Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Don't Allow the Wool to be Pulled Over Your Eyes!"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

As Nursery Rhymes go; this one is no joke! Beware if you Dare not to, you will eventually lose your skin.

Ba, Ba Fat Sheep Three Bags Full the Moon is Too and You can Lose Your Wool!

Little, little, little lambs
Playing upon the balmy sands
Of Time you are unaware; and yet do you not, care

The devil is set to come; yet you frolic, in the sun
You'll be his by noon day hour; once he comes into power
As you stand and stare there; fearless set to run

As If: You Were, Under the Gun!

Sheepish now its to late for you pregnant ewes to Run!
You've known not that you have been sheared
Until you are found shivering under the Son

Time has approached her end
Its time for an Order; new to begin
Your Silence falls upon you chin

The Silence of the Lambs now Called and Trumped

So many untold; and yet still
They were sold
Lock, stock, and barrels of gold

The Great and the Small
The Young and the Old
Even the Short and the Tall

Two Lions Roared and Foretold

But the High and the Mighty were unsold
Baying sheep are they all; taken in by
Wolves in Cheep Skins

The lambs sowed little; oh what a sight!
Not even could they, put up a frighten flight
As the light of day; they all faded away

No Seasonings in this Season

Unsalted and bland they lost The Lamb
Even the Promised of the Land
These poor forsaken little lambs

Even forsook by royal crooks
Kings and Queens of the Ethnos
Gave up they The Holy Ghost

Believing on the Dirty Dragon's Lie

Tongue and cheeky these little lambs
Set to go into a frying pan
As the lions roar fulfill your chore!

Awake! Awake! Or be taken in your Slumber
You fools with heads full of Knotted Lumber!
he Is not the One!

he is the Forgot-ton Son.

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man