Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Sinbad's Misery"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Of a Lost Love One

"Sinbad's Misery"


You are always on my mind
I can not break these ties, that bind

I can not keep you, from slipping in
You are my lover, my… my friend

Although it is a relief for me
Temporarily, relieved; freed

From time to time I keep time, yet still I am
Letting  you, silently slip back in

It seems, only and too often  I’ved
Sailed these Forbidden Seas

Encompassed by the pain, with
The jealousy, and plain old disdain

With never a hint of empathy
You showed me, no sympathy

The torment will not relent
Or was it too, heaven sent?

Your smiles traverse me so
Into my simple mind and my soul

Exploding, each and every memory
Every dream, I have ever dreamt of you

No comfort can I find, for still
I am a bit, dazed and confused

Still; not over you
Will I, that I’d never be, over you?

I can’t let you go
When will this tragedy play out?

Have you forgiven me?
Do you still remember me?

When did you stop loving me, with all of your heart?
Was it something that I done or that we could have fixed?

Why wouldn’t your kiss, be goodbye?
Was this one; at last too, that little lie?

It could have given me; a place, to start
Mending my broken soul and mine  heart

I forgiven you my dear
I’m forever wishing you were here

This is the end of me, my mate
Looks like love has sealed It my fate

Oh how I wished; you would have
Plunged that steel dagger, into me

You will see, I will love you
Forever and a day

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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