Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"You Don't Know Me!"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


Poetry: A Rant of Self!


 "You Don't Know Me!"


 You don’t know me! No one can
I am a mystery even to me, I am
A foreign man in a forbidden land

Living lies, alibi’s, secrets cry
No soul for it is gone; stolen
From a child as easily as candy

Now the man sustain by Brandy
Red blood wine and barrels of beer
Dissipating fears; my dear, the leers

Staring silently at an empty shell
A man residing in Hell
Trying to escape daily

Only to return from whence he came
Contemplating plainly; life is but a game
No more Lions to tame

Stuffed mammal’s have become reptiles
Turtles without shells
Blood suckers mainly

I once was a saint twas clear
Never an ounce of fear
Not even a twitch until that bitch

Gutted and De-veined me; design for her dinner
And me thinking I was the winner
What did she think

That I’d be taken by a wink
She has thrown at me everything
Including the kitchen sink

She too thought she knew, me
And just like you, she left me
I see flames, but feel no pain

For I am an empty shell
For none can pretend to see
I admitted it! You don’t know me 

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man



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