAK UP!

You so called Christians are Not very Christ Like! This Country is His Fathers House over turn some Tables and Put some Demons in Check! Wake Up!  If Need be toss your so called Politicians, Pastors, Priest, and Ministers, and Put a man or woman of Christ in charge, They are to serve GOD and then Country not the other way around, if they are Not for HIM they are against HIM!

Pay close attention the Time is at Hand! READ The GOOD BOOK! Listen to the story it tells. Stop being a lamb, you are rams and you need to start making a stand. Our Battle is with Principalities and the Powers that Be! Gentle and Peaceful always with Love and Understanding there is a Time for everything Under the SON! Peace, Joy and Love we need to bring em home.

Thanks for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man