Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Baby's First Day of School "~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: A Father's Little Girl, and Her First Day of School With a Sudden and Deadly Twist


"Baby's First Day of School"

She has been plotting all week long
Sleeping mat and a little back pack
Crayola Crayons and containers of finger paints

Our little girls first day of school

Tape, paste, and a pencil box
No more is she a baby

Now she is Daddy’s little lady
Soon she will be making picture’s made from macaroni
She squeals: "With hearts and stars"

Daddy says: "He’ll be waiting"
She is so excited, she is pacing at the door
She is in a hurry;
"Okay, okay" says: mommy, with a smile

I am ready, hurry kiss my daddy, lets go
Hey! Daddy shouts, where is my kiss goodbye
Shoulders drop feet shuffle across the floor

Okay but, only one more! Because I am in a hurry

A quick peck and a tight hug around his neck and
out the door they scurry

My little Betty Crock-er, made me blue berry muffins again


But, that old toaster, burnt my Eggo’s, why...? God only knows
Ah well, the muffins will have to do, as I butter them
Their aroma’s fills the air

I figured by this time
You and baby where half way there

As I get the call a steak of fear rips right through me

And out the door I run

Forgetting the muffins and my gun


The radio starts chirping

And then screaming hits the air

With lights and sirens blasting

I make a bee line for the school

Hoping to beat you there

A fire ball


The tanker split into


The parking lot and the building were a blazing

The heat, the heat, metal is melting

No flesh remaining!

These were the visions in my head

I fell to my knees, wishing I too were dead

Then a little known hand and a wedding band

Are placed upon my shoulders

A cry of relief now fills the air

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thank you for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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