Monday, February 24, 2014

"My Friend is No Friend"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Reflections of a True Friendship

"My Friend is No Friend"

Down on my luck again

My so called friend

Took back his truck again

Although he, didn't have need of it

He has a parking lot full of them

Yet he needed the one I was driving then

I have done more for this guy, then he deserves

But, who is counting? 

I guess I am, I guess?

Sometimes I believe it is just me

And all the excuses I make

For God’s sake and my soul’s place in Heaven

I go way out of my way for my friends

And yet they pretend to be, like me

And yet they aren't, but again who is counting on me?

I guess just me

People say, I am too nice and to forgiving

That may be true but, who am I not to be?

To be me, and to be just in this way

It is just the way I am

And this way I will stay

In spite of myself and every one else

For sure enough I’ll soon be back on my knees again


For all that I lost or that was giving away to me, this day

My Friends don’t realize that none of it, was mine to begin with

That it is not me that they would profit from

But from Him that gave to me, His one and only Son

His little Lamb, this Son of Man, His begotten Son

That is who they would profit from

Although we don’t see eye to eye He has always

Stood by me, even when I have pushed Him away

He gave to me this only begotten son, why?

He, gave Him, to me to suffer and to die

To me He gave Him, to bleed for me

To be crucified, and to be criticized for me

To bare My sins, He gave me Him!

And then He, would still let me, back into their lives

To my Friend I bow down for and cry, forgive me Lord

You’d! Better believe It!

For my friend is no longer just my friend, He is my GOD

And His Son is my Life’s only Savior

I say: praise be to my friend, the Lord Jesus Christ

I hope you will give him a chance

To be your friend

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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