Monday, February 10, 2014

"The Hostess Wit The Most-Est"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Hostess Treats on the Sly

"The Hostess Wit The Most- Est"


The Hostess wit the Most- est
Said: my best-est buddy Chunk

As he looks at her
Chocolate swirls in his Sugar

Sugar coated brain
I told you my friends

He is
He was

Know now; man, I would eat that up!
He said again, look at her leg’s

She’s got legs, man
And she knows how to use them
He said:

Dude I said: it’s a Cupcake 
With legs, it is, a
Dancing; chocolate; cup.. cake!

Cup cake does, me fine he said: 
Who, knows their cake?

You; my friend have chocolate
On your brain, you are strained

Look here comes another
Oh look! It’s Suzy Q with her pals!

Ho and Ho those silly little Ho’s
They are delic-e-ous man

With their creamy centers Dude!
 I said; they are chocolate treats

They are Sweets, he said
Na! Man they belong to, Sweets

Chunky D. Sweets, he laughed
That’s me man, that’s me

Chunky D. Sweets
I said, you are what you eat
Your a Hostess nut

Ding, Dong! He said, as
He grab his dong and yelled
Little miss, mini Muffins

I am no Twinkie
Although I may be

Yes; I am a little slinky
I believe you, are now

Wanting to be my
Variety, of

Sinbad the Sailor Man

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